Monday, June 18, 2012

My Cholesterol

A month ago, after watched a movie with my husband, i felt so weak. And the next day, i could not attend at my office because i got this illness. blood pressure is so high 150/120..Doctor said that it is because i was too tired and she said that i have to take a rest for a while

After take a rest, i feel that i need to go to the lab and took medical check up. And i was very surprissed about the result. cholesterol value is more than normal. OMG.what should i do? Alhamdulillah, with my husband and my family's support, so decide to life healthy. Here are what i do ta decrease my cholesterol value : 1. Taking exercise every morning and evening at least 30 minute just by take a walk 2. Start to doing diet from nyummy food and junk food. I start to decrease consuming pizza (one of my favourite food) 3. start to increasing praying to Allah and start to positive thinking 4.Start to consuming food which is riched by Omega 3 such as fishes. 5. Start to consuming many fruits and vegetables That are severals ways that i do to reduce my cholesterol value. I havent check my cholesterol value yet again. maybe 1 month later. Hope i can reduce the value successfully. Amiinnnn



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