Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anti Aging Skin Care

Aging is a natural process and nothing can be done to stop it. However, the aging of our skin is not necessarily a natural process and can be easily slowed down and even reversed.

Factors that Age the Skin
There are a number of factors that cause our skin to age and these include environmental pollution, exposure to excessive sun rays, declining anti-aging hormones, smoking, and vitamin nutrient deficient diets. A very important factor that causes aging of

the skin is free radicals. Free radicals are present in the dust, dirt and grime present in the environment, as well as from sun damage. They are also produced within our body as a by product of oxygen used by our body. Finally, chemicals that are regularly applied on our skin in the guise of creams, lotions, make up, etc. can also contribute to the aging of our skin.

Natural Measures against Skin Aging
There are a few things you can do to prevent your skin from aging. Ensure that you have ample antioxidants in your regular diet as they fight the effects of free radicals. Eat foods rich in healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals, like cantaloupe or spinach, and eat lean proteins like fish, chicken and eggs. Exercise regularly to keep the skin and body firm, as well as keep metabolism high, and follow a regular sleep cycle to allow the skin to repair itself at night. Keep your skin clean, so cleanse and tone your face daily and wear a good anti-aging face cream containing protective antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E.

Anti Aging Skin Care
While natural measures against aging will prevent further damage to your skin to some extent, it is important that you supplement it with a good anti aging skin care treatment. Good anti aging skin treatments will help restore lost nutrients and firmness of the skin, taking away the unseemly lines and wrinkles from the skin on the face, especially around the mouth and the eyes. They will also help prevent aging further damage to the skin.

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Healthy way to consume instant noodle.

For all of you that dont have enough money to buy healthy food, usually, instant noodle is the choice. Here are several tips that can help you to reduce " toxic" content in instant noodle. Lets chack out together.

1. Boil a lot of water, wait until water is really boil. after that, separate water into 2 parts ( pour into 2 different pans)

2. enter instant noodle in the first pan ( or pan to wash noodle's candle) and then you have to boil it again. wait until clolor of the water change into yellow ( this is the sign that candle layer content in surface of instant noodle start faded. Then, lift it up and leak it.
If you want gravy of instant noodle, just put "washed" noodle into second pan, boil it in a minute, and add some vegetables or egg if you like it.

So, it will guaranteed that instant noodle will be "safer" if it cooked twice, gud luck
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Migrant and HeadAche

To solve migrant and Headache, you dont have to consume drug from drugstore that it wont guarantee will reduce your pain. just try to put ice block inside plastic at back off your neck and temples.
So, just be smart to consume natural drugs to solve pain inside your body. dont in a rush to take decision to consume drug from drugstore.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The benefits of Mineral water for our body.

It is no doubt again that people need water and medical facts also show that human body is contains of 60% % of liquid. the function of this liquid is for digestion process, absorption, sirkulation, production of saltiVA, Transportation of nutrition and keeping our body temperature.
Helping to control calories. For many years ago, people who take diet program do daily consuming a lot of water as a strategy to reduce their weight.

"diet program will success if you choose water or non calori water as your drinkind calori's replacement. Diet with food that contain rich of liquid it will healthier and help you to reduce calories" said an experd from University State of pennsylvania Barbara Rolls, Phd the book writer of The Volumentrics Weight Control Plan.
It will develop the muscle. When cells of muscle dont have enough liquid, they wont function well and their ability is minim.
Drinking water when you already had an exercise is also important. American College of Sport Medicine recommend that 2 hours before take an exercise it better when somebody drink 17 ons of liquid.
Make your skin stay glow. your skin in fact is contains a lot of liquid and it's function is to avoid loss of body liquid.
It will keep Kidney's function. The body liquid is a transportation media to transport excess or waste to go out and in to the cell. the main toxic in body is blood nitrogen urea, it is a kind of liquid that can pass through kidney and then it proceed and ekscreted in urin form.
When your body have enough of liquid, urin will flow freely. clear and free of bad smell. when the body dont have enoug of liquid, urine concentration, the color and the smell will be apparent because the kidney have to absorb extra liquid to follows its fuction. if you drink little water, the risk is you will get rock kidney.

It will also keep funtion of intestines

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Take care of your swim suit

Your hobby is swimming? and you have problems to take care of your swim suit that always you woren? dont worried, there are several tips below to take care of it. Here are tips to take care of your swim suit.

1. if you had woren it and want to wash it, it will better if not remain it in water.

2. Wash your swim suit enough with a shampoo, dont use detergent because it will make your swim suit damaged fastly.
3. Dont wash by using washing machine and its dryer. it is enough by shake it with your hand.
4. When it is time to dry in the sun, dont get directly with the sun.
5. After you had washed and dried it, dont ever ironed your swim suit.
6. to best storage, you can only fold it and it no need to hang it
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

The film opens with a police inspector (Irrfan Khan) in Mumbai, India, interrogating and torturing Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), a former street child from the Dharavi slums. At the opening scene, a title card is presented: "Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 Million Rupees. How did he do it? A) He cheated, B) He's lucky, C) He's a genius, D) It is written." At the end of the film, the answer is given. Jamal is a contestant on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Kaun Banega Crorepati) hosted by Prem Kumar (Anil Kapoor). Jamal has made it to the final question, scheduled for the next day, but the police are now accusing him of cheating, because the other possibilities, that he has a vast knowledge, or that he is very lucky, both seem unlikely.

Jamal then explains that, while at least the question about Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan was very simple, he knew the answers of most questions by chance, because of things that happened in his life. This is conveyed in a series of flashbacks documenting the particulars of his childhood. This includes scenes of him obtaining the autograph of Amitabh Bachchan, the death of his mother during Hindu-Muslim riots in the slums, and how he and his brother Salim (Madhur Mittal) befriended the orphan girl Latika (Freida Pinto). As Jamal's favourite book from his short period in school was The Three Musketeers, he refers to Salim and himself as Athos and Porthos, and Latika as the third Musketeer.

The children are eventually discovered by Maman (Ankur Vikal) while they live in the trash heaps. Maman is a gangster (a fact they do not actually know at the time they meet him) who "collects" street children so that he can ultimately train them to beg for money. Salim is groomed to become a part of Maman’s operation and is asked to bring Jamal to Maman in order to be blinded (which would improve his income potential as a singing beggar). Salim rebels against Maman to protect his brother, and the three children try to escape, but only Salim and Jamal are successful as Salim purposely lets go of Latika's hand as she tries to board a train they are hopping while trying to escape. Latika is re-captured by Maman's organization and raised as a culturally talented prostitute whose virginity will fetch a high price.

The brothers eke out a living, traveling on top of trains, selling goods, pretending to be tour guides at the Taj Mahal, and pickpocketing. Jamal eventually insists that they return to Mumbai since he wishes to locate Latika. When he finds her working as a dancer in a brothel, the brothers attempt to rescue her, but Maman intrudes, and in the resulting conflict Salim draws a gun and kills Maman. Salim then uses the fact that he killed Maman to obtain a job with Javed (Mahesh Manjrekar), a rival crime lord. Salim claims Latika as his own and when Jamal protests, Salim threatens to kill him and Latika intervenes, accepting her fate with Salim and breaking Jamal's heart.

Years later, Jamal has a position as a "chai-wallah" (a boy or young man who serves tea) at a call centre. When he is asked to cover for a co-worker for a couple of minutes, he searches the database for Salim and Latika. He gets in touch with Salim, who has become a high-ranking lieutenant in Javed’s organization and confronts a regretful Salim on tense terms. Salim invites Jamal to live with him and, after following Salim to Javed's house, he sees Latika living there. He talks his way in as the new dishwasher and tries to convince Latika to leave. She rebuffs his advances, but he promises to be at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station every day at five p.m. for her. She tries to discourage him, but on the first day that Jamal waits there, Latika attempts to rendezvous with him, but is recaptured by Salim and Javed's men. One of the men then slashes her cheek with a knife, scarring her as Salim drives off.

Jamal again loses contact with Latika when Javed moves to another house. In another attempt to find Latika, Jamal tries out for the popular game show because he knows that she will be watching. He makes it to the final question, despite the hostile attitude of the host who feeds Jamal a wrong answer during a break. At the end of the show, Jamal has one question left to win 20 million, or two crore, rupees and is taken into police custody, where he is tortured as the police attempt to learn how Jamal, a simple "slumdog," could know the answers to so many questions. After Jamal tells his whole story, explaining how his life experiences coincidentally enabled him to know the answer to each question, the police inspector calls his explanation "bizarrely plausible" and allows Jamal to return to the show for the final question. At Javed's safehouse, Latika watches the news coverage of Jamal's miraculous run on the show. Salim gives Latika his phone, and the keys to his car, and urges her to run away. When Jamal uses his Phone-A-Friend lifeline to call Salim, Latika answers his phone and they reconnect. She does not know the answer to the final question either, but believing that "it is written," Jamal guesses the correct answer (Aramis) to the question of the one Musketeer whose name they never learned, and wins the grand prize. Simultaneously, Salim is discovered to have helped Latika escape and allows himself to be killed in a bathtub full of money after shooting and killing Javed. Salim's last words are "God is great." Later that night, Jamal and Latika meet at the railway station and they share a kiss. It is then revealed that the correct answer to the opening question is: D) it is written. Along with many others in the train station, they dance.

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Choosing the Right Lip Color

One of the most common makeup mistake that women make is selecting the wrong lip color. In the past, women have chosen lip color based on what they were wearing, or simply because they liked the look of the lip color in the tube. While occasionally these selection techniques will result in a good choice, most of the time it is going to lead you to the wrong color.

Choosing the Right Lip Color Tip Number 1 – Use a Color Chart

One of the easiest ways to select the right lip color for you is to use a color chart provided by the makeup’s manufacturer or the cosmetic counter. This chart will usually separate the available lip color by skin tones. This is a good option to use to get an idea of what will look good on you.

Choosing the Right Lip Color Tip Number 2 – Try It On

The rule of thumb for buying the right lip color is to try it on before you buy it. Just because a lip color looks attractive in its little tube, or on the color swatch, doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. In fact, lip color is going to look different on everyone who uses it because the color reacts to your body chemistry and your skin tone. The only way to be certain that a lip color is going to look good on you is to try it on.

Choosing the Right Lip Color Tip Number 3 – Ask for Help

If you don’t know what looks good on you and you don’t trust the color charts, then ask for help. Most cosmetic departments will have a makeup specialist on hand to help customers find the right colors for them. They may also be able to show you how to apply the lipstick properly, what lipsticks will work best for you, and what tricks you can use to make your lips look full and sexy.

Choosing the Right Lip Color Tip Number 4 – Mix Your Own

If you simply can’t find a color that you like then you can always mix your own color. To do this you will need to find lipsticks that will work with your coloring, and then mix them together to produce darker colors, or to produce a shade that you enjoy more. If you don’t want to mix your own, there are specialty shops that will create a customer color for you based on your skin tone and color palette preferences.

Choosing the Right Lip Color Tip Number 5 – Take a Risk

Sometimes in life you just need to take a chance. If you want to be bold then try a bold lip color, or try one of the trendy lip colors. While you may not be comfortable using these risky, or trendy lip colors often, it is fund to take a fashion risk once in a while. Who knows, you may stumble across a color that looks fantastic on you.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

My Close Friend, Bra…

Bra, dont only wear it but you have to know what kind of bra that is sold in lingerie store. so, know more this women's friend.
Full cup bra is a bra that cover all of your breast area. this bra is suitable for you that have large breast.
3/4 cup bra is a bra that only cover 3/4 part of breast. this kind of bra is suitable if you have small and long breast.
1/2 cup bra is a bra that cover 1/2 part of breast. this kind of bra is suitable to used if you have a small breast, because it will look bigger and more volume.

Push up bra is a bra that can increase volume of your breast. it sometimes completed with a sponge inside. This bra have wire texture to form your breast more beautiful.
Underwired bra is kind of bra that can make your breast lift up. this kind of bra is made without suture in every its edge.
Strapless bra is a bra with untied string. this kind of bra is suitable for you when you are wearing tube dress or tank top.
Convertible bra is a kind of bra with a rope that can round at your neck, wear as usuall, this kind of bra is suitable with tube dress, halter to sack dress.
Nude bra is a bra like silicon that patch at your breast. it look like that you are not wearing a bra.
Sport bra is a kind of bra that spesiall made for full energy's activities. made to hold your breast from any shake up when you active. this kind of bra usually made from material that easy to reserve sweat.
now, you know all about the kind of bra, so dont wrong to choose your bra again.

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Eau de…what?

This is the time for you to admit, that you are not too know about parfume's glossary such as eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfume. so, what is the different?
The different is lies at essence mixture with another material, such as alcohol. Eau de cologne, have essense mixture with alcohol is light so the fragnant is only stay for about 15 minutes. Sometimes, eau de cologne is used as a body fresher after take a bath so that the body smell good. Eau de cologne is formulated very light so that it will not make iritation at your skin.

Meanwhile, Eau de toilette have essense mixture more than eau de cologne, however, it contain more alcohol so that fragnant of eau de toilette not long lasting. Because of mixture of essense and alcohol in a high content, it is not advised for you to spray eau de toilette directly at your skin because it can make iritation such as itchiness and florid.
Eau de parfume is a kind of parfume with essense content higher than the alcohol.this parfume, the fragnant is long lasting. Eau de parfume tend to safe if it contact with skin, however there are several iritation cases at a sensitive skin. to avoid from irritation, spray eau de parfume at 15 cm awayso that can not contact with skin directly. if you want the fragnant long lasting, you can use eau de parfume at back area of ears and your shoulder.
so, dont ever wrong choose your own "eau de" :)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to Walk in High Heels

Aren't high heels a wonderful invention? Forget that you're ten pounds heavier than you'd like to be, hate your hair, or wished you looked better in red lipstick--high heels can make you look sexy in an instant by drawing attention to your shapely ankles, making your legs look longer, your backside more perfect, your breasts more pert and giving your strut a sensual swagger. Voila! Instant sex appeal!

However, if you avoid the allure-adding appeal of high heels simply out of fear or inexperience, it's time to step up to the stiletto, strap it on, and learn how to take a step in the thing:

* Start where you are. If you rarely--or never--wear heels, find a pair of sturdy-heeled footwear--a chunky, squarish heel in the vicinity of two inches is ideal. Slip on the shoes and walk. And walk. And walk. Preferably indoors, where you know the terrain. While you're practicing, twirl, turn corners, stand on your tip-toes, step side to side as you would in a slow dance, do a jig, climb stairs, bend down to pick up a bit of dust from the floor, sit down and get up.

* When walking, keep your legs as straight and close together as you can. Feet should point forward, with each foot placed near-directly in front of the other.

* Step by placing your heel down first, then bring the rest of the foot down quickly and smoothly.

* Take smooth, even steps. If you feel unstable, consider shortening your stride.

* Think "supermodel." As you walk, hold your chin up high and swing your arms for balance.

* Graduate to a higher, skinnier heel. For comfort's sake, make sure the toe is naturally rounded or open and avoid backless or slingback styles, which can be uncomfortable and make you and your ankle wobble. Repeat the above moves on a variety of floor surfaces.

*Avoid walking on ice, slush, mud, grass, sand, gravel and grated surfaces, on which you can slip or sink.

* High heels are supposed to be sexy, yet nothing can be unsexier (and scarier) than tumbling down stairs in your stilettos. Thus, step slowly and grasp the handrail. When ascending, both sole and heel should land together firmly and simultaneously on each step. When descending, only the sole of the shoe needs to be planted on each step.

* Prep your feet. If you'll be wearing shoes for more than an hour, consider "warming feet up" with some simple moves: Stretch your toes as far as they'll naturally go. Return to original position. Repeat at least five times. Next, rotate each foot at the ankle five or six times clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Finish by flexing and pointing toes ten times each foot. Some people swear that these stretches make for a less achy high heel-wearing experience.

* If you start to fall in heels three inches or greater and there is nothing near to brace yourself with, let yourself go down. Of course you'll be embarrassed, but trying to regain your balance may cause you to break your ankle--or at least your shoe.

* As sexy as they are, heels can stress your ankles. No matter how good you get at walking in heels, don't walk great distances in them--and if you feel any pain in your ankle or feet, remove your shoes immediately. If you can find someone to massage your feet, so much the better.

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Summer Hair Care Tips

Although summer can be an enjoyable time, it can wreck havoc on your hair. Elements like sun, chlorinated water and ocean water can damage your hair and leave it dry and brittle. Luckily, there's plenty you can do to keep your hair healthy and beautiful this summer! Read on for some great summer hair care tips:

If you're heading to the beach, you don't just need to protect your skin with sunscreen, you need to protect your hair as well. Many of today's hair care products come complete with sunscreen, so be sure to read labels. One smart idea is to dampen hair, then coat with a protective leave-in conditioner that contains a high SPF sunscreen. Not only will your hair be protected from the sun's harsh rays, the heat will help the conditioner penetrate the strands, leaving your hair more healthy and beautiful than ever. If you get your hair wet with seawater, it's important to rinse it out afterwards with club soda or mineral water. After rinsing, reapply your leave in conditioner. If your hair is fine textured, then you may want to choose a leave in conditioner that comes in a light spray form.

Seawater Products

However, seawater isn't all bad. Some professional stylists actually fill spray bottles with seawater and use it to add texture and volume to their client's tresses. However, straight seawater can be drying, so it's probably better to use a special product designed to be gentle and nurturing. Some good choices are John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Spray and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

Care while Swimming

If you're planning to swim in a chlorinated pool, your best bet is to cover your hair with a bathing cap. If that's just not your style, then at least be sure to protect your hair. In this case, coat dampened hair with a rich, deep conditioner that will protect it from chlorine damage. Chlorine can turn certain shades of hair a greenish hue, so be sure to rinse hair with club soda or preferably wash it with a special shampoo designed to remove chlorine.

Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is a time when casual updos are the style of choice. Because it's so hot, many women don't like wearing their hair down, especially if it's long or thick. One easy upswept look is done by gathering your hair into a ponytail, then twisting it. Tuck the ends under the twist and secure with a sturdy clip. And that's all there is to it!


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Color Dress in Wedding Day

When You want to wear wedding gown, it often you are confuse to choose wedding color or parable of your kebaya. sometimes this is happen when you want to make your own wedding gown or modern wedding kebaya or uniform for your family. So you must be clever to mix and match the color so it will not look too weird and it will be appropiate to your wedding theme.

Sure for the party is different with sleeping dress or the other leasure dress. the main priority that you must know is what is your role in that wedding ceremony. by knowing your role at that party, so it will be easier to decide the next step. there are many ways that you can do, check these below tips:

when your role is a bride's parent and also as a commitee of the party, so you have to choose color that make you look more glamour than the other guesses. this color will make different from the commitee and the guesses.
the common colors that woren by bride's parent is are red, maroon, green, gold, dark purple or lylac. there are many cloth or textils that can give gradation of color and can be combined to make your wedding gown as you wish.

if you are one of relative such as brother/sister in law or brother and sister of bride and groom, so choose the wedding party's color that stronger to give a taste of glamour and steal the attention of the guesses. the soft color can be also choosen with lovely payet or shinny crystal.

commonly, colors for bride and groom, bride's parent and family will be better if the color still in one gradation of color wedding dress or color of wedding theme. becuse it will effect to family wedding's picture. so it will better if you make uniform at your wedding day.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Methodes to make your body look slimmer

There are many ways to reduce our weight, start from any kind of diets, exercises, lyposection, acupunture to consume slimming capsule. Data from WHO showing that reducing weight can not be done instantly, but through long theraphy.
the things we need to reduce our weight not only reducing our food portion, but also consuling from nutrituonist before do eat style changing. its do with physic activity and behaviour attitute.

To find out which is slimming methode that suitable, healthy, safe and effective, you can see below information. the famous methode to loss fat is liposuction surgery and tummy tuck. these surgery is choosen by many people because their weight can reduce a lot without have to take exercise and doing diet.
Gastric binding which is a setting tool that make pounch of cavity is smaller so that we will not eat to many food because our body is feel satisfied faster for a while. meanwhile, gastric by pass is permanent. doctor will make a "way" that connecting cavity with small intestine so that the food will not pass cavity but it will directly pass to small intestine. to do those both methode, the patients must be over 35 years old.
and the most popular is diet, called "fad diets". this methode promise reducing weight fast, can heal many disease, using suplement, eat base on certain time, limit or forbide certain food and for a long term.
good luck

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Wedding Gift Ideas

Choosing a special and memorable wedding gift

All over the world, weddings are memorable occasions not only for the bride and the groom, but also for the relatives on both the sides.

Be it a monsoon wedding or a summer wedding, the charm and excitement remains the same. Marriages are surely made in heaven, but are celebrated here on this beautiful planet in very illustrious ways at different places in different styles suiting to the traditions and beliefs of the people. This is one occasion when two hearts come together to be one forever. It is a step into a new life and surely a dream come true to both the bride and the bridegroom.

Memories of this unique occasion are made worthy by the participation of friends, relatives and the large number of guests who grace the occasion and shower their blessings and warm wishes on the newlyweds. To make a mark on the occasion, the couple is showered with gifts of many kinds by one and all. If chosen appropriately, the gifts can become memorable for a lifetime for the couple. Choosing the right gifts for such an occasion has been quite a difficult task. It so happens that you have something on your mind but end up buying something else. You must buy something that mirrors our feelings for those whom we love. You have to be as innovative as you can be while buying a gift.

The following are some hints to assist you in your search for the right gift for a wedding:

1 - Photo frames in glass, chinaware, porcelain or in wood.
2 - Personalized pillow cases (his & hers)
3 - Jewelry; any kind- necklaces, cuffing, finger rings etc.
4 - Candle holders- rot iron, glass, ceramic etc.
5 - Personalized silver trophies (~for the best couple~)
6 - Salt and pepper shakers in glass.
7 - Showpieces in crystal, ceramic, terracotta, silver etc
8 - Dinner sets in silver, melamine, crystal etc.
9 - Crockery
10 - Silver jewelry, glasses, jugs etc
11 - Magazine holders in stained glass.
12 - Decorative mirrors.
13 - Non-stick cookware
14 - Napkin rings
15 - Perfumes
16 - Decorative candles
17 - Personalized mugs, napkins, etc.
18 - Table lamps.

If you know the couple very well you can gift them something very intimate like nightdress, pictures and figures that depict intimacy.

Dry flowers and bonsai also make a very good choice and they are well appreciated.

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11 Tips for Beautiful Bridal Hair

You can check many tips here for beautiful bridal hair.
by Melanie Mendelson (c)2005

1. Be true to yourself

Don't choose a hairstyle that makes you feel not yourself. Brides often get pressured into certain styles because of "tradition". If a particular style makes you feel uneasy, don't choose it. It does not matter that your mother, best friend or hairstylist like it - what really matters is YOU.

2. Develop a clear idea

Before going to the stylist, try to develop a good idea of what type of hairstyle you would like. Cut out the pictures of your favorite hairstyles from magazines and bring them to the stylist. If you can't find any pictures, be prepared to describe exactly what you want.

3. Do a practice run

Try out the hairstyle in advance, before your wedding day. Schedule the "practice run" with your stylist. If the hairstyle that you envisioned does not look as good on you as you had hoped, you'll be glad you found that out before the big day!

4. Is it comfortable?

Walk around with this hairstyle for several hours to make sure it's comfortable. The last thing you would want is to have hair pins hurting you and ruining your fun.

5. Take pictures

At the "practice run", bring a Polaroid or digital camera to take instant pictures. Ask the stylist to take pictures from the back and other angles. The pictures will give you a better idea how the style would look to others (as opposed to just looking in the mirror).

6. Does it hold up?

Make sure your hair style does not get completely messed up several hours later. Try moving around and see if the hair stays put. You would not want a hair disaster during the first dance!

7. Matching with your dress

Your hair style should go well with your wedding dress and headpiece. Classic dresses go best with classic hairstyles. Non-traditional dresses might look odd with the formal updos. Buy the dress before you select a hairstyle. Bring your headpiece and the picture of your dress to the stylist, so the stylist can evaluate whether it's a good match.

8. Watch out for chemicals

Don't have any coloring or chemical treatments done right before the wedding - these can go wrong, and there won't be time to fix them! Do them several weeks in advance.

9. Stay consistent

Don't make drastic changes. Your wedding day is not the time to color your hair in a completely different color or cut off long locks. After all, you would still want people to recognize you at your own wedding!

10. Beware of the height effect

Be aware that updos will make you look taller. Depending on your situation, it might work for you or against you. If you are already taller than the groom or are the same height, don't do an updo. If you are short, use the updo to your advantage.

11. Keep it sensible

Don't make your hairstyle too flamboyant - it should not compete with your face and your dress. You would want to avoid the situation where your hair is the only thing that jumps out at people when they look at you.

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Raw Foods Diet is Beneficial to Your Health

The benefits advocated from eating such a diet seem endless: lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, eliminating cravings, preventing overeating, purging the body of accumulated toxins, balancing hormones, maintaining blood glucose levels and reversing degenerative diseases.

Followers of a raw diet cite numerous health benefits, including increased energy levels, improved appearance of skin, improved digestion, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease, just to name a few. Proponents believe that enzymes are the life force of a food and that every food contains its own perfect mix. These enzymes help us digest foods completely, without relying on our body to produce its own cocktail of digestive enzymes.

There can be some side effects when you are first starting a raw foods diet. Some detoxification effects may be experienced as your body attempts to shed some toxicity. This may include occasional headaches, nausea sensations and mild depression. If these symptoms persist, you should seek the help of somebody who is experienced with detoxification symptoms.

Following a raw food diet means that you have to carefully plan your meals to make sure you don't fall short of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In some instances it might be appropriate to consider taking dietary supplements, especially when just starting out. You'll need to invest in some appliances so that you are able to prepare the food, if you don't already have them available. A durable juicer, a blender and a large food processor make raw food preparation a breeze. You may also want to look into purchasing large containers to soak sprouts, grains and beans, as well as for storage. A durable juice extractor for your fruits and vegetables

The smoothest way to begin a raw foods lifestyle is to slowly transition into it. Try starting off by eating approximately 70 to 80 percent raw foods in your diet. Have fruit and salads throughout the day and a cooked vegetable meal with a salad in the evening. This should help make the transition easier on your body and hopefully lessen side effects associated with detoxification. This is an emotional time as well, so you should allow yourself plenty of time to make the switch. Journaling during the process can help. Before you know it, you'll be feeling the positive effects of a healthy, detoxifying raw foods diet.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop Smoking for Good

Studies show that only 45% of those who try to stop smoking succeed, but only 5% of them succeed without any help. In a first phase, aid involves removing organic dependence by substituting the cigarette with controlled consumption of nicotine through medicine, patches, chewing gum with nicotine or even with hypnosis sessions.
The sudden stop of nicotine consumption can be followed, depending on the degree of dependence in the first 24 hours by depressive dispositions, sleeplessness, irritability, frustration, anxiety, attention problems, lower heart rate, and increased appetite. If these symptoms match older medical conditions it is necessary to change the already recommended medication.

When you stop smoking, you will face changes in the relational field too (you do not have a break with the same people or in the same places), in eating habits, leisure, in organizing your activities, in your whole lifestyle. Rehabilitation can be achieved through a more complex psychotherapeutic program, which beyond support involves motivation and permanent accountability, improving the symptoms of nicotine dependence, but also of psycho-emotional dependence associated.

It is known that when you stop smoking you are required a major personal effort, especially because you must eliminate a motor skill that is frequently used, reinforced and strengthened, along with organic addiction. There is less talk on the psychological causes of this dependence. In nicotine addiction, psychotherapy intervenes as therapy support, along with replacement therapy.

Smoking may be maintained by an unconscious tendency of self-aggression, a hidden depression, a very early fixation at the oral stage or it can be the mark, socially accepted of an emotional dependence. In order not to relapse, determining the cause and eliminating it is necessary, and this implies recourse to psychotherapy as complementary therapy. With hypnosis, you have 10 times higher chances to stop smoking.

Start right now to live your life without tobacco and your body will thank you!

Your possibilities are endless when put in the agreement what you want with consciously with the unconscious motivation. Listen to this hypnosis session and your mind will simply forget to smoke. You will lose this habit and you will easily stop smoking. You will really become a non-smoker, a person who will not even believe having ever smoked.

Remember that every year there are thousands of smokers, who leave this bad habit.

Maybe you wonder how the others succeed, while it is impossible for you. Discover what they have done and you will easily quit smoking! Moreover, you can finally quit smoking!

With hypnosis your nicotine addiction can and will become history. Do not hesitate! With every second delayed your lungs and your entire body will suffered!

However, you must be very careful after you quit smoking regardless the method you have used, not to replace smoking with another unhealthy habit. For example, there is the case of a man who has given up smoking successfully, but he has started to become addicted to chips. That means that he has not been able to remove the idea of addiction out of his subconscious mind.

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Saawariya (2007)

Saawariya means ” beloved.” But he’s not just any beloved. He’s the dusky, blue tinged (savla) God Krishna who is adored as Saawariya. On a more sublime note, Saawariya is the beloved who is always in love. But not every lover can qualify as Saawariya. Only the lover who stands the test of time…who overcomes all obstacles…who doesn’t care whether he gets the girl or not…as long as he’s consumed by love…as long as he remains in a perpetual state of ” being in love … ”That man, that rare lover, is Saawariya.

Ranbir Raj (Ranbir Kapoor), a free spirited idealist – dreamer, arrives in a dreamy surreal town and joins as a lead singer in its swankiest club 'RK'. Here he bumps into Gulabji (Rani Mukerji), who immediately falls for his naivety and innocent charm. One night he notices a mysterious girl standing alone on a bridge holding an umbrella. As he tries to strike a conversation, she shies away. But he still keeps following her and both end up becoming friends. This mystery girl, Sakina (Sonam Kapoor) forever carries a sadness in her eyes which leaves Ranbir intrigued. But so mesmerized he is with her that his every minute goes into discussing her with his land lady, Lillian (Zohra Sehgal) and Gulabji.
Just when Ranbir is about to express his true feelings to her, she reveals the reason behind her unhappiness. She tells him she is waiting for her love, Imaan (Salman Khan) to return. A year back before leaving, he had promised that he would be back and meet her on the same bridge that he saw her waiting. And then Raj confesses his love to her. At first, she resists, but gradually their love begin taking shape. For only a few moments, the two are completely in love, until a certain figure appears. Completely forgetting the strong love she felt for Raj, she spots Imaan and becomes jubilant.

Raj recognizes her happiness and tells her that he will live in those few moments that he truly spent with her, with the two of them in love. Bidding him a tearful goodbye, she leaves with Imaan.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dress colour Effect

Go to work today, seems like not to special, different with yesterday when the same morning with big encourage. What make it different, there is no problems, travel do not have barrier, etc. But somehow, you realized that your dress’s color is look not clear.

Wrong choosing dress’s color without realize will give the real effect to the mood changing, brighter color will take your mood more happy. So that with the opposite. Black color, will make your mood more unhappy.

So what about many black dresses in your wardrobe? No need to worry, as long as you can compact your black dresses, it will more encourage you to go to the office.

Wearing black dresses at your office, to make it more confortable, add a little of surprises color as an accent, to look more stylish and attracting.
Tank top, belt and flower red print, will be a point plus to your semi formal office dress. Perform stylish and modis not always identic with modern gown. If you know the tactics, you can perform nice in every chance.
One of tips is with mix and match can make you performance more variate, good for both of daily activities and also for working. To make easier, avoid crowded and colorfull motif. Choose unique detail so that your performance can be sell point.
Long white blouse with lace in edge of arm can make the user look more feminim. It have many mix and match, start from vertical line trouser to geometrical skirt.
If you want to look more fashionable, you can wear denim jacket. But if you want to look formal you can match it with long neck blazer.
White blouse is involve in categories “ must have dress” for employee. Because it is a netral and it also the most easiest for mix and match. Only with a white blouse, you can attend in every chances with different performance. For dress’s work, you can add vest or blazer. You can match it with skirt and long trouser.

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8 tips to attract of Mother and father in law

Relationship between son/ daughther in law with mother/ father in law is a complicated problems. Check 8 tips here to keep relationship with in law to stay harmonic.

1. praise your spouse attitutede. This thing as undirectly, is also praising candidate in law, because all of the attitude is education from his/her parent.

2. Limit your first meeting with your candidate of mother and father in law so that they will surpressed and they want to know more about you.
3. Notice what is their best name. you can call them “bapak or Ibu”, or just “Om or Tante”
4. Send gratefull thanks in a sweet card
5. don’t ever give critics your spouse in front of his parents.
6. love his/ her family’s pets.
7. if you visit your spouse’s family, attent if maybe there is something that you can help. The point is always find a way to serve them.
8. always tell the news about many things, such as your prestation, your activities etc.
9. always communicate. If you live far away from your father and mother in law, arrange schedule to call them by phone. Your attention to them can not priced by money
10. say thank you
the important things is don’t ever forget to say thank you to your father and mother in law that have raised special person, someone that you have married with.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Diets and Weight Loss - Wise Up!

Diets and weight loss are a frequent and consistent hype. These days there is much talk about Protein diets. The Atkins diet created a protein frenzy with people striving for the quick weight loss result achieved by a protein diet. Some people are succesful but not for life. Some people are not successful and move on to the next diet.

With so many diets turning up, and at such a constant pace, it can be difficult to know if they are viable, healthy or harmful. Here are some tips for you to consider with regards to the famous protein diet and other areas you can turn to for diets and weight loss that encompass nutritional value and a healthy lifestyle.

Protein is very effective on metabolism. In avoiding carbohydrates your body wont have an immediate energy source and will have to use stored fat, which is where the weight loss comes from. So, yes, it is possible to lose weight on a protein diet - initially.

Protein diets are usually misinterpreted. If done incorrectly, they can starve the body of carbohydrates, making it look for other energy sources such as fat stores and sometimes muscle. This process of burning fat and protein for energy creates what is called Ketones. If you have a lot of ketones in your body, your blood can become very acidic, which means it has to use calcium to buffer the acidity. We certainly dont want to do anything that causes us to lose precious calcium!

Other side effects I have heard people complain of is hair loss, skin problems, and digestive problems, mainly due to lack of fibre in the diet. I mean, why do a diet to lose the weight but then end up encompassing other issues with your health?

Any diet that does not enable you to maintain for life is unrealistic. Restrictive diets, whether protein, low fat, or calorie counting, always has side effects. Dont look for quick fixes, they dont last, are usually very costly, and above all, usually have some sort of side effect. Dieting extremes are not the solution.

Instead, look for health diets and weight loss regimes suitable for your daily lifestyle. Be active and do regular exercise. There are diet plans that help you do this and these are the ones you should be looking at. If you do this, you will be successful in managing your weight and will not have to move on to other diets.

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Is Bottled Water a Good Option for Pure Home Water?

So you're worried about the quality of your drinking water. You're in good company, estimates are that over 50% of Americans are worried about contaminated drinking water. But if you're after pure home water to drink is bottled water a good alternative?

Sadly, no. When you walk down the aisle of your supermarket you'd think that all those shelves stacked with the latest spring waters, mineral waters and every other type of water would mean that people are turning to bottled water because it's clean and safe to drink.

The reality is that although millions are turning to drinking bottled water it's not because it's clean and safe to drink. In fact for anyone looking for pure home water to drink bottled water probably isn't any safer than tap water.

And the reason that millions are turning to bottled water isn't that it's any purer than tap water, it's because all those advertisements featuring tumbling mountain streams or babbling brooks make them think that it's clean when it isn't. The advertising works very well.

How do I know this? Because it's been studied. In 1999 the National Resources Defence Council released a report entitled "Bottled Water. Pure Drink or Pure Hype". They spent 4 years testing over 1000 bottles of 103 different brands of bottled water.

Did it represent the best of pure water technology, is bottled water the purest water you can drink? Are you avoiding all those contaminants present in tap water by drinking bottled water?

Their conclusion was that it was unlikely to be any safer than tap water. The reason was that there is little regulation governing what's in bottled water, and the FDA doesn't require corporations to demonstrate the quality of their water.

So many bottled waters were no better than tap water, and tap water certainly isn't pure home water. It's seriously contaminated by a host of contaminants.

So is bottled water. The study found that around a third of those tested had contaminants including bacteria, synthetic chemicals and even arsenic. Ouch.

Not only that, one actually exceeded allowable state limits for contaminants.

That's of serious concern for anyone worried about the quality of tap water and who is looking for pure home water to drink. The conclusion was clear, bottled water is no better than tap water in most cases.

So if you're looking for pure home water what do you do? You certainly shouldn't be drinking bottled water. It's of poor quality and ounce for ounce it's more expensive than gas.

You ought to be drinking filtered water. Water filtration pure water technology is exceedingly good, and modern water filtration can filter around 97 - 99% if tap water contaminants, including lead and chlorine. And it can do it way cheaper than any bottled water. Far cheaper, at around 10 cents a gallon, and it will produce pure home water for drinking that is as clean as it's possible to get.

And there's so many contaminants in our tap water now. Most you'd never have heard of. How about bromochloroacentontrile. Ever heard of it? Got any idea what it is or what it will do if you drink it? I don't, but I know that the best water filters will filter it out.

There's stacks of synthetic chemicals like that you've never heard of, but you still don't want to be drinking them. And you're not with a quality home water filter.

So if you're looking for pure home water to drink skip bottled water, it's just a con. Use pure water technology in the form of a high quality water filter. At 10 cents a gallon for pure water it's got to be a winner.

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