Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fat is Attractive

Who says fat is not attractive? Evidence, there are some men who like women who has excessive body weight. Viren Swami studies, psychology professor at the University of Westminster, England, affirm it.

Swami and his team investigate two groups of men included in the 'fat fans' and that is not. They are assessing the images of black and white display of the ten women with different body types. Result, the groups' fat fans' most interested in the images of women with body mass index (BMI) 29.24.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention United States, they have a BMI between 29.9 and 25 are categorized as excess body weight. The owner of BMI 30 or more groups including Obesity.

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If Your Children Keeping Pets

Pets that keeped by children can help your child develop social skills. However, you should consider the following things:
1. Children aged 3 to 4 years have not been mature enough to control anger, and their agresifity. Therefore, keep it out while playing with the their pets
2. Up to age 10 years, children can not treat their own pets such as dogs and cats.
3. Parents should supervise care pets even if the child is able to do so themselves.
4. If the child neglect caring their pets, you as parents must take over.
5. Children must be given the understanding that pets should also be treated with tender. Pets also need food, water, and exercise. Therefore teach your children not to impound pets continuously.

6. Boredom experienced by children will make the child neglect their pets. If children are bored with their pets, you should soon find that new pets keeper.
7. Parents must be able to give a good example. Children will learn responsible pet care for the parents with caring for animals.

Choose a pet that matches the style of life, family, home, and the ability of the care of children. Avoid the child keep snakes, frogs, or the Iguana because its difficult and must be kept more carefully. Similarly it is with an aggressive animal, such as child lions, and other. Although it has been trained well and kept in the house, but the animal may remain aggressive.

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Enough sleep can reduce Child Hiperaktivity

REPORT studies by researchers from the University of Helsinki and Institute of Health and Welfare National Finland concluded that enough sleep at the night can reduce the level hiperaktivity and bad behavior of children.

This study examines the 280 children aged 7-8 years. Parents are asked to fill out the questionnaire the duration of sleep habits and their children for seven nights. They were also asked about their children's behavior by using the size-the size that is usually used to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD is a behavioral disturbance marked with difficulty focusing, impulsive, whether accompanied or not with hiperaktif. Result, children who slept an average of less than 8 hours have a higher score in terms of symptoms of ADHD.

"These findings indicate that maintaining adequate sleep hours in children it is important to prevent symptoms of behavior (ADHD)," said Dr Juulia Paavonen, the leader of the study.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Laughing can Reduce Diabetes Risk

Beijing - MI: derisive laughter can help people with diabetes to improve their cholesterol level and decrease the risk of blood vessel disease and heart, so the results of a new study.

According to Lee Berk of Loma Linda University, who led the study, the "choice of lifestyle has impact on health and in light of this and all the options that we and patient do to the prevention and treatment."

The researchers divide the 20 diabetic patients who are at high risk - all are also suffering from high blood and hyperlipidemia (risk factors for blood vessel disease and heart) - into two groups. Both groups were given standard diabetes medications.

Group L were given 30 minutes to enjoy the humor that they select, while Group C - --- not monitoring groups. The process lasts for one year treatment.
Process about two weeks treatment, all patients in the group laughed (Group L) have a high hormone epinephrine and norepinephrine that is lower, both seen as a cause of stress. Stress is known too deadly.

After 12 weeks, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) was increased 26% in Group L, but only 3% in Group C. In another measurement, C-reactive protein, inflammation and a blood vessel diseases and heart, decreased 66% in the group laughed, but only 26 percent in the group of monitors. "Doctors understand that a best-of psychological intervention that caused by intrinsic positive emotions such as mirthful laughter with laughter, joy, optimism and hope," said Berk.

Nevertheless, Berk said, of course, laughter can be good medicine and the same value with the diabetes drugs, but insisted that more research is needed to ensure that what the purpose of all the results.

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How to vanish dandruff

dandruff often being a bugbear for many people. Symptoms that arise are itchy-itchy and always leave the skin flakes off the white, snow and debris formed at the shoulder. Especially if you currently wear black, dandruff can be very disturb the appearance.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by a kind of fungus - Pityrosporum ovale. Indeed, this organism is not harmful, but when moisture of skin head disturbed, organisms will grow rapidly and cause the skin cells flake off the head.

The cause of development the fungi are not found, but there are several causes that can disrupt the balance is estimated in the scalp. Hormones are not balanced, stress, or a decreased immune body is one of the reasons. In some cases, dandruff is also a reaction to the allergic substance-hair chemical substances, such as hairspray, hair jail, and even shampoo.

The steps that must be observed when the shampoo

Shampoo is one of the rituals that determine the health of hair. There are several things that must be observed to prevent the emergence of dandruff:

1.When using anti-dandruff shampoo, it's good to wait until five minutes before the rinse. This is necessary so that the ingredients in shampoo absorbs perfect.
2. Wash your hair regulery
3. While you had your hair washed, try to massage the skin so that a simple skin-off and lost blood circulation smoothly.
4 Rinse it until clean. as dandruff can appear because of the flushing process is less clear.
5.Once finished wash your hair, avoid drying the hair using a hair dryer too often.

Besides, should not leave the skin exposed to direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon. Because ultraviolet radiation can damage the scalp. A balanced diet with food that contains zinc, vitamins, and minerals can help prevent the occurrence of dandruff.

Take care your hair, because our hair is our crown
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Ciao Payment

After i have been waited so long for this ciao payment, finally today i get confirmation about ciao payment at my paypal account. wow..hopely ciao always pay hihihihi

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Change your hobby to achivement

Rachael Domenica Ray, or better known as the Rachel Ray, she is one of Hollywood celebrities who love cooking and clever. You can see her cooked in various events on television indonesia, you can watch her programs at Metro TV. Yup, i do really like cooking, so rachel ray is one of my inspiration

This is not surprising because he was born and most of the families who love the cuisine. her family has Family restaurant hin the area of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and New York. they name their restaurant name Carvery. From there, the woman born 25 August 1968 began to love cooking. Ray continues to develop her hobby to create a variety of television, magazines, radio, to sculpt the achievements in the field of food process.

Not only working in the restaurant his family only, wife of John Cusimano is also working in various other places, which of course is related to the cooking world. First job is to keep the candy shop Macy, New York City, and increase to the collection of food and to help open the market in New York City.

Soon he returned to his home city and work in Mister Brown at The Sagamore Hotel. His name is also known as a buyer at Cowan & Lobel, Albany. Not satisfied with all that, Ray began reaching the world with television teach people how to cook in 30 minutes.

Not reap no stinging criticism from various parties, but Ray is a criticism to make whip encourager themselves. He also proved to be the cook courses spectacle at that time. After the success of 30 Minute Meals, she is offered to join the Food Network. This means the opportunity for him to self-publish through television, radio broadcasting and magazine.

In a variety program, Ray confessed her grandmother, Emmanuel Scuderi, very affect her in cooking. sHe even gives her secret recipes in the garlic and the very much chicken broth as a develop taste.

Expression-expression that is often used when Ray carries the program became very popular and often be vocalized by many people, too. Some of the popular expression among EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil), yum-o, so delish, GB (garbage bowl), Oh my gravy!, and stoup. Make this expression more famous Ray.

Success brings the event, making the queen talkshows, Oprah Winfrey, watch her. Not the other, Ray became part of the Harpo Ink. and create her own program that is nemaed Rachel Ray Show, and often present in a variety of programs such as The View, The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Larry King Live .

Do not stop there, Ray was making television series, Rachael's Vacation. More unique, Ray is announced as the most sexy female version of FHM magazine when he is no longer the young age of 35 years.

Seems no exhausted, her magazine create their own namely Every Day with Rachael Ray. In addition to magazines, women are not ashamed of having more body weight also makes this the ideal book is Yum-O! The Family Cookbook and Rachel Ray's Big Orange Book.

Success in the world to make this food, making many achievements of sculpture, among

* Daytime Emmy Award category for Outstanding Service Show 30 Minute Meals in 2006,
* 100 women's version of a magazine Time2006
* Nomination 2007 daytime Emmy Award category Outstanding Talk Show Host
* 2008 daytime Emmy Award category Outstanding Talk Show / Entertainment, for the Rachel Ray Show.

In addition to clever cooking, also like Ray does. Three years ago, he launched the organization O-Yum. This organization is devoted to helping children and families that are less able to get a better food

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9 Myths About Health

Bananas can make a fat, or cancer can not be prevented? This statement may have been familiar in your ears. But is this statement correct? This is only a myth only. Differentiate the myths with facts is very important, especially to make the healthy choice. Here are some myths and facts about health can be a guide you in making the right choice for health.

Myth: Cancer can not be prevented

Fact: Scientists estimate that 50% of deaths due to cancer in the United States are caused by social conditions and environment as well as options that are not healthy. Conditions and options that are not healthy it can not cause a healthy diet, Obesity, or unhealthy habits such as smoking and lack of physical activity. Now, have found ways to avoid cancer, including lung cancer, serviks, kolon, rektal and skin cancer.

generally, cancer can be prevented by:

* Avoid smoking or products from tobacco
* Avoiding so passive smokers
* Do not drink too much alcohol
* Avoid adding weight and maintain healthy body weight
* Eat 5 or more measure fruit and vegetables every day and follow the pattern of low-fat diet
* Feed balance calories with physical activity
* On the physical
* Protect your skin from the sun
* Supporting the business community in developing the social and physical environment of healthy

Myth: You can not do anything to prevent type 2 diabetes

Fact: Diabetes can be proved prevented . Studies have shown that people who have a risk of type 2 diabetes can prevent the lower body weight around 5-7% of their body weight. You can do this by implementing healthy eating patterns and activity fiisk for 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Myth: Adults do not need vaccinations unless traveling to a foreign country

Fact: The vaccine not only for children or people who will travel. Already too many adults who fall ill, paralysis and even death every year due to diseases that can actually be prevented simply by giving the vaccine. Therefore, all adults, even the old can benefit from vaccination. The vaccine helps prevent infections and save lives. Vaccines can control the disease that is common infections such as experienced polio, measles, laryngitis, pertussis, mumps, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib).

Myth: If you do not have symptoms does not mean you have a sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Fact: Many STDs have no symptoms of the serious damage has occurred in the reproductive organs. The only way to find out is by examination. If you are suspicious, or if your partner has symptoms flee to check your doctor.

Myth: Diet is a low fat healthy lose weight

Fact: Diet low fat most often done by those who want to lose weight. But, remove all fat from your diet can dafter distemper. Diet that is low fat or no fat can not be sufficient energy for healthy growth. Some research has also shown that low-fat diet and high carbohydrate can improve insulin resistance. Sports combined with well-balanced diet remains the best way lose weight.

Myth: Banana is a food that fatten

Fact: bananas are a low fat food. Bananas contain only 1 / 2 grams of fat and 95 calories. In addition, the banana is also rich in potassium.

Myth: No one to avoid a full breakfast

Fact: It is important for breakfast. During sleep, we are fast about 8 hours, so it is important to eat after fasting. Although those who avoid breakfast can add Feed energy during the day, but they do not get all the vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from a simple breakfast.

Myth: break joint arthritis trigger finger

Fact: the very sound. However, you can not stop the people who cause a commotion on the busy because your fingers break segment, with this reason. There are no studies that have shown the relationship between break with finger joint pain due to arthritis. However, there are other stories that become your specialty. Based on a study, ligamen that occurred repeatedly during
breaking hand can cause inflammation and impair hold power.

Myth: People overweight because of the slow metabolic system

Fact: This may often have you heard, but studies have asserted, you can not make a slow metabolism as the reason for the excess weight. Of course, there are many physical reasons that
cause excess body weight. However, studies recently showed that fat people have a system that is faster metabolism and burn more energy than the people who
more slender.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mint reduce appetite

if you want to reduce some kilogram body weight or you want to control the appetite when the food delicious temptations in large amount at the time of the party or dinner, just heal mint smell. with the smell mint smell, your appetite will remain awake and you will not be tempted to eat in large amounts.

the influence of mint on the calories received by the body is the result of the latest research from Wheeling Jesuit University in west virginia, United States.
research participants who inhale peppermint every 2 hours eating 23% more less calories compared to people who not breathe mint oil throughout the day.
research conclusions, mint helps to stop or reduce the appetite. this is related to the number of calories consumed. conclusion of the research also shows that consume mint will maintain no appetite to eat the food and also keeping the sweet breath still fresh

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Discover skin care multiformity

This is the difference! check this out!

Body Butter

Compared body mist and body lotion, body butter has a degree of moisture the most high. A high fat degree create shapes such as butter (butter), the form of thick cream. Very good for the skin condition with extra dry, broken, broken and rough, especially in the area elbow, knee, heel and foot.

Body Mist
fragrance and packaging body mist spray, similar to the body that are usually used to scent the body. However, many people misunderstand how to use. They inject the clothes. Clearly, this does not have influence. Appropriate name, body mist is used in the body. Body mist of oil in the womb have a certain amount, which functions as a water bond in the skin, so skin does not experience dehydration as well can cure the skin. Suitable for normal skin that does not experience problems such as broken or in pieces strechmark.

Body Lotion
other types of body care is body lotion. moisture content of body lotion one level better than body mist. Very good that you used to with normal tend to dry, not too problematic, and not too often grossly temperature extremes, such as solar heat or AC. Similarly, the body mist and body butter the body lotion is best immediately after a bath. Use to the whole body, and repeat every time you use your skin feels dry.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insomnia can make Fat

so why can? in fact there is a tendency that if someone awake till late at night, they will spend time with snacking. it also has been demonstrated in a study conducted by a team of researchers from mailman school of public health and the obesity research center in colombia

they observed the behaviour of 18000 people aged 32 to 59, participating in the survey, the national health and nutrition examination period of the 1980s
the result is if you do not sleep at day, they usually spend time with watching tv or playing computer. while doing this activity, they usually tend to consume more food or snacking

not only that, the reasearch also shows, less sleep related hormone leptine reduced rate. hormone that regulates appetite, body weight and report on the brain how much spare food available in the body.
in addition to hormone leptin, which the function is to stimulate appetite, increase and found in people who slept less.
Dr David haslam from National obesity forum said that the factors other than depression, physical activity, alcohol consumption, education level, age and sex, sleep less clearly would trigger the occure of obesity.
in addition, the stress which is the influence of sleep patters are known affecting measure hormone in the body.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Dogs grouping based on the Types

Talking about the various dog classification. Why, because at this time there are hundreds of types of dogs in the face of the earth. Federation Kinologi International (FCI), which bermarkas in Brussels (Germany) set the classification of the dog's views, the physical, the nature and uses.
Meanwhile, some experts still hold dog also argue classification criteria according to the type of dog they own. In the mid-century, the type of dog classification set 4 types of dog, the wolf, mastif, hound and greyhound.

Debate about the various types of classification of dog indeed make the world more interesting dog. Currently, the classification could be kinds of dogs according to the UK system is the most widely known people. System according to the type of dog is this terrier, hound, gundog, utility, toy and working dog.

1. Type Gundog
Stamina, endurance and strength of this type of dog is very unusual. However, this type of dog is not suitable to use as a guard dog . Originally often use as hunt as a friend.
Example: Pointer, Weimaraner, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Aemerican Cocker Spaniel, Golden retriever, dll.

2. Type Hound
Characteristic of this type of dog is feathered with the short-medium size body. Is a beagle and guards who can be relied upon. This type of dog that has no smell and the poignancy of its seen
Example: Beagle, Basenji, Miniature Dachsund, Basset Hound, Saluki, Greyhpound, etc..

3. Type terrier
The form of this type of dog slim, oval and square. Terrier called because like the grout. He is often used as the beagle small animals. However, this type of dog is known as intrepid. Generally, this type of naming a dog is always followed by the words such as Bull terrier terrier etc..

4. Toy Type
physical form of the type of dog is generally small, unique, funny and obey. Its also easy with friendly people.
Example: Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pekingese, Pug, Maltese, Miniature pinscher, dll.

5. Utility Type
This type of dog has a docile character of the master. Therefore, in accordance with the type name, type of dog is most easily dibiakkan for various usage.
Example: Bulldog, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Boston terrier, Chow-chow, Dalmatian, dll.

6. Working Type
This type of dog has the advantages of all groups that have dogs. Generally well-large, tended to be violent and daredevil. This type of dog is also very intelligent, docile and faithful to the master. In addition, stamina, speed run, smell senses of vision and is very unusual. Therefore, this type of dog is suitable to use as a guard.
Example: Siberian Husky, Dobermann, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Mastiff, St Bernard, Boxer, German Sheperd, etc..

The types of dogs on one of the existing grouping. Many other theories about the dog grouping.

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Center Stage : Turn It Up (2008)

This is one of my dancing favourite movie. it tell about ballet, hip hop dancing and its conbination. fantastic. i just wonder, how can she dance ballet and hiphop together. yeah...she is very multitalent.
the movie is telling about the story of Kate Parker, very talented young girl who can dance ballet and hip hop just by watching in the video. Kate want to increase her ability at dancing so that she want to enroll at American Academy of ballet, the best ballet academy in America, but she doesn't make it. because she compete with a very young rich girl. Kate is so sad because she doesnt make it in audition although she has promised to her sister to pass the audition. Kate tell a lie at her sister that kate is pass the audition

Kate doesn't surrender to take a ballet in another academy, but all of academy reject her. Kate is so tired. meanwhile, she meet with a good looking young boy that have passed the audition of american ballet of academy, his name is tommy anderson. Peter is trying to get a job to kate, so that kate can live in new york and take another ballet audition in ABA. kate is working in a cafe owned by peter's friend. there kate can show her ability dancing hip hop and ballet. everyone is admire her because of her dancing. Tommy become kate's boyfriend. and tommy always try to encourage kate to take another audition, and finally kate is passed for Giselle's audition, one of very fantastic ballet opera. kate is paired with tommy, and in their performance, everyone is admire them. now kate can show to her younger sister that she can trough the way.

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