Monday, March 9, 2009


One way to get money from the internet is to do product reviews on ciao
for those of you who do not know, ciao is a site on the internet that focuses on the review various goods in the market.

Why are you paid?

so well, ciao is affiliated shops online, so if you have purchased products from ciao, they will pay commission on ciao. have amazon, bestbuy etc.. we help ciao with writing and review the website. people who like shopping online with the search for a review first. therefore we paid from ciao.
ciao register your interest?
to register you can click here.

after you activate your account, you can login and go to the home page.
after that, you can click on "my review" and you can review the product. for at least 3 review, you can be an active member of ciao.
how to take payment of ciao?
you can receive a payment if you have already an active member
how to become an active member = should create at least 2 reviews of each and you must wait for actication at least 1 day of activation
ciao payment will be sent via paypal. you must create a paypal account to receive the first payment.

Super tips tricks 1:

after you become an active member , you can start to earn money from ciao, what can you get from ciao:
1. get $ 0.01-$ 0.03 for rating from other's review
2. get $ 0.01-$ 0.03 each others rating your review
3. get $ 1 for every person that you have referrel

super tips tricks 2

1. often log in and add friend, and read their review and rating, and rating "helpful or very helpful". and type the message "i have read your review and rate, please look and rate my review" after you give rate
2. add more friends
3. review make goods more expensive and the person sought, the review can get a lot of rating
4. use feature "invite friend" on ciao, so you can get $ 1/referral
5. make the review as much as possible because there will be a total $ 2000 bonus to some best review . so what are you waiting for




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