Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazing effect from a kiss

There is a story from Pravda, Russian News Service, which shows that even in the old Soviet Union, the pair find again that which we connect with "The Mighty Kiss".

If you think that kissing is no more than a "romantic handshake". enter a small study by the Russian that indicates that kissing is more than just gate opener of romantic expression. Here is a little unusual effect of a great kiss is going to happen to you!

kissing stabilizing activity kardiovascular activity, reduce high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.

kissing preventing hole formation of plaque on the teeth with stimulating saliva production while preventing gingivitis through the calcium that are presented by saliva.

kissing stimulated more than 30 facial muscles that we refine and improve skin blood circulation in the face.

kissing burn 12 calories per 5 seconds and three hot kissing help you to reduce one pound!

kissing prevent the formation of stress hormone glucocorticoids which causes high blood pressure, muscle weakening and insomnia.

kissing play its role in providing vaccination to people from new bacteria . Saliva contains bacteria, 80% is common exist to all human beings and 20% rest is unique to each person. By sharing saliva with a partner, you stimulate your body's immune system against a different bacteria you are exposed to. The result is your body's immune system creates antibody specific to the new bacteria, which in effect to vaccin you against these germs. This process is called cross-immunotherapy.

In the end, you may not be surprised to know that kissing provides flash analysis about genetic match. While you are kissing, you lead the brain chemical analysis of saliva IM pair and publish your "decision" about your genetic match. Think about it. Do not you know more about what you like or do not like from someone after kissing?

dont you know that kissing can heal osculation ?

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Tips to Manage your fear

Fear can not be avoided when dealing with public speaking. For those of you who always face the same difficulty when doing a presentation or perform the role as speaker, following these tips that can manage your fear when doing public speaking.

- The one with all people, always. Remember that you speak with one individual, not on an "audience" as a whole. Connection of these people form a collective community that listens with respect and attention.

- Breathe. Before you start talking, take 5-10 seconds to silent - and at least one deep breath - to "get into" and build relationships with your listeners. When you do this first, the fear will begin to disappear naturally.

- Realize and capture the support of friendly faces. When you receive support before you start and when you start talking, you have the basis to feel comfortable, confident, and confidence.

- Be yourself. The most force thing you can do is be real - be yourself and real - and no one can do as good as you. Everyone has a story, unique to the message delivered, and vote for the special expression. our Attendance tospeak much faster that any of we said.

- Listen. The basic of the honest talk is to listen with an open heart. Communication is a two-way relationship. Read your listener when you are talking open the opportunity for them to support you and want you to succeed.

- Leave the rest natural. Do not be afraid to stop, breathe, and approach to the listener. This will give you time to focus again, find your place, where sense and will continue. Also gives you the opportunity of hearing to mencerna what they have heard.

- Quality above quantity. Ideally is to connect 100% to each person , not 100% make contact to people. rated by group to the the quality of connections is greater than the quantity of cantact

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Is your career is appropiate with your zodiak?

We want to know what is the appropriate career for us, how successful we in the future, how much salary we can expect to be obtained and how happy we are in the profession we have to choose. A survey about the career and the zodiac may have a key to the success of your career.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
Independent, humane, innovative, not bound by the rules, and imaginer is the character of Aquarius. Kind of job that is suitable for those character are include astronomy, photography, aviation, computer Technology. Those who have Aquarius in this survey reported having a job in sales, military, engineer, mechanical, food processing, facilities management and

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)
Pisces is a person who has empathi, care, not selfish, and spiritually, which integrates well with the profession of love and healing, such as health care, social workers or Philanthropy. Pisces in the survey have the kind of work in field of social work, personal care, IT and facilities management.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Most Aries stated working in government, construction, hotel / recreation and education, according to the survey. As a person who asertif, speaking bluntly, confident, and dynamic, the profession should be really suitable for them.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Taurus is a person who can be relied on, practical, and honest; these people are the methodical people and work well in teams. In addition, the Taurus like the work associated with artistic or extravagant things. the career appropiate for Taurus are includes job in finance, accounting, and interior design. Other work that is also appropriate for the Taurus is a treatment, engineer, legal, marketing, public relations and higher education - the good news is that work is loved by people in Taurus survey.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Gemini need the job that can make them keep motivated and full of interest - does not work two days the same. Gemini in survey recorded work in art / design / architecture, nursing and personal care, sales, law enforcement, fire and machine operators - all the work is a suitable field is entered by Gemini.
Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Cancer is the energetic, good-hearted, imaginative, and Protective. their character suitable in the profession of law, psychology, teaching or nursing. Respondents in the survey said that they are working in government, legal services, advertising, higher education, machine operator, transportation, and military, which all in line with the character of cancer.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)
Leo has a strong desire for power and leadership. They believe in themselves, optimistik, and kharismatik - they do not have a problem with winning the heart through their charming. Government, legal services, art / design / architecture, engineer, entertainment, real estate education, is a field that is suitable for Leo; lucky, all that profession that is also found in the survey.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)
Virgo is a person tha detail-oriented with a passion and knowledge . Careers that require accuracy and research that is most suitable for Virgo. Some of the professions listed in the survey include social work, sales, editing / author, and food processing.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)
Libra is a person who diplomatis and easy to interact - they need interaction with other people so they will happy in their career. They are also people that easy-going, cooperative, and easy to reach agreement. Consider all these factors, the Libra in the survey suitable on the job position in the field of governance, social workers, advertising, machine operators, law enforcement, fire, education and sales.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)
Analytical, intuitive and resourceful, Scorpio submerged in the mystery and all things complex and abnormal. Work that is suitable for the character of Scorpio are science, investigation or political science. Scorpio people in the survey said they are working in the field of legal services, engineer, science, education, construction, and trade.

Sagittarius (Nov. 11 - Dec. 21)
Sagitarius are spiritual, positive and ethis; they also love to travel and learn new skills. Editing / writing, marketing / public relations, entertainment, hotel / recreation, IT and the military, these are career recorded in the survey, all suitable for the sagitarius.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
Capricorn is the persistent, responsible and dogmatic; they grow rapidly in the position of power and where you can apply your common sense. Capricorn recorded in survey work in the field of art / design / architecture, nursing, science, IT, sales, livestock and food processing, which is suitable for
This zodiac.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Know various kind of sport Drink

Sport drink contain of isotonic sport drink, sport drink hypertonic, and hypotonic sports drink. The most widely sold is type of isotonik.

Isotonic sports drink containing electrolyte and 5-8 g karbohidrat/100 ml. Consuming isotonic sport drink after sports help improve the body's resistance glikogen speed. Match Consumed when the you have taken exercise more than one hour. Can be consumed before, during, and after sports.

Hypotonic sports drink its carbohydrate content less than 3 g/100 ml. Is the type of beverage that is suitable for people who have experienced dehydration and require Feed liquid quickly. this isotonic is good for you in low intensity or less than one hour exercise.

Sport drink is different with stimulant drink or energy drink. in the sport are usually added ion-ion electrolyte, while the energy drink contain of increaser power components such as spices, caffeine, ginger, taurin, karnitin, and so forth.

Source: Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, Expert tehnologi food and nutrition.

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Tips to buy your children's clothes

There are three things if we want to saving while we are shopping for our childres's clothes.
1. Make sure that children like shirt so that he would like to wear it.
In fact this fundamental rule in shopping. We also do not want to wear clothes that we do not like is not it? Errors frequently occur, mothers buying their children without thinking about their children like it or not. In fact`, the child can decide what clothes they want to wear.

So, wherever possible, get Involve children when buying clothes. If not possible, recognize their lovely character, favorite color, their lovely image. The point is, all related to their favorite. Children have their own taste and maybe we can agree with them. Unless we think that the clothes do not deserve to, we can navigate. But most importantly, to buy clothes that match the taste so that children do not redundant.

2. Find a place that sells children's clothes with affordable prices
second tips, find shops that selling clothes or a place with affordable prices. dont ever happen if your the price is overbudget. Remember, the context is how we can buy clothes for our children. Let your child choose their appropriate clothing . If your children confused, give an alternative option. This also applies if the child is not in accordance with you.

3. Buy one size larger than body size at this time
buy one size larger than this body now, most can not be used to make clothes a little longer.
Well, happy shopping together!

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Choose Lipstick with Natural material

Using the right lipstick will make more visible women's "life" and the exuberant. For that, see how to choose and twist lipstick.

First, choose a lipstick made from natural materials. Choosing natural material can keep your health . For example, choose the lipstick that containt, such as vitamin E, aloe, and glycerin. In addition, choose the lipstick that has a moisturizer. Moisturizer in lipstick can make your lips look more fresh. In fact, moisturizer can keep your mouth health.

Second, the lipstick that contains oil can be an alternative. As this type of lipstick can give an impression of your mouth look wet. Therefore, lipstick like this are usually suitable for the official party so that it can gives wet impression and it can make you look more sexy.

Third, adjust the lipstick with your activities. For women who have high activity, use a lipstick that longlasting. Choosing this type of lipstick can make you look always fresh, without need to repeatedly refining lips.

Fourth, choose a lipstick that has a clear composition. Never buy a lipstick that does not have a clear measure composition. Especially if you have sensitive lips, you should be careful in selecting the type of lipstick. because if you wronf choose the lipstick, it can dangerous to your lip health

Fifth, adjust color lipstick with your performance. One consideration is the right match with your style and personality. If you love clothes with the bright colors, use lipstick that has bright colors too.Meanwhile, if you like the clothes that are elegant, use a lipstick that has a cool color.

Sixth, buy lipstick in the right place. because Now many places provide lipstick. Start in the street to shops. For the health and security, buy the lipstick in cosmetics shops trusted.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What kind of food that permitted for you

Here are several tips about food, good (+) and Bad (-) for you based on your rasio.
1. Carpicorn
(+) Tempe and tofu, made from soybeans with it Zinc content that good to keep your skin. except that you can consume seafood such as macarel and sardin, source of calcium good for your bone. orange fruit, guava and kiwi can be your daily healthy snack

(-)reduce consuming full cream cake such as tiramisu and blackforest. and also reduce consuming beef steak, gule kambing and sate kambing

2. Aquarius
(+) for you who love to eat seafood, it will better if you burn or steam the seafood with ginger seasoning. Omega from seafood is good for your blood health. spinach, lettuce and kankung is good to keep your blood pressure. you can consume green tea and low fat milk to keep your body weight.

(-) start to reduce consuming fried chicken and fried potatoes because it can make your cholesterol higher.also reduce consuming full cream milk and ice cream because it can make you look fatter.

3. Pisces
(+) consume a lot of mineral water is good for your body metabolism. Tuna, Salmon, makarel, sarden, and vegetables such as spinach, carrot soup are good for you
(-) reduce for consuming chocolate and nuts, fried rice, beverage drink and sweet drink. and also avoid to drink alcohol because it can damage your body.

4. Aries
(+) bread and red rice is good for your body because it is a source of energy and carbohydrate. you can also consume seafood because vitamin B6 containt in seafood can help to increase your immune system. consume apple, pir, strawberry.

(-)reduce for consuming coffee, steak and iga panggang.

5. Taurus
(+) consume sandwich with some cheese, fruit salad.
(-) to stabilize your sugar concentration, try to reduce sweet food.

6. Gemini
(+)red rice, red nut and green nut are good for you because its vitamin B1 is good for your heart. Banana, mango,pineaple are good for your face skin
(-) reduce for consuming lasagna and sphagetti, biscuit, chocholate and nuts because it is full of fat.

7. Cancer
(+)consume more vitamin A and C provided by watermelon and melon as an antioxidant and it can prevent from heart cancer. sea food is also good for you
(-)recuce from consuming asparagus, pouding with fla, cheese biscuits. and replace it with fruits.

8. Leo
(+)white onion is an antioxidant for your body.
(-) reduce tart and blackforest

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Gold Investment at

As a woman that gonna be a wife, I just think about my family if I still work at this company. Busy company, that sometimes obligate me to take an overtime until late of night. What about my children? Are they going to lonely without me at night? . Because of that reasons, I want to have my own investment and be a new entrepreneur so that I can always keep contact with my children. There are many kind of investment that I should to choose. And I have to learn it one by one. Start from take a franchise to buy gold as an investment.
When I was sourcing about gold coins, I found this site. is Aurum advisors most comprehensive resource for gold coins and gold bullion acquisition. At you can find many information from buying gold coins to gold bullion, to gold liquidation, spot price of gold, grading of gold, gold’s history, gold coins performance, the role gold should play in an investors portofolio. So that you can buy gold, buy gold bullion and buy gold coins easily here because you are welcomed by them.

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Here you can buy gold from gold bullion coins and certified gold coins. Gold bullion coins sold here are American Buffalo 24 karat solid gold bullion coin from US mint, Australian Gold Nugget is one of the most popular coins created by the Perth Mint in Western Australia, Australian Gold Philharmonic, Chinese Gold Panda, Gold American Eagle and many more. by reading the information, you can easily buy gold bullion. Here you can also buy certified gold coins. Gold coins sold here are $2.5 Liberty Quarter Eagle and $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, this gold coins has been considered by many to be one of the most beautiful coins ever created.
By many information provided here, you can easily buy gold, buy gold coins and buy gold bullion. Firstly, you have to learn it more before take gold investment.

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As a woman, I love many beautiful things, beautiful jewellery, beautiful accecories and many more. At early of month, where I got my salary, sometimes I spending some of my salary to shop at the mall. Sometimes I buy some dress, bags, shoes and many more. For a next couple weeks, I will get married with my boyfriend. Before the wedding take place, me and my boyfriend prepare many things such as we have to buy wedding rings at jewellery boyfriend's mother also buy me some women's jewellery such as necklace and bracelet. I was very happy.
At I found many things. I found men's accecories such as necktie for the wedding so that my boyfriend will perform very attractive in the day. I can also find about engagement and wedding jewellery here. Me and my boyfriend also planning for our honeymoon. We are going to Bali island. It is a lovely place in indonesia. Many beautiful beach there, so that we have to prepare some sunglasses to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
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Want to preparing your holiday at the beach? So you should to buy this sunglasses. Sporting sunglasses is a great way to give your eyes protection from harmfull UV rays and to express your personal style. It can make you more handsome and more pretty by wearing this sunglasses. This sunglasses also support you who like to follow trend and fashion today. Trends change with every season, so get ready to buy at least a new pair of sunglasses to make you look more glamarous. Aviator, sport wrap, Rimless, Celebrity and Rectanguler Metal rim is sunglasses styles for men. Jackie O, Aviators, Oversized Square, Cat Eye and Tortoise Shell is sunglasses styles for women. You also have to read about basic guidelines for pairing shades with faces provided by
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Natural Cleanser

The function of cleanser of course to clean our skin. If you used to use cleanser for common product and found that your skin is just not healthy and pimply, try tricks from Song Hye Gyo. Beautiful artist who collide with a role with Rain in FULL HOUSE is always clean her face with pure cow milk.

Every day her lovely skin always cleaned with fresh cow milk, so thather skin is always clean and fresh. Try to see in your refrigerator, if there is a fresh milk in there ,take cotton sheet and put it into the milk, wipe on your face. Do it routine and get results that satisfy more than any other cosmetics products.

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The Long Bob

What is Long bob look like? Definition is , it is not definitive, but it can be seen from the structure that resembles hair bob dora, but rather long and it is dont have bangs. This haircut is a new trend among the Hollywood celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow and Liv Tyler.

The bob style Dora seemed childish and is not suitable for you who have a certain kind of rounded face. However, there would be a long bob cover especially on the lack of a chubby cheek.

Long bob is more fitting for those of you who have straight hair . But it is dont means that wavy and curly hair can not follow this trend. The tips are, use a vise and hair-thin thin mouse just so long bob can become the property of the curly hair. Make clamp half when the hair dry with the temperature not too hot.

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The benefits of Tooth Paste

Sometimes, after cleaning the fish,shrimp and the other, stingky still at our hand. you are sick with this bad smell, although you have washed it with soap. The solution is, you can wash it with tooth paste as many as when you use for brush your teeth. Because material contain in tooth paste can reduce bad smeel from the skin. you can spread tooth paste and stay it for 5 minutes. wash it until clean and the bad smell from fish can dissapear.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Five (Easy) Ways to avoid breast cancer

Cancer, when found in the initial phase of the most likely to have healed. However, as said-said, it is better to prevent than treat, never wrong. Here are ways to prevent breast cancer in order to not undermine your life and another woman who loved you.

1. Avoid alcoholic beverages
The consumption of alcohol, even only a few suspected exposure can increase the risk of breast cancer. Many doctors recommend to avoid wine, beer, liquor and other. A study shows the relationship between liquor with breast cancer.

2. Exercise at least 3 times a week (more often, better)
When you exercise, try to maintain the level of the heart on the tap line basis at least 20 minutes continuously. Relaxed the old road is also good, but hard sports (the sweat) that can help your heart more healthy at the same time reduce the risk of cancer.

3. stay your body weight, reduce body weight if your weight more than normal
For the excess body weight, or Obesity, especially for women who are entering menopause, the risk of breast cancer will increase, especially if you experience increased body weight is significant when it is mature.

A study released in March 2008 from researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to obtain interesting findings. Women with the condition of Obesity and excess weight have a level of safety of breast cancer is lower than the normal body weight. Women with these conditions also have affected the likelihood of disease rather than other aggressive women with body weight on average, and women lean.

4. Diligent to check your own breast cancer
Make sure you get instructions and clear enough from your doctor about ways and techniques to check their own breast cancer. You may find benjolan check mamogram before, and it is a good idea to be able to follow changes that occur in your body.

5. For over 40 years, try to mamogram once a year
Tumor found in the initial stage, when still a small possibility of salvation in a significant way. Level of recovery can reach 98 percent for the initial stage, but the possibility of healing is only around 27 percent if the levels are high and large.

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Be Careful to wrap the food with plastic

Dr. Yadi Haryadi, food experts from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture said that the use of the food container that not careful can be dangerous to the child's health impact will be felt that in the future. This is released at Plastics talkshows in the event of Living, Restaurants in Euphoria, Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (2 / 06).

This is can also to remind parents, so that not only ensure the nutritional value of food consumed by children, but also their food storage container. Plastics are one of the best inventions man has ever made. How do I not, this hermetic material, soft, easy to carry, and durable. But besides helping people, plastic are also environmentally unfriendly and can be dangerous to health if we are not select the safety one.

Dr. Yadi said, not all plastics are made, and in all circumstances for safe use. There is a plastic that is safe and there is a danger. Because plastics made from chemicals harmful to the body, need to know that plastic as food container is registered by the official department and pronounce that is safe to health. The most dangerous is the black plastic or "kresek" that many used in the market. Plastics of this kind contain chemical substances that is easy to contaminate food in it.

What causes plastic objects as dangerous? plastic is made from material called monomer and plasticizer. Both materials are not good for the body. Contact between the plastic with the food (especially liquid food or semi-wet) can cause the transfer of chemicals in food to earlier, which is called migration. One of the diseases caused by deposit of the oxygen-oxygen earlier in the body is cancer.

There are several factors that can trigger the occurrence of migration, among others;
1. Heat. The higher the temperature, the sooner proccess migration and more and more (eg, hot meatball stored in plastic).
2. Oil. Oil materials is a material that can dissolve plastic component
3. Time. The longer the contact with the plastic food, the more components that migrate.

To ensure your children are protected from danger of migration through plastic food container, note the logo that indicates that the plastic safe to use when cantact with food. That is food safe logo or food grade, which is accompanied with a glass and fork symbol. Note, however, plastic origin, the source is reliable. Because not infrequently also found plastic products also have a false stamp like this.

At the same time, Ir. Wawas S., Center of Polymer Technology BPPT, give tips selecting a plastic container in a safe, which are;
* Think about the price. If the price is not cheap and reasonable, should the use of suspected security item.
* Smell its scent. If there is a certain scent, for example, perfumes or artificial perfume smells rancid, it is certainly not perfect in its productionprocess
* When washed, usually plastic products will be frothy and more difficult to clean. This occurs because the production process not perfect, so that the hollow plastic has not been perfect, and not a closed meeting.

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The list of 70 Dangerous Cosmetic Product In Indonesia 11 Juni 2009
Here are the list of 70 dangerous cosmetic product that realeased by BPOM as a danger product

A. 18 merk of cosmetic for face and eyes that contain a dangerous material and forbidden material:
1. Cassandra Superior Quality Lipstick No. 1-10
2. Cassandra Superior Lip Gloss No. 1-12
3. GLD Garland Lipstick No. 9
4. Marie Anne Beauty Shadow No. 4, 5, 6, 8
5. Marie Anne Blush On No. 3
6. Sutsyu Eye Shadow Blusher 01
7. Sutsyu 18 Colors Eye Shadow 01
8. Sutsyu Lipstick Colors Fix No. 1, 3, 4, 6
9. Sutsyu Lipstick Colors Fix No. 5
10. Asnew Blush On
11. Cameo Makes You Beauty Detox 4 in 1 Complete Make Up
12. Marimar Eye Shadow Powder Cake
13. Natural Belle Colors Fix Lipstick No. 313
14. Olay 4 in 1 Complete Make Up
15. Pond's Detox Complete Beauty Care Make Up Kit
16. Pond's Detox Eye Shadow Blusher Lip Gloss, Creme Powder No. 1-2
17. Pond's Detox Complete Beauty Care Eye Shadow Two Way Cake
18. Pond's Detox Complete Beauty Care

B. Seven merk of hair color that contain dangerous material and forbidden material:

1. Casandra Hair Dye Pink C-14
2. Casandra Hair Dye Maroon C-17
3. Casandra 3D Profesional Hair Colors Cream Hair Dye Wine Red C-9
4. Salsa Hair Colorant Pink Colors (S- 018 )
5. Salsa Hair Colorant Cherry Red (S- 019 )
6. Casandra Hair Dye Maroon C-17
7. Casandra 3D Profesional Hair Colors Cream Hair Dye Grape Red C-11

C. 44 merk of cosmetic for skin care :

1. Caronne Beauty Day Cream
2. Caronne Whitening Cream (Day Care)
3. Caronne Whitening Cream (Night Care)
4. CR Lien Hua Bunga Teratai Day Cream
5. CR Lien Hua Bunga Teratai Night Cream
6. CR Racikan Ling Zhi Day.Cream
7. CR Racikan Ling Zhi Night Cream With Vit.E
8. CR Day Cream With Vit.E
9. CR UV Whitening Night Cream
10. CR UV Whitening Day Cream
11. DR's Secret 3 Skinlight
12. DR's Secret 4 Skinrecon
13. Dr. Fredi Setyawan Extra Whitening Cream
14. Dr. Fredi Setyawan Whitening Cream II
15. Fruity Vitamin C
16. Plentiful Night Cream
17. QL Papaya Peeling Gel
18. QL Day.Cream
19. QM Natural Vitamin C E
20. Scholar Night Cream
21. Top Gel MCA Extra Pearl Cream Plus
22. Top Gel MCA Extra Cream
23. Top Gel TG-3 Extra Cream
24. Topsyne Aloe Beauty Cream TS- 858
25. Topsyne Beauty Cream TS-3
26. Topsyne Beauty Cream TS- 802
27. Topsyne Beneficial Skin Cream TS- 868
28. Topsyne Vit C Placenta
29. Topsyne Day Cream Night Cream
30. Topsyne Vit E C TS- 819
31. Topsyne Extra Beauty TS- 821
32. Elastiderm Decolletage Chest and Neck
33. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender Skin Lightener Blending Cream
34. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender Skin Lightener with sunscreen
35. Obagi Nu-Derm Toleran Anti Pruritic Lotion
36. Obagi C RX System Clarifying Serum
37. Obagi C RX C Therapy
38. Olay Total White
39. Olay Krim Pemutih
40. Pond's Age Miracle Day and Night Cream
41. Qianyan
42. Quint's Yen
43. Skin Enhacer
44. Temulawak Nutrition Cream

D. One merek of bath cosmetic

1. Jinzu Strawberry White Beauty Soap.

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As an employee at Engineering and Constructor Company, my job is always in front of my personal computer. From 8 to 5, and sometimes I go to site visit at the other city. Working in front of computer without the light hurt my eyes. Working in front of the computer in a room that contain many people without AC or ceiling fan, can reduce my concentration in doing my job. Because Surabaya, my city, is one of hot city in Indonesia. So, AC or Ceiling fan is important thing for me.
While I was searching at internet about ceiling fans, I found this lovely is an online store that provide you many kind of ceiling fans, fan accecories, designer lighting, kitchen and bath fixtures and other product for your home. You can also find about doorwear products and ventilation product. Farrey’s ceiling fans store offers thousands of unique fans from sixteen ceiling fans manufacturers. You can choose ceiling fans style or ceiling fans brand. Or you can use ceiling fans search feature to find the right fan for your décor. Farrey’s wholesale Hardware Co.,Inc., founded in 1924 and established in Miami Beach, Florida as a small general store. Its mission is to continue to distinguish themselves as the premier source for unique high quality products and the very best professional service. Today, Farrey’s is a $40 million international company with showrooms in North Miami, Florida and Coral Gables Florida.

At Farrey, you can find many beautiful ceiling fans. Including Casablanca ceiling fans, Craftmade Ceiling Fans,Ellington Ceiling Fans, Fanimation Ceiling Fans, Hunter Ceiling Fans, Minka Aire Ceiling Fans, Modern Fan Company Ceiling Fans, and Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans. You can also buy many fan accecories here. Casablanca ceiling fans are available in the following major style categories : Cosmopolitan collection, period/Décor, Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, Damp/wet location, Specialty, Classic and Performance Series. Craftmade Ceiling Fans are available in the following options : Contemporary, Traditional, Designer and Outdoor/Speciality. Ellington Ceiling fans available in the following items: Classic, Modern, Outdoor, Traditional and Accessories. Fanimation Ceiling Fans are available in the following major categories :Futurastic Visions, Historical Inspirations, Natural Influences and Accessories.Hunter Ceiling fans are presented in the following major collections: Hunter prestige Ceiling Fans, Hunter Ceiling Fans,and hunter Portable Table Fans. Minka Aire Ceiling Fans are grouped into the following major categories : Contemporary, Traditional and Classical, Transitional, Outdoor and Retro. Modern Fan Company models contain of : Altus, Altus Hugger, Aurora, Ball, Flute, Halo, Lapa and many more. Monte Carlo Ceiling fans are available in the following style categories : Natural, Transitional, Contemporary, Ornate, Traditional, High Performance and Indoor/ Outdoor.
The nicest thing buying ceiling fans here is if we have been quoted a lower price elsewhere, Farrey provide Volume Discount for competitive quote. So, what are the reasons why you should choose Farreys? Because farreys have 30 days return Policy, Fast shipping, Safe shopping Promise and Volume discount for competitive quote. Farreys accept Visa, mastercard, Discover and American Express through Farreys online store. For International order, Farrey only accept payments via credit cards issued by a US bank. is currently only accepting orders for delivery to the United States and Canada. Shipping and handling charges for all items (domestic and international) is a per item charge based on the weight of the item, the size of the box and the delivery destination. By shopping at, you don’t need to worry about your information. Because farreys use the latest technology to protect your information. Secure server software works with your supported web browser to encrypt your personal data as it is sent from your computer to farreys server.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tromadol BlueBook

As an employee at an engineering company, I have to do many designs for client’s inquiry. My job make me work until late of night in front of the computer. It sometimes cause Neck and Shoulder pain. It’s really hurt, but I have to finish my job and try to solve my problem and find the appropriate drug to solve it.
While I was searching at internet about Neck pain, I found this site tromadol. This site was founded by a medical doctor in 2006 to help consumers safely save money on painrelief drugs. You can order tromadol here with the lowest prices online, free prescription and complete privacy, and it can deliver with FedEx Overnight shipping. Tromadol is an analgesic utilized to treat or forbid many kind of pains such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, foot pain,ear pain relief and many more. Tromadol is a narcotic and thus its use may become habitual. It is totally essential that you use this drug only as prescreibed by your physician. Never use more than suggested dose. It does appear to possess certain side effects, such as anxiety, chills or perspiration, dry mouth, rash, and so on, yet these are ordinarily not sufficiently serious to justify suspending use of the drug. Keep tromadol at 25 degrees C with a permissible range of 15-30 degrees C.

The recommended dose of tromadol for pain management is a 50-100 mg dose each 4-6 hours as it is needed. For patient over the age of 75, the maximum recommended tromadol dosage is 300 mg daily, and anything greater than this will need to be looked at closely. You can order tramadol by online and have it the next day in most cases. You can also save money by ordering medications online and you might even get great discounts and gifts just because you are a new customer, a repeat customer, or just because you buy medications from very appreciative company. Order Tramadol by online can save a lot of time and money, because some companies offer the chance for you to get free shipping. If you are not accessible to the doctor or pharmachy in your town, order tramadol by online can be even more essential option for you, because you can order from your home, even sometimes without prescription. Then, on staff doctor will interview you, and he will write you a prescription based on your medical needs.
For you who aren’t able to have packages delivered during the week because you have to work and aren’t home to sign for them, plenty of companies offer overnight and next day shipping and some even offer tramadol Saturday delivery. This is a great chance for people to save money and have a more convenient prescription process, because you can order your medications online at night or in the morning before you leave for work, and the delivery will arrive on Saturday when you are at home enjoying your day off. Tromadol Saturday delivery might be more expensive at some online pharmacies, but it isn’t always the case, because some companies offer free shipping and most of them use FedEx who is very popular for Saturday deliveries.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to teach your children save their toys

Managing children's toys is not a diffucult thing. You can learn how to store toys well and right so you will not loose it. The tips are:

1. Practical thinking thrifty as well. You can use cardboard, boxes and plastic shoes that are not used to save the children's toys and put in a special room. For example, cardboard boxes used to store a large amount of goods, plastic dolls, while for the shoe boxes to store toys with small cars like cars or small tool for drawing (crayon, spidol and others). This way, children's toys are will not loose

2. Keep toys based on the categorization, such as car, dolls, balls and so forth. Give a label or a specific image that describes the content of the storage area, so the child makes it easier to find and save the back piece.

3. Ideally, place the box in the storage place that is easily reached by children so that they do not harm them when you take a toy you want.

4. Children's toys can be a large display in the house with a special rack pull. For example, animal dolls, car or large puzzle. This can also be done to mainstream children who are no longer used.

5. If you want to use a special box, avoid the use of the box with the cap that so heavy so that the children easy to open and they won't hurt because of it.Or use the box with a cover that has hinges and can hold automatically when the box is open.

6. Toys which consists of housing, such as chess, checkers and so forth can be stored in a special cupboard . Do not pile up the box , because it can damage the toys that are in the bottom. You can put a lighter toys on the top, such as dolls or puzzle.

Make sure that children play with the supervision of adults, who can help her take back and save the toys, except when the child is big enough to do so.

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Bright Color Accent

Bright-colored dress, such as yellow, orange, red china, electric blue, absoloutely improve your mood to be better. However, not all of you, like the shirt-dress in bright colors, especially for those of you that have a big body, because the bright colors will make the body become wider.Also with those who do not like to be the center of attention.

But you still want to follow the mode that is now dominated by bright colors, is not it? So, the solution is, use Bright colors only as accents, and looks keep updated, whenever and wherever.

Bright accent color can be applied through the belt, subordinate (skirt or pants), shoes or bags. These bright color can make you look more into life than just one color or color combination of the rigid base.

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One dress for the Fat

Most important for you to remember that the smallest women's area is below the chest. Therefore, choose the clothes for all have the empire dress that you wear.

empire cut is a snippet of a tight below the chest , but strech from the stomach up to down. Empire dress have the long and short cut. Wear long empire dress while we are attending party and other formal events.

Empire short dress can also make us look attracting. Pair it with legging or straight pants. As a complement, you can add accessories such as necklace, earings and bracelets. Empire dress to be less suitable with brooch, as a brooch that usually on the chest will make the chest will be contain more.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mineral Water Bottle and Healthy

In this modern era everything is now more advanced. However, if we look for the negative effect is also seen more and more. have you ever think about the various diseases that have now is a result from the surrounding environment. Various kinds of waste are everywhere home, office and even public roads are used as a means of waste disposal.
Popular news at this time is that the plastic packaging bottle mineral water can cause various diseases. The news is it is reported can cause breast cancer. Moreover, water that has been packed many days in the car and exposed to hot weather. Types of chemicals that are in the bottle is very dangerous.

Maybe some of us have the habit to re-using plastic bottles of mineral water and put it in the car or in the office. This habit is not good, because the plastic bottles (also called as Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET) used in this bottle containing substances can see at the code or symbol that PET is located at the bottom of the bottle.

This bottle is safe to be used 1-2 times only, if you want to use longer, Can not be more than a week, and must be put at a distance from the sun. Re-washing habits can make a layer of plastic is broken and karsinogen can enter into the water that we drink.

Automatically the water you drink will enter our body along with the chemicals mixed. Better to buy bottled water which is to be used repeatedly, do not use plastic bottles. So for all of you start it healthy style of living since the beginning. In order not to regret in the other days.

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Massage and the benefits for our body

Massage Such as private massage , man massage, etc., with the right techniques can help to drive feeling stiff and sore the hammer felt in every joint, and to help expedite the blood circulation in the body. But not only that, the touch of the right point in the joint that will also make we feel fresh sensation and rileks

Until now, massage is still a favorite choice for many people for body relaxation. the kind of massage can be man massage, private massage or other massage. Rheumatic and stiff feeling tired can be minimized with massage for several minutes. In fact, this traditional way can also be done to help improve health. Therefore, It is not surprising that massage also always take part in the process of treatment for the body. you can say when the hair treatment, such as shampoo, creambath, or simply cut hair, and especially in the spa that is focused on the concept of body and soul relaxation.

Now, a variety of massage techniques are developed in which each technique has a distinctive purpose and effect such as man massages, private massages, traditional massages, etc.. Start from massage that use Meridien points on foot for treatment, to a baby massage techniques.

For baby, Massage is one way to improve communication and braided closeness with parents. A touch of art can help provide this sense of comfort and relaxation for the baby. Therefore, regular massage is done every morning or night before bed so that baby can sleep asleep. Each massage was also one of the ways to provide stimuli in all senses of the baby, and
help the emotional relationship between parents and babies. Use oil for soft skin and baby massage slowly.

When children have grow, massage can be done to give effect body relaxation. Especially in this age, in general, children do more physical activities that may injure their muscle. Therefore, listen to complaints of the children and give a massage with the pressure that is not too hard. Sometimes, the complaints in the neck shoulder and back can be triggered due to a stimulus continuously since small.

At the age of adult, massage is generally a key to drive-away feeling tired and stressed due to work load. This massage is the more complex nature, which gives a more complete relaxation, good for the body, mind, and soul. As released from The Touch Research Institute, University of Miami, massage gives a positive impact
on the stress response and performance after a 15-minute chair massage use. Other health complaints such as dizziness, insomnia, or sore joints can be assisted with the massage.

Meanwhile, for old, the massage regularly can press the rate of blood pressure, improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and stimulate the weak muscles to work. Of course, would be better if the massage techniques to provide maximum results.
On the other hand, each country also has a specific way to give a massage that essentially freshness and relaxation after a massage. Type, such as man massages, massage expat, etc.. One thing must be remembered, nothing wromg to uses therapeutist massage professional, who already know which part should be and should not be massaged.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can study less and Learn More with CourseHero

I have worked at this company for about 3 years. It is a company that supply engineering for design of Heat Exchanger. It is not a easy work. I have to work hard to finish my job although I have to take an overtime until 10.30 pm. Yeah…I also have to study more about my job and find many article about my job.
When I was browsing about articles, I found this incredible site, Course Hero. I can also find many article about my college’s subject, Chemical engineering. There I can learn more about engineering that I could not understand when I was take my college. I can find many CHEM lecture note and CHEM textbook Solution here. I had many problem when i took my CHEM Lab, but at course Hero i can find solution to find many difficult word for my CHEM Lab class. Your CHEM Lab will success and you will also get a good point.Just find out your CHEM Lab Problem at Course Hero, and you will get the solution there. Course Hero is an open social learning network for students, educator and self learners to publish, share and view academic resources online. Course hero also focuses its product and services on undergraduate and graduate student and providing a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and teach each other.

The mission of Course hero is to enhance college education to new heights by enchancing a student’s theoretical (textbook) understanding with a student’s direct application of such theories in today’s real-life examples. By joining Course hero’s social learning network, you will get many benefits which is .: you can get millions of lecture note for a missed class, for example : you did not attending your Chemical class at fall 2008, in course hero, you can find CHEM lecture note. You can also get over 200000 textbook solution right now. If you have difficulty with your chemical homework and need the solution so that you can accelerate your learning, don’t worry, you can find CHEM textbook solution here. When you will take your CHEM exam, don’t worry, you can study less and learning more with CHEM textbook solution and CHEM lecture noteprovided here, so that you will get A+ for your score. By joining Course hero you can also meet over 300000 students and your fellow classmates. And the good news is anyone with facebook account can access and view documents posted on Course Heero once they have either contributed course-related documents (for which they have the right to upload), invite friend and/or become a monthly subscriber, because Course Hero is a facebook application partner.
Course hero is a great new research tool for college students. It is also an educational innovation and potentially an educational revolution. students learn best from other students, their peers, and the teacher. So I have to start looking for article for my assignment right now.

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Tricks to solve insomnia

If you feel difficult to sleep at night, there's no wrong to check your food, perhaps you have been wrong foods. The cause of insomnia can be manifold; fear, stress, atmosphere bedrooms that do not support, or can be also because of the wrong food.

To be able to sleep soundly, you need trytophan body or substance that is often called the sleeper. Trytophan, which is a type of fatty acid, work that can produce serotonin release in the nerve center of the brain. When the brain is rileks, you will more easily fall asleep with a good quality.

Trytophan many contain in the light carbohydrate. Muffin cakes, biscuits,or fruit can be a solution. But not too full consume food, because your digestion will work hard, so that you can not get the maximum sleep

Drink a cup of herbal tea or warm milk before bed will also be very helpful. Conversely, avoid beverages that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate and beverages drinks.

You must consider the time to eat, give time at least two hours before bed after you take the last dinner. Proximity to eat too close to bedtime will increase metabolism and body temperature, so make sleeping more difficult. In this way, you can also maintain body weight, considering the sleep after the big meal will save a lot of fat.

If you really hunger, choose cereals such as wheat flour mixed with milk, Tofu, cereal, or bread . However, only a fixed distance at least one hour before sleep because tryptophan also need time to stimulate the brain.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ShopWiki,Shop for your children

I have a lot of little nephew and little niece here. They are very cute and funny. Many of my nephew is a little girl, so I like to make over their hair and face to become more beauty. Sometimes, I was very confuse to buy some gift for their birthday present. There are many kind of birthday present for my nephew.
My niece love dolls very much. They love to play with the dolls all the time. And when I was searching at internet about dolls, I found this site. This site is provide you many information about present for kids. From classic kids toys such as dolls, blocks, trikes and model train sets, kids electronics toys, action figures toys such as naruto, power rangers, classic and retro toys such as bozo Bop, trampolines, Hula hoops,Ride on Toys such as wagons, tricycles, rocking horses until robotics and RC toys such as Picco Z RC helicopter. This site also recommend you what is typical toys for boys and for girls. So you don’t have to confuse when you have to buy some birthday present for your niece and your nephew. And the present also suitable for your child’s age.

Girls love to play with dolls forever. There are different types, numerous brands and hundreds of edition to choose dolls. Beside dolls, you can also buy dollhouses. In this site you can also find more about plenty of down sized, simplified adult gadgets that are great gift for all ages such as Mimobots, Idog MP3 player speaker, tamagochi etc. Boys like to play with their own hero figures such as Naruto, Power ranger and Ben 10. Here you can also find Naruto training deluxe figure. I guarantee that your son, nephew will love it so much.
So, what if your children love to play with classic toys? You can also find many classic and retro toys here such as hula hoops, trampolines, yo-yos, slinky and many more. When I was a child, I love to play with hula hoops, it was very fun. I also loved to play with tricycles with my younger sister. Rocking horses also make me happy. My cousin borrowed me her inline skates, and at that moment I remembered that I always fell when I was using it.
Nowadays, children love to play with anykind of robotic and RC toys. In this site you can buy your children radio controlled vehicle, video remote controlled car, remote control ducati car and many more.
So, i will browsing in this site first, and then I can choose the appropriate present for my niece and nephew. Wanna join with me ?

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ADT, protecting your family and your home

For about 1 month ago, my uncle get a bad day. Some Thiefs took his cash and jewellery at his home worth $50000 USD. That is not a few money. No home stuff is taken by those thiefs, and thanks God that no body were harmed at that time. I just wonder, why did my uncle did not secure his house with security system. And no security guard protecting his house. I don’t know, maybe after this time he will install security system at his home.
I suggest him to order ADT monitored home security system. I just found this information couple days ago when I was browsing at internet. ADT help you protect your lovely home from many threats. It will secure you from Burglary. The security system can detect burglars before they even attempt to enter your home, and in the same time the high decibel alarm will alert you, your family and your neighbours, and ADT monitoring center will inform to police to go to your home immediately. So you do not have to had a bad day like my uncle, loss his money and jewellery. ADT monitored home secured system also protect your home from fire because it is equipped with monitored fire protection can help your home and family from fire. The security system provided with smoke detectors and fire extinguisher, so anytime your fire and smoke or CO detectors are triggered, emergency services is on the way to help you.

ADT monitored home security system also have service for personal emergency response system that can help protect you in case of unexpected medical emergency. Except that, ADT will protect you from carbon monoxide that released by fuel burning appliance such as your stove, furnace etc. because this gas is very dangerous for your family. ADT also secure your home with flood and freeze detector. ADT monitored home secure system is the best security system that you have to get. The other benefit is ADT maintains a network of 4 monitoring centers throughout the united states to guarantee you uninterrupted all the day, all the week, all the month and all the year. So you and your family can feel comfortable.
So don’t wait for long, just call now at ADT monitored home security system. You will never get a bad day like my uncle. Call now because ADT have a lovely offer for you.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Buy Link Post, One of your Source of Making Money Online

Internet is one of the media to make money online. There are many programs offered to us and there we can earn money . One of the program is called "Paid review" or "Get paid to Blog" and get advantages by advertise on blog.
let me introduce one of the sites that offer both the benefits above

buylinkpost is one of the program make money online that can give us those advantages.Buylinkpost is one of the make money online program that gives benefits to the blogger or someone who has a blog and willing to provide space in their blog to make a product's review from the advertiser, ie someone who wants to promote their business through blogger. And the good news is, buylinkpost give us a good opportunity,by write a review about buylinkpost . $ 5 USD will be given to bloggers who have a page rank 3 with their own domain. For you who have a page rank of 3 but did not have your own domain, do not worry, because buylinkpost will give you $ 3 USD for your review. And you Who have a page rank 1 and 2 and do not have your own domain does not need to sad, buylinkpost will give $ 1 USD for your review.
So what are you waiting for? visit Buylinkpost right now, and get many advantages there.

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