Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Fasting All....:)

Dear all of my brother and sister in around the world, Happy Fasting. Can not hardly wait for our victory day, Iedul Fitri day. But sis, we are still fasting now. Ramadhan is the best month in a year. Because in this month, Allah give us many reward for our worship, fasting, reading Al Quran and many more. But how to get fresh body at fasting day? Here are some tips about what kind of food we should consume at Sahur time :
1. Choose the right Food that can be digested long term Such are : Complecs Carbohydrate (oat and red rice) 2.Avoid food that easily digest 3. Avoid food that contain many sugar and simple carbohydrate 4.increase consuming vegetables and fruit it is because vegetables and fruit contain fibers that can be digested long term so that it will make you not hungry. 5. Dont forget for consuming a lot of water 6.avoid consuming coffee Do not consuming coffee because it is diuretik that can cause headache 7.avoid spicy food it can effect in our digestion and cause maag. 8.suifficient food and balanced balance in corbohydrate, protein, fiber etc And many more tips for healty body at fasting day. Chayooo....
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