Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mint reduce appetite

if you want to reduce some kilogram body weight or you want to control the appetite when the food delicious temptations in large amount at the time of the party or dinner, just heal mint smell. with the smell mint smell, your appetite will remain awake and you will not be tempted to eat in large amounts.

the influence of mint on the calories received by the body is the result of the latest research from Wheeling Jesuit University in west virginia, United States.
research participants who inhale peppermint every 2 hours eating 23% more less calories compared to people who not breathe mint oil throughout the day.
research conclusions, mint helps to stop or reduce the appetite. this is related to the number of calories consumed. conclusion of the research also shows that consume mint will maintain no appetite to eat the food and also keeping the sweet breath still fresh


Fadjar said...

Appeite is award that God give to human, the problem is how we get the control of appetite...



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