Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Benefits of Water

Couple days ago, i had to take a bussiness trip from Surabaya to Jakarta. I got the first flight to jakarta at 6.00 am. After arrived at Jakarta, i had to attend a meeting with my client. The meeting take place until 16.00 pm. After that i had to take a taxi to take me at Gambir Station because i had to take a train and go to my home sweet home at Bojonegoro. The train trip take 12 hours. Oh my God, Could you imagine for full day off i just sit down and rarely walking or stand up. It causes backpain. I just have to buy bottles of water and drink it. Alhamdulillah, my backpain is reduced.
Many benefits of consuming of water. Which are : 1. Increase energy 2. Detoxification ( remove toxin from our body) 3. Maintain our body weight 4. Make our skin keep healthy 5. Maintain our digest system 6. Increasing brain function 7. Expediting blood circulation from the heart to all of part of our body And many more the benefits of consuming water.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Fasting All....:)

Dear all of my brother and sister in around the world, Happy Fasting. Can not hardly wait for our victory day, Iedul Fitri day. But sis, we are still fasting now. Ramadhan is the best month in a year. Because in this month, Allah give us many reward for our worship, fasting, reading Al Quran and many more. But how to get fresh body at fasting day? Here are some tips about what kind of food we should consume at Sahur time :
1. Choose the right Food that can be digested long term Such are : Complecs Carbohydrate (oat and red rice) 2.Avoid food that easily digest 3. Avoid food that contain many sugar and simple carbohydrate 4.increase consuming vegetables and fruit it is because vegetables and fruit contain fibers that can be digested long term so that it will make you not hungry. 5. Dont forget for consuming a lot of water 6.avoid consuming coffee Do not consuming coffee because it is diuretik that can cause headache 7.avoid spicy food it can effect in our digestion and cause maag. 8.suifficient food and balanced balance in corbohydrate, protein, fiber etc And many more tips for healty body at fasting day. Chayooo....
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Prevent Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the worst thing at my life. Because when i got insomnia, i feel that iam alone at night. And i can not sleep at night and it will cause at my activity at the morning. So how to prevent insomnia? Based on my experience, here are some solution :
1. Take a bath with Hot water before your bed time, just take a bath with warm hot water. It make me realy relax. it feels like the hot water is massage my body. This relaxation will continue at my bedtime 2. Do not hungry Before your bedtime, try not to hungry. Because when we hungry, we can not not sleep well. But it didn't mean that we have to take a meal at late night because it can make us fat. Just take a balance food at dinner before 19.00 o'clock. And if you are still hungry, just grap fruits and eat it. 3.Pray Take a pray first (sholat) and continued with reading al Al Quran. It make me so warm and peace and also feel sleepy. 4. Listening to the slow Music
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Do you know insomnia means? Yeah You're right. Insomnia is difficult to sleep especially at night. I have had insomnia for the past 3 weeks for about 2 times. OMG, its really torturing me. First insomnia, at saturday night, i could not sleep until 3 am. And the second insomnia, i could not sleep at all untill sunrises. I confused, what should i do when i got insomia? should i just force my eyes to shut down or doing anything that can make my eyes got tired and then i fell asleep. So, why i got insomnia?whats wrong with me? Some people say that if we get so much problem at life, it can effect our lifestyle including in our bed time. Yeah...that maybe one of the factor.
Here are some factors that can affect we can not sleep at night : 1. Stress According to the stess's expert, Dr. David Edwards, stress is a collection of symptoms of physiology, cognitive, affective and behavior caused by difficult conditions in daily life. Stress can affect everyone differently ranging from less severe symptoms such as dizziness to depression and anxiety. Some stressess make us can not sleep at night because when we start to sleep, we still thingking about the problem 2.Kafein Consuming tea and coffee everyday can cause negatife effect especially when we start to sleep at night.Try to avoid kafein after 15.00 o'clock and energy drink that contain of sugar at night. Warm drink can help you to get cozy at night and help you to sleep well 3. To much energy If you have not spend your energy for a day, most likely you will get insomnia. So firstly you have to spend of your last energy before sleeping such as by taking exercises at your Home :)
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shapes of Our Face

Choosing style of hijab,choosing style of haircut, choosing type of eyeglasses, choosing style of make up and many more is depend on our shape of Face. There are many shapes of our face and it will effect in our hair style etc which are : 1. round 2. oval 3. triangle 4. square
So which one is your shape of face?. Mine is round one. So i have to choose the best hijab style for round face. Because if i choose wrong style, it will effect in my performance. Hijab Style for Round face: Characteristic shape of the face is the forehead to chin distance equal to the distance the two temples and jaw bones buried flat. make up in concealment in the face of a round shape applied to the temples, around the ear and jaw. So to give an optical illusion on the lines suggested a round face veil that covers the chin brought forward to the cheek, so that the cheeks are visible contain visible reduced. Use undercaps made ​​from an elastic spring to head size is not increased. Avoid using the bun because it will make the round shape of the head. Before taking undercaps use a bandana as a complement to the hijab look more stylish. Use undercaps shaped hats to adorn the brow line and provide the perfect veil and gives the impression of the face elongate
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's has been 1 year since i made decision to have side job in making lovely art. I start to learn from my auntie who has experience in craft. I start to make a simple "pin" for hijabers.
After my first craft, i feel more interested in making another handycraft. So then i bought several book of crafting and also learning tutorial from internet. And here i am, from a simple pin, i also can make my own brooch from pearl etc. The latest info is now i attracted in making jewellry from wire. Of course it is more complicated and difficult, but i love it. This new hobby is increasing my money from my side job...Yeay.....
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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Cholesterol

A month ago, after watched a movie with my husband, i felt so weak. And the next day, i could not attend at my office because i got this illness. blood pressure is so high 150/120..Doctor said that it is because i was too tired and she said that i have to take a rest for a while
After take a rest, i feel that i need to go to the lab and took medical check up. And i was very surprissed about the result. cholesterol value is more than normal. OMG.what should i do? Alhamdulillah, with my husband and my family's support, so decide to life healthy. Here are what i do ta decrease my cholesterol value : 1. Taking exercise every morning and evening at least 30 minute just by take a walk 2. Start to doing diet from nyummy food and junk food. I start to decrease consuming pizza (one of my favourite food) 3. start to increasing praying to Allah and start to positive thinking 4.Start to consuming food which is riched by Omega 3 such as fishes. 5. Start to consuming many fruits and vegetables That are severals ways that i do to reduce my cholesterol value. I havent check my cholesterol value yet again. maybe 1 month later. Hope i can reduce the value successfully. Amiinnnn
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