Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Discover skin care multiformity

This is the difference! check this out!

Body Butter

Compared body mist and body lotion, body butter has a degree of moisture the most high. A high fat degree create shapes such as butter (butter), the form of thick cream. Very good for the skin condition with extra dry, broken, broken and rough, especially in the area elbow, knee, heel and foot.

Body Mist
fragrance and packaging body mist spray, similar to the body that are usually used to scent the body. However, many people misunderstand how to use. They inject the clothes. Clearly, this does not have influence. Appropriate name, body mist is used in the body. Body mist of oil in the womb have a certain amount, which functions as a water bond in the skin, so skin does not experience dehydration as well can cure the skin. Suitable for normal skin that does not experience problems such as broken or in pieces strechmark.

Body Lotion
other types of body care is body lotion. moisture content of body lotion one level better than body mist. Very good that you used to with normal tend to dry, not too problematic, and not too often grossly temperature extremes, such as solar heat or AC. Similarly, the body mist and body butter the body lotion is best immediately after a bath. Use to the whole body, and repeat every time you use your skin feels dry.




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