Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebaran...go to my home town

This is my first lebaran as a wife. Plan to "Mudik" is very lovely. i have to visit my husband's hometown first and then i can go to my hometown with my husband. I went to Bojonegoro, my husband's hometown at Saturday, the next day is ied Day, we had spent many times to visit our relatives and taste their cooking, hehehehhe...lovely activities. the next day, the whole family went to Blora, middle east, one of "very-very" village in Indonesia. It is because the condition of the village is very "village", you just can find cows, goat and house made from wood. the street is very rough, make your journey is not running well. but so far, the journey is lovely because i can feel another situation except from my home town.

Tuesday, me and my husband went to Mojokerto, my grams's hometown, from there, i continue my journey to my lovely hometown, probolinggo, and the next day, wednesday, i went to Surabaya, my home. it is very tired journey, but it is fun. today, i have to continue my work :)

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Chicken Teriyaki

This morning, i have a plan to cook beef teriyaki, so i went to the traditional market. But the beef's seller is not there. and the situation at traditional market is very quite. It is because today they still "Mudik" Lebaran in their own hometown. so i Just bought chicken and will replace beef to chicken to cook chicken teriyaki.
i have found many recipes of beef teriyaki in internet and to prepare chicken teriyaki, i just make it simple just like beef teriyaki recipe.

All you just need to prepare is : white onion, bombay onion, salt, pepper, water, chicken, and Teriyaki Sauce ( you can easily find it at the market"
Cook it is very easy. shatter white onion and fry it with bombay onion into frier. after that enter chicken (you can cut it into small pieces) at frier, then you can add some water and last, you can add the important thing which is Teriyaki Sauce.
Cook it until done.
and after that you can enjoy lovely chicken teriyaki

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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Reviewstream is one of make money online in internet. it is a paid review program, so we will get paid after we have reviewed some product etc. Reviewstream is different with the other Paid to Review program such as blogvertise and Sponsored reviews, because at Reviewstream we do not need to have an account and a blog that have high page rank and high traffic.

Here are the step to join with review stream :
1. go to
2. click "write review"
3. you do not need have account in reviewstream, just check you penname and if your name is available, you can always use the name and your own email, where reviewstream will send you an activation email.
4. write your review for about 400 words, and if you do not reach this 400 words, reviewstream will automatically decline it
5. if your review is attracting reviewstream, they will buy your review $2 per review, and if your review is not good enough, you just paid 20% of $2 or $0.4
6. you can get your money after you have $50 in your account.

so what are you waiting for, just join with me ..

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mental Of the Millionaire

What is the common characteristics of people who earn tens of millions? This is what distinguishes them from the others.

1. Act with confidence. Easy to say, "I'm not sure this will work, I prefer to have security for my daily job." However, if you have confidence in yourself to take calculated risks, you will find a way to make it happen. Saying good things to yourself will make you do good things, and doing good things will make money flowing into your pocket.

2. Keep your proffesionality. Although you are not in the top of game or you do not prove your idea, it is important to make a formal approach to your work. If you are not seriously implement your idea, then who else?

3.Have passion. Do my eyes to promote with a passion. Do you want others to know about your achievements in order to develop or make people see how great your idea, you just need to convince other people if you really believe in your products and services. You must know your talents, not to exploit, and use it to make your skills better.

4.Have a broad knowledge. You must know what you say. True professionals will know if you're bragging. Build experience in the field you are interested.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Meaning of the name at label Cosmetic

many ways have been done to be the best cosmetic manufacturers. However, not all we can use. Understand the meaning of the labels that are listed on the packaging of cosmetics to choose the best cosmetics for your skin. Here are them:

Alcohol Free. There are several cosmetic companies who use alcohol in products to help make the skin dry.

Ethyl alcohol is the type of alcohol should be avoided. However, despite some cosmetic labels put alcohol free, they could be using other types of alcohol, such as cetyl, stearyl, cetearyl, or lanolin alcohol. The types are known as fatty alcohol effects on different skin with ethyl alcohol. Meanwhile, isopropyl alcohol, which are often labeled as a substance that makes skin dry, is very rarely used in cosmetic products.

Cruelty-free or Not Tested on Animals. Although this statement implies that the product is not tested on animals, in a certain point, there are substances contained in them have been tested on animals. Try searching for the word "no new testing" or "not currently tested".

Hypoallergenic. Such products are claimed by the company as a product manufacturer that does not trigger an allergic reaction from most other cosmetic products. meanwhile, they dont have federal standard yet where the labeled product is really doesn't trigger iritation to our sensitive skin

Noncomedogenic. This means that the contents of the cosmetic ingredients do not contain material that could close the pores that cause acne or blackheads.

In addition to the claimed labels as mentioned above, a cosmetics should be followed by a list of substances contained in them. Manufacturers must list what substances are contained, both the most and smallest. In addition, the company must also include an expiration date cosmetics. Or at least, how long can these cosmetic age displayed on a shelf or from the first opening. To ensure that no abuse, the producers also should include how to properly use and storage so that product quality does not decline before their time.

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