Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parfum and Personality

In general, the nature and character someone divided into 4, that is, the romantic-feminim, active, sporty, sexy, sensual, modern and trendy. Now is time stick your character through wewangian that can make you feel represented. Hmmm, what?

You are the melankolis figure, graceful in every action. You feeling smooth and sensitive. However you include a strong and mature in the face a problem.

parfume suitable for you is the element that contains the interest (Floral) because the interest is very representative of your personality is beautiful and has a distinctive way to protect themselves. You can try a mix Carnation, jasmine or gardenia in the London by Burberry perfume, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker or issey L'Eau d'Issey Miyake's.

A person with active-sporty character always in the vibrant activities. He never looks tired and always fit. You also include daredevil if faced in a complex problem which, although sometimes a little emotional.
parfume that is suitable for you is that contain elements or Citrus leaves or a mixture of both. Foliage, including wood, pine and spices that can be found on Envy Me 2 perfume by Gucci, Clinique Happy or One Calvin Klein Electric output.
View from the characteristics, the nature of this you have the luxury of a worshipful and charisma as well. You always appear confident and happy to be the center attention karenna style that is not your usual.
parfume that is suitable for you is to have Floral and oriental, or a combination of both. Oriental Wewangian can be found in the spices, amber, balsams, vanilla and animal scents. Fragrances have the impression that this is on the Live Lux by Jennifer Lopez, Cool Water Game by Davidoff or Incanto Dreams by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Trendy modern -
You are a fashionista. Never behind to update the latest from the world fashion. Your taste, the unique and independent thinking. You also do not seem like someone needs.
Citrus and Floral smell and a combination of both makes you appear more brilliant. Discover the Beautiful Pleasure Exotic or both of Estee Lauder and Code by Armani.

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Wild Child (2008)

The film starts with Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) and her friends trashing all her dad's girlfriend's stuff in a wild prank. When her father angrily arrives, he tells her he is sending her to boarding school in England.

Arriving at the school, called Abbey Mount, Poppy meets the headmistress Ms. Kingsley (Natasha Richardson), head girl Harriet (Georgia King), and her 'buddy' Kate (Kimberley Nixon). She is miserable in her new life, as she does not fit in and has no friends.

When she reveals that her mother had died several years ago, her roommates decide to help her get expelled. Together, they carry out several pranks which gradually brings them closer together. When none of their plans work they decide to seduce the headmistress's son Freddie, who is strictly forbidden to fraternize with any of the girls.

After dancing with Freddie at the school dance, Poppy trips and hits her head, which leads Freddie to take the concussed girl outside for air, where he asks her out on a date.

The next day, Poppy discovers her talent for lacrosse and whips the school's team into shape, getting them into the finals. On the date Poppy finds herself falling for Freddie. They kiss before Poppy returns to school, where she finds her roommates reading an email supposedly sent by Poppy stating that she thought all of her new friends were losers. She then finds that Freddie has been given a similar email and is thereafter ignored by her friends. Poppy, with no one else to turn to, sneaks down to the cook's room and rings Ruby, who accidentally reveals how much she dislikes Poppy. Feeling even more alone, Poppy starts playing with her lighter, accidentally setting a curtain alight. Hearing footsteps, she quickly puts out the fire and runs off. A few minutes later, she looks out her window to see a fire, and wakes the school. When they find that Drippy is missing, Poppy runs into the burning school to rescue her. After the fire is put out, Freddie finds her lighter and gives it back to her, refusing to listen to what happened. Just as she realizes that she no longer wants to leave, Poppy goes to the headmistress and confesses.

While Poppy waits for the Honour Court, who will decide if she should be expelled, Freddie finds her crying and becomes convinced that the fire was an accident. During the hearing, Poppy tells her story while her roommates find out that Poppy didn't send the emails. Going to the court, they stand up for Poppy and Harriet accidentally confesses to restarting the fire after Poppy had put it out. The movie is left off at the lacrosse finals. Poppy's father comes to the game and is shocked by Poppy's dramatic change of appearance and how much she looks like her mother. Abbey Mount wins the Lacrosse finals and the film ends with Poppy and her friends (including Freddie) in Malibu as she ignores Ruby's phone calls.

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Quarantine (2008)

Quarantine is a 2008 American horror film directed by John Erick Dowdle and starring Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez , Greg Germann, Steve Harris and Johnathon Schaech . The film is a remake of the Spanish horror film REC. Shot in the cinéma vérité style, it was released on October 10, 2008 by Screen Gems Pictures. The film features no incidental music, being "scored" with sound effects.The film opens with reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman Scott Percival (Steve Harris) doing a report on the night shift of a Los Angeles fire station. Angela and Scott are introduced to firefighters Fletcher (Johnathon Schaech) and Jake (Jay Hernandez), whom they will be following for the evening.

A medical emergency at an apartment complex is reported and the night shift is sent in. Yuri (Rade Serbedzija), the Russian American building manager, explains that a woman has been screaming, but is now silent. They are joined by two police officers, James (Andrew Fiscella) and Danny (Columbus Short), in the lobby. They are led to the apartment of Mrs. Espinoza (Jeannie Epper), the source of the screaming. Yuri unlocks the door when she does not answer, and a dog runs out. Within the apartment, Espinoza is struggling to breathe, covered in blood, and foaming at the mouth. She bites James in the neck, severely wounding him, before being subdued by Fletcher. The others take James downstairs to get medical assistance, but find the building sealed shut by the authorities. Fletcher falls from the top floor, bitten, breaking his leg. Lawrence (Greg Germann), a veterinarian, tends to the injured men.

Danny and Jake go upstairs to subdue Espinoza, where they find the cleaning lady dead in her apartment. Danny shoots Espinoza when she charges at them. They all return to the lobby, meeting Bernard (Bernard White) and Sadie (Dania Ramirez) on the way. By this time, all exterior windows and doors are being sealed, and cell phones are being jammed. Anyone who attempts to leave is forced back at gunpoint. Jake believes they are being quarantined due to a nuclear, biological, or chemical emergency. Danny and Jake round up the tenants and bring them to the lobby, including Elise (Stacy Chbosky), who is displaying the same symptoms as Espinoza.

While Fletcher, James, and Elise are treated by Lawrence, Angela begins interviewing tenants. One little girl, Briana (Joey King), is sick. Briana claims that she has a dog named Max who was sick and taken to an animal hospital. Lawrence states that the symptoms of those infected are similar to rabies, only much more fast-acting.

Downstairs, Fletcher shambles into the lobby on his severely broken leg, but Lawrence injects him with a sedative, while Angela and Scott notice Bernard and Sadie sneaking away, looking for a TV to try to discover what is happening outside. Espinoza's infected dog appears and attacks one of the tenants. They reach Bernard's apartment and turn on the news, where the chief of police claims that everyone has been evacuated from the building, just before the power is shut off. The group is then attacked by Elise, whom Scott kills with his camera.

Danny rounds everyone up in the textile shop and states that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agents are coming in to give blood tests. The residents are also told that anyone who is not infected will be released. Lawrence points out that the only way to test for rabies is through a brain sample, not a blood test, but Danny insists on following procedure. After a roll call, Yuri reveals that the penthouse apartment of the building is being rented by a man from Boston who is absent.

The CDC agents arrive and examine the infected victims, taking a brain sample from Fletcher. Fletcher breaks his restraints and attacks one of the agents. Danny, Jake, and the other agent escape, leaving Lawrence locked in the room with the infected. Lawrence gets infected, the textile shop is locked and the surviving CDC agent is forced to explain the situation: Briana's dog was brought to a vet with an unknown illness and infected all the animals there. The dog was traced back to the apartment building; Briana's fever is then called into question, and she bites her mother before running upstairs. Briana's mother, who is now hysterical, is handcuffed to the stairwell.

Danny is bitten by Briana, and many of the survivors downstairs are bitten as well. The survivors lock themselves in an upstairs room where the frightened Angie claims that they are expendable and the CDC are going to let them die. The surviving CDC agent has been bitten and runs away to keep from infecting the others. He is locked in an adjacent room while the others try to figure out what to do. Sadie is also bitten but Bernard pleads with the others not to kill her. Bernard cuts through a window seal to call for help, but is killed by a sniper. Yuri reveals that they can escape through a basement passage into the sewers; however, the keys are in his apartment. He is then killed by the infected CDC agent. His wife Wanda (Elanie Kagan) is then killed by Sadie, who has succumbed to the infection.

Angela, Scott, and Jake make their way to Yuri's apartment to get his keys, avoiding and killing several infected while doing so. Jake is bitten by Yuri along the way, and the infected Danny chase Angela and Scott into the penthouse apartment. Within, they find newspapers with articles related to a doomsday cult. They discover that the man from Boston, who was renting the penthouse, was a member of it. One of the articles tells how the cult broke into a military biological facility to steal the virus. A noise from the attic prompts Scott to investigate, and he finds an infected boy. The boy destroys the light on Scott's camera, so he turns on the night vision. Angela and Scott then see an emaciated man (Doug Jones), who is presumably the man from Boston, emerge from another room. He walks past them initially but attacks Scott when Angela inadvertently makes a noise. Angela watches through the night vision of the camera as the infected man eats Scott. The man then attacks her, causing her to drop the camera. The final shot is of Angela crawling back to the camera only to be dragged into the darkness, screaming.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

10 bad habit can destroy your brain (part 1)

Please note you back your habits every day, whether the practice is included in the 10 practices that can damage the brain? Find the answer from the following list.

1. No Morning Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important to do because in addition to breakfast can support the needs of our bodyactivity until noon , breakfast was also important for the brain. Those who do not have breakfast have a low sugar, a result supali nutrition to the brain becomes less.

2. Eating Too Much
Too much to eat, especially foods that contain high fat, can cause a storehouse of fat in the wall of blood vessel and brain, a result decrease the ability of the brain.

3. Smoking
Cigarette can cause brain damage quickly and can lead to Alzheimer's Disease.

4. Too Much Sugar consumed
Consume too much sugar can lead to bother absorption of nutrition and protein so that the nutrient imbalance can occur that will disrupt the development of the brain.

5. Air pollution
The brain is the organ that most consume oxygen. heal polluted air that can reduce oxygen supply efficiency and reduce the brain.

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How to Store Meat

You need to know about fresh meat stored in resistant chiller or cold storage only 2-3 days at a temperature below 4oC and if you want to save more time, enter in the freezer or frozen storage. In the freezer at a temperature of-18oC to -23.5 OC, meat can stand up to 3 months. There are several requirements in order to keep the meat fresh and processed securely stored in the freezer:

* Meat should be in fresh condition. Once the meat that you can truly fresh, separate between the day it is cooked and the saved, do not delay the time to save.

* Do not store meat in a large size, it is cut into pieces of meat before freezing in order to save more evenly.

* Meat wrapped with thick plastic packaging, packed the meeting so that the meat does not experience dehydration. Dehydration of the meat changes color will become blackish brown, there will be a feeling of irrelevance when processed, and a lot.

* If you want to use, liquid (thawing) of meat. There are 3 ways liquefaction, that is to move in the chiller for 12-24 hours, left in room temperature, and place it in the sink while poured in tap water still wrapped by plastic.

* Meat that has been thawing can not be returned to the freezer because the bacteria that sleeps back up and start damaging the meat. We recommend that the meat has been processed out soon exhausted, if want to enter the chiller is stored, that is only just survived 2 days.

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Neobux Payment

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prevent 10 Types of Cancer

Before this disease attacks the body, there are simple tips prevent some types of cancer.

Recognizing the symptoms of one type of cancer disease course, can make us anxious. Moreover, if find out about other types of cancer. In fact, there are still dozens of other types of cancer that we know not well.

Before the disease attacks the body of this death, there are simple tips to prevent some types of cancer. see the tips below :

1. Stop smoking
Cigarettes are the main causes of the occurrence of lung cancer, and about 30% risk of triggering other types of cancer. Therefore, from now stop nicotine habit suck this poison.

2. Avoid direct sun exposure
Direct sun exposure, excessive and can cause skin cancer. Therefore, always protect your skin with sun block, hat or umbrella, especially starting at 9 o'clock am to 4pm.

3. Reduce fatty foods
Mengonsumsi much fatty food can cause you to risk exposure kolon cancer, and breast cancer. In addition, the excessive mengonsumsinya Obesity can cause and will be in touch with the womb, cancer and gall bladder cancer. Controlling body weight and exercise will reduce the risk of cancer is affected.

4. Consume more fibrous food
Wheat, rice, vegetables, and fruit is a source of both natural fibers and protect you from colon cancer (kolorektal). Konsumsilah food that contains lots of natural fiber, regularly every day.

5. Minimize Feed smoked food, burned and preserved
On the food that is burned, the womb is known substances that increase the risk of cancer higher. Stomach cancer found in many countries that many of the people memgonsumsi and smoked foods containing preservative.

6. Choose foods that contain lots of Vitamin A & C
Vitamin A & C natural, and important substances from fruits and vegetables can protect us from berbgai range of diseases, including cancer. Gynecology in antioxidants can prevent free radicals that are in our bodies. So, konsumsilah fruits and vegetables regularly

7. Consumption of more vegetables the cabbage
Konsumsilah of vegetables including the cabbage, such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage and flowers bok choy. Because, research shows bahwadengan mengonsumsinya you can avoid stomach cancer, and cancer kolorektal channel breath.

8. Avoid alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages in the number of lots, can increase the risk of liver cancer and is exposed to stomach cancer. Moreover, if the drinking of alcohol along with smoking, the risk can be more exposed to oral cancer, and cancer tenggorokkan.

9. Up check regularly
Check yourself to see a doctor regularly, well 6 months. That way you can know the condition of health and disease can be detected as early as possible.

10. Lifestyle balanced pattern
Keep a balance meal pattern. Feed carbohydrate, protein, minerals, vitamins, and other substances must be balanced. Also divide the time equally between work and rest.

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6 Style Wars with couple

The psychologist looked every relationship needs romance spices squabbling. Now living seen whether squabbling that healthy or not. Following six types of squabbling you need to know and how to solve it.

When you or he decide to soothe cranky when a quarrel, that is the cold war. This is because the cranky feel disappointed and do not know how to fix the problem.
The craftsman is cranky with time gave him to calm himself. Aggressive act will only make them react the same. Carpenters cranky when you want to talk, be considered late. This will make them cranky back. A relationship does not always have 50-50 (read: fifty fifty). Sometimes one must "invest" more patience.

2. FIRE Starter
For some couples argue is a form of passion. However, it should not bring the debate to bed. Once a twice a year can still be received. If this happens every time you and your partner want to make, you should start to separate between the debate and sex.

According to psychologist Anne Dickon, author book Difficult Conversation, if you need a trigger sexual passion in life, try to find it on other things. Origin should not be triggered as a passionate debate.

3. FRIENDLY dispute
Friendship is also a potential fracas. Even more exciting and sometimes dangerous if left on. If you can not be honest on the friend, means you never considered good friends. Indeed, sometimes difficult to overcome the problem if you always feel disappointed and used by a friend.

However, this can not continue to let happen. How can you, say what is in your mind, with a quiet way. Good friends, will not kick too long. As well as weddings and court, not of friendship, must be open and honest?

Squabbling is most danger of all of the squabbling. Because that can feel what the family, sometimes we forget how to keep their feelings. We are more important to keep feelings of others rather than their own family. This is often trigger conflict in the family.

Although still in one family, we do not have the right to harm members of our family more than other people. If you want to discuss issues that have been going long enough, find time and place to finish. Talk good things, if you need to calm themselves, that's fine. But problems remain to be completed.

5. Blow UP BIG
Contend is the most healthy way. Remove all that is in the chest, and clarify all issues melupakannya. For that, you must learn to solve the problem before the heart becomes hot. Section, rather difficult to discuss a problem if you are mad big.

6. FINAL Conflict
If every time you quarrel threatens to drop out or away from home (for the husband-wife), that is the final conflict. In fact this is how you attract attention or to emphasize how seriusnya problems that you and your partner face.

This includes not healthy. Threat to drop out or go out of the house will only destroy the trust pair. Go for one hour may be effective for you to calm himself, but do not forget to say that the problem will be discussed again later, and say you where to go.

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One way to get money from the internet is to do product reviews on ciao
for those of you who do not know, ciao is a site on the internet that focuses on the review various goods in the market.

Why are you paid?

so well, ciao is affiliated shops online, so if you have purchased products from ciao, they will pay commission on ciao. have amazon, bestbuy etc.. we help ciao with writing and review the website. people who like shopping online with the search for a review first. therefore we paid from ciao.
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you can receive a payment if you have already an active member
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super tips tricks 2

1. often log in and add friend, and read their review and rating, and rating "helpful or very helpful". and type the message "i have read your review and rate, please look and rate my review" after you give rate
2. add more friends
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ClixnCash Payment

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Funny and Interesting fact about dog

1. dog have been taken care by people since 10000 years ago
2. There are more than 200 different race of dog.
3. Canis familiaris is a latin name for dog
4. the biggest dog in all of race, at least in weight is Irish Wolfhound
5. Almost every race of dog, except 2 type, have pink tongue. the 2 other kind of dog are chow chow and Shar-pei have black tongue
6.Mammal who have prostat gland are people and dog.
7. There are 42 teeth in dog mouth

8. type Whippet can reach maximum velocity 35 mile/ hour
9. Taco bell the real is female and the real name is Gidget
10. the oldest dog that ever live is 29 years old
11. ind Flemish language, Schipperke translated as " a little captain"
12. Lhasa Apso dog is used many years ago by monks as a temple's keeper
13. Doberman is created at 1860 by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany, that created that dog to protect him when he work
14. Pug's name believed taked from similarity between dog and pug monkey
15. Dogs is not color blind
16. all of dogs is a direct generation from wolf and technically is the same species
17. Trah basenji is the only kind of dog that don't spark in the world
18. Laika, is a dog, and also an astronout who has sent to space first in the world at 1957 by Russian goverment
19. Victims from Titanic that can survive is include of 2 dogs, Pekingese owned by Henry Sleeper and Pomeranian owned by Miss margaret Hays
20. every dog, heal 10-30 breath every minute

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Nice Tips to Avoid Influenza

common influenza virus spread by direct contact. Someone who already get flu and cover it with their hand, then they hold telephone and the other tools. its germ can patch to the other people who have touch the same tool.

So, you have to always wash your hand with antiseptic soap so that the germ can separate. dont use your hand when you cough and sneezing. Just use tissue and then throw away as soon as possible.

dont touch your face. Influenza virus can get into our body through eyes, nose or mouth. consume a lot of water can throw toxic away from our body and it will rehidration our body.

whiff fresh air in free nature if you always spend your time at air conditioned room because germ can circulated inside room.

consume yogurt low fat everyday can reduce tendency at influenza until 25 percent. Good bactery containt at yogurt can produce system immune that can against disease.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

About PTC

Just by browsing at internet, and open page internet, You got PAID dollar by PTC site,
you can register free, and then you get free MONEY.
PTC? What is that? PTC is

PTC? Apa itu? PTC is abbrevation of PAID TO CLICK. This is a bussiness online at internet where its every member can click in certain page and wait for several seconds
to watch the advertisement. Yes, you just have to click and then you get MONEY.

How can i get paid?
there are many ways of choice
1. directly paid through paypal (online currency) and then you can transfer it to your account bank
2. paid through Alertpay/ egold etc and then you can transfer it to your own bank account
3. send bt Check in a whole world

Earnings Example

* You click 15 ads per day = $0.15
* 50 referrals click 15 ads per day = $7.50
* Your daily earnings = $7.65
* Your weekly earnings = $53.55
* Your monthly earnings = $214.20
* Your yearly earnings = $2570.40

The above example is based only on 50 referrals and 15 daily clicks. Some days you will have more clicks available, some days you will have less. What if you had more referrals? What if there were more ads available?
Eits, wait for a minute, it is just from one site PTC
what if you have joined many sites?
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just imagine how many US$ that you can get.

Tips to get a lot of money from PTC sites.
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2. JOin at many PTC site
3. get many referral/ downline
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4. Upgrade your account.
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If you want to Join PTC site, here i have many ptc site that you can visit and join
1. Perfect Bux
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Local PTC from Indonesia
1. Klikrupiah
2. IndoPtc
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