Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Healthy food, Medicine food

Our daily food basically can be medicine to reduce or prevent illness. Below are the example of illness and kind of food that can be used as medicine :

1. Headache
I am sure that everyone have had headache before, because of loading of job, the exam, life and etc. To prevent headache so you shoud eat fish. oil of fish can prevent headache. either do with ginger that can reduce sickness.

2. Insomnia
Can sleep lately? take honey as reducer.

3. Asthma
Take bombay onion. the onion will fresh disturbance at red lane line

4. Rheumatic
Eat fish. Such as Salmon, Tuna, Mackarel and Sardine can prevent hinge inflamed.

5. Stomachache
Consume ginger and banana. Banana can refresh your stomach. Ginger will prevent morning sick.

6. Uterus urine infection.
Consume cranberry juice. High acid concentration at cranberry juice can control destrutor bacteri.

7. Memories discruption
Try to consume oyster. Oyster can help to fix mentality function by supply many zinc element as needed by memory.

8. Fever
Consume white onion. It can reduce headache because of fever.

9. Cough
Consume red pepper. Red pepper contain of nutrition that always found at cough medicine. Use red pepper carefully, because it can make stomachache.

and many more of our daily food can prevent illness also reduce it.




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