Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The benefits of Mineral water for our body.

It is no doubt again that people need water and medical facts also show that human body is contains of 60% % of liquid. the function of this liquid is for digestion process, absorption, sirkulation, production of saltiVA, Transportation of nutrition and keeping our body temperature.
Helping to control calories. For many years ago, people who take diet program do daily consuming a lot of water as a strategy to reduce their weight.

"diet program will success if you choose water or non calori water as your drinkind calori's replacement. Diet with food that contain rich of liquid it will healthier and help you to reduce calories" said an experd from University State of pennsylvania Barbara Rolls, Phd the book writer of The Volumentrics Weight Control Plan.
It will develop the muscle. When cells of muscle dont have enough liquid, they wont function well and their ability is minim.
Drinking water when you already had an exercise is also important. American College of Sport Medicine recommend that 2 hours before take an exercise it better when somebody drink 17 ons of liquid.
Make your skin stay glow. your skin in fact is contains a lot of liquid and it's function is to avoid loss of body liquid.
It will keep Kidney's function. The body liquid is a transportation media to transport excess or waste to go out and in to the cell. the main toxic in body is blood nitrogen urea, it is a kind of liquid that can pass through kidney and then it proceed and ekscreted in urin form.
When your body have enough of liquid, urin will flow freely. clear and free of bad smell. when the body dont have enoug of liquid, urine concentration, the color and the smell will be apparent because the kidney have to absorb extra liquid to follows its fuction. if you drink little water, the risk is you will get rock kidney.

It will also keep funtion of intestines




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