Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 years look younger

without we know, the clothes we are wearing that, cosmetics and hair that we apply, or even our body posture, it can make us look a few years older. In order for you to still look younger and fresh, we can visit the salon to ask for advice on hair styles or cosmetology that does not make a face look older.

But for those who do not want to go to salon, but still want to appear ageless, follow the steps below.

1. Change hair style
Try a cut with the technical layers to make an impression energetic. Texture for curly long hair should also be tested. For short hair, leave the hair a little long in the ear to cover the jaw or chin that started flagging. Use conditioner every time after shampoo your hair so luminous. If you use a hair painter, select a color that match with your face.

2. Hand
Do not underestimate condition of the skin, because the condition of the hands can not hide your age. Always use moisturizer that contains vitamin A each time the hands feel dry. Two weeks you should use Peeling to lift dead skin cells.

3. Lips
Create a line lips with a lipliner with natural color of lips. use lipstick that contains moisturizer. Avoid the type of matte lipstick that will make your lips dry. If you still want to wear matte lipstick, use lip gloss first so that your lips look so fresh.

4. Nail Care
Select colors of warm and fresh, such as pink, Carnation, or mauve. Avoid pale colors such as beige, pearl, or blue.

5. Drinking mineral water
Drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day to avoid dehydration. Water can also increase the skin elasticity to make skin wrinkle-free face longer. Avoid soft drink, especially alcohol!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 important food for skin

As the wise words, you are what you eat. If you want healthier,consume healthy food. If you want more beautiful skin, then consume these following food. Every day even better because the results will be seen more quickly. Ready?

1. Almond
Often said as almond nuts, apparently not! Almond is one of the seeds thet delicious to consume. Almond is rich in vitamin E as anti oksidan, so that your skin much stronger when getting pollution and the sun. Some women who had regularly consumed almond, the skin more resistant when exposed to UV effects compared with those who do not eat the almond at all.

2. Carrot
The orange is also known as rabbit food required. You may have forgotten that the carrot is rich in vitamin A. In addition to creating a bright eye, vitamin A is required for regeneration of skin cells to become better and more pressing cell cancer can also, What?! Perhaps that is why there has never been a case of rabbits suffering from cancer.

3. Dark Chocolate
Now is time to break myth that chocolate makes obese and pimply. Thus dark chocolate is a panacea for the skin because it contains isoflavones and antioxidants that can make the skin texture and elasticity to be better.

4. Seeds
Whatever the type, grains evidently contain omega 3 and iron to create skin and body become high vitality. wrinkle can also disappear if you are diligently consume grain.

5. Green Tea
Speechless concerning green tea. Very great effect is produced from green tea leaf shoots this. In addition to make the skin becomes smooth and kept from free radicals, green tea can also cure of internal disease. One cup of green tea in the morning keeps the doctor away.

6. Safflower Oil
Although the name-smell smell flowers, apparently including this plant, herbal medicinal plants . Safflower contains omega 6, which is able to reduce the problems on the skin such as allergy, scratches and The speck-The speck caused the sun (sun spots). Not only create beautiful skin, the Safflower can also burn your calories as much as 5 to 10%. Incredible!

7. Spinach
You have derived genetic cancer? consume spinach every day because the spinach will be difficult to make cancer cells grow and spread. In addition, your skin is not easy even though wrinkled age is no longer young. Should be tested,

8. Sweet Parsnip
Parsnip rich of vitamin C that will refine the skin from wrinkling and prevent it. Vitamin C is one of the materials to form collagen and is useful for automatic elasticity of your skin.

9. Tomato
Redness of skin color is not mindless. In fact tomatoes contain lycopene that are high when you consume it, also face a glow with pink Blushing around your cheeks. It's true ladies! Not only lycopene, tomatoes can also be anti-aging skin that becomes more like a young teenager. How do!

10. Canned Tuna
Last but not least, Tuna canned contain selenium that can make skin elasticity awake. Also the high antioxidants and helps your skin against the sun in summer.

Nah, that's 10 best food for your skin. lets consume it so that the amazing skin now become your property.

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Prevent Mouth smell

mouth smell very disturbing so that many people less confident because of this problem. Many factors that cause mouth stinky becomes.

If you have problems with mouth smell, try this following way. Take a few pieces of celery leaves, wash clean, chewing until soft but not swallowed, but there would be no problem if you have consumed. Do once a day regularly, you will undoubtedly feel the breath of fresh.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beware Of Cervical Cancer

One more dangerous disease that must be awared by women, servik cancer (cervical cancer) or also called the womb neck cancer. In accordance with the name, uterus neck cancer is kind of cancer that occurs in the uterus servik, a region in the female reproductive organ which is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with coitus vagina (vagina).

Hear the name of cancer are known as chilling as it is a disease of cancer death. Cancer servik own known as the disease that often attacks the woman and is no 2 cancer that cause death in the world. In Indonesia, it is estimated to occur every day, 41 new cases of servical cancer and 20 women in the world die because this disease

Neck cancer occurs in the womb with the growth of cells on the neck of the womb that not common (abnormal). But before the cells become cancer cells, several changes occurred experienced by these cells. Changes in cells usually take up to many years before the cells turn into cancer-cells. During that time you can do detection with Pap smear or IVA.

More than 95 percent of cancer serviks caused by a virus known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).that can be transmitted through sexual activity.

Several factors affected the risk of cancer serviks, among others:
- Commercial sexual conduct at a young age.
- Frequently replace the switch-pair sexual.
- Frequent get infections in the region of gender.
- Birth to many children.
- Smoking habit (two times the risk is greater).
- Defisiensi vitamins A, C, E.

What are the symptoms? Cancer serviks in the early stages often does not show symptoms or signs are typical, and even no symptoms at all. However, symptoms that often arise in the stadium stage, among other information are:
- Bleeding after doing intimate relationship.
- watery fluid from the female sex.
- Bleeding after menopause (menopause).
- At the stadium stage can go out yellowish liquid, smelly or mixed blood, pelvic pain or can not dispose of urine.

The question on you may at this time is whether servik cancer can be prevented? Cancer serviks is the only type of cancer that have been known the causes. Therefore, efforts to prevent servical cancer any very possible. which are :that is not affiliated with intimate couples take turns, make diligent pap smear every two years for those who are already sexually active, maintain health, and vaccination for HPV that has never perform the sexual contact.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The beneffit of Grape

Grape is not only can be used to process the fruit into wine but also has benefits for health. After a variety of research, it is known that grape have many benefits for the good of the body. Which are:
1. Fine Red grape For Heart
Hypothetical as the French Paradox revealed that mortality due to heart in the United States higher than France,meanwhile the blood pressure and cholesterol French society more than the United States. Once this was observed related to the customs people in france who like consume red wine daily.

Research shows that red wine contains flavonoid which is a substance such as vitamins that contains in its skin. Flavonoid antioxidants that can be prevent LDL oxidation in coronary vessel walls. Flavonoid is found in many purple grape , because it is consuming purple grape juice may provide protection for the heart. Many people trow away the grape seed when blended at the time, this is wrong. In fact one third of flavonoid contents in the seed would be.

However for the patient's diabetes should be careful with the contents of sugar from the juice, it is because 20-25% of wine is the actual sugar. While for the wine we are drinking may not exceed 60 ml / day.

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