Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beware Of Cervical Cancer

One more dangerous disease that must be awared by women, servik cancer (cervical cancer) or also called the womb neck cancer. In accordance with the name, uterus neck cancer is kind of cancer that occurs in the uterus servik, a region in the female reproductive organ which is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with coitus vagina (vagina).

Hear the name of cancer are known as chilling as it is a disease of cancer death. Cancer servik own known as the disease that often attacks the woman and is no 2 cancer that cause death in the world. In Indonesia, it is estimated to occur every day, 41 new cases of servical cancer and 20 women in the world die because this disease

Neck cancer occurs in the womb with the growth of cells on the neck of the womb that not common (abnormal). But before the cells become cancer cells, several changes occurred experienced by these cells. Changes in cells usually take up to many years before the cells turn into cancer-cells. During that time you can do detection with Pap smear or IVA.

More than 95 percent of cancer serviks caused by a virus known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).that can be transmitted through sexual activity.

Several factors affected the risk of cancer serviks, among others:
- Commercial sexual conduct at a young age.
- Frequently replace the switch-pair sexual.
- Frequent get infections in the region of gender.
- Birth to many children.
- Smoking habit (two times the risk is greater).
- Defisiensi vitamins A, C, E.

What are the symptoms? Cancer serviks in the early stages often does not show symptoms or signs are typical, and even no symptoms at all. However, symptoms that often arise in the stadium stage, among other information are:
- Bleeding after doing intimate relationship.
- watery fluid from the female sex.
- Bleeding after menopause (menopause).
- At the stadium stage can go out yellowish liquid, smelly or mixed blood, pelvic pain or can not dispose of urine.

The question on you may at this time is whether servik cancer can be prevented? Cancer serviks is the only type of cancer that have been known the causes. Therefore, efforts to prevent servical cancer any very possible. which are :that is not affiliated with intimate couples take turns, make diligent pap smear every two years for those who are already sexually active, maintain health, and vaccination for HPV that has never perform the sexual contact.


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