Monday, August 31, 2009

Oatmeal Subtitute Rice

Many Nutritionists recommend the consumption of food that contain high fiber to maintain stamina during fasting. The reason is, the foods that contain high fiber will be able to provide energy longer than low-fiber foods, like rice.

With so many high-fiber foods, one of the best is oatmeal or oat (Avena sativa L). Oatmeal in powder form to be cooked into porridge is very easy to obtain in the supermarket. Commonly consumed as porridge oats for breakfast or as the sole source of nutrition for the elderly.

There have been many scientific and empirical evidence that supports the efficacy of oatmeal to overcome degenerative diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. The secret behind its benefits is a high antioxidant content, especially avenantramida and complex carbohydrates in the form of beta-glukan.

Try changing your portion of rice dawn of time with oatmeal porridge, you'll feel more fit throughout the day. It is also suitable for diabetics

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Accecories for Groom

For the groom is not enough just wearing a neat suit only on the wedding day; accessories can change the settings to suit pretty incredible. Here are some ways to improve your wedding dress.

* Tie. You have a few different options here. While, in general, you have to tend to the conservative side in the choice of colors and patterns, you can integrate your suit with a classy tie, whether it's a long tie or bow tie. Try silver silk tie, combined with a black tuxedo, or a tie with a pattern of small lines or knit. Ties tend to be a little longer if combined with a formal tuxedo compared with a bow tie. Also, white tie for the impression of a very formal, black tie to formal, and color can tie some of the atmosphere suitable for the event.

* Vest. Also known as the waistcoat, this is a good way to suit your dress. Once again, the white vest is a very formal. You can also choose the style of vest colors that match your wedding theme. You might often find in the backless vest, tuxedo rental place, but full-backed vest is more stylish.

* Cummerbund. Cummerbund is a band of cloth worn folded as a replacement vest dipinggang. Once again, you can use it to give effect to complement, or continue to use the classic black. Two things to remember: ruffle must
went up, and when to use it, you should still use your jacket. Cummerbund without a jacket would look untidy and not cool.

* Buttons sleeve. These accessories will make a big change, and you should have it as part of accessories. You can use the buttons on the classic rectangular silver, or you can use it as an expression of your personality. Football fans? Use the buttons on his sleeve with your favorite players number. Hobby car? Try one of your favorite cars. Many sellers of jewelry will make a special design for you, or you can find that match your style.

* Buttons. If you rent a tuxedo, they would have provided a set of ready to wear. Since it is generally not high-quality, many men who provide their own buttons. If you want to give a creative touch to the buttons on your sleeves, look for buttons that can be offset but not the same.

* Shoes. Above all, do not forget to get a good pair of shoes! If you are going to use, you need a simple leather shoes but elegant. Many men rented tuxedo with shoes, too. Take the time and effort to polish with polish, or you can take it to someone who can polish it to perfection.

Are you a man who likes wearing a T-shirt with jeans, or do not worry about sweat with any clothes, the wedding is when you show the best side of yourself. Make sure you look and feel the best, and your wedding day will be a day that you will always remember.

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So sad :)

Start 2 days ago, several sites in my office can not be opened because of my IT has blocked that sites. because of that, i can not easily update my blog and i can not also make friend link exchange. So, for my new friend, i am sorry if i dont put your site yet at my blog. The solution is when i want to update my blog i have to go to warnet or have my own internet line at my home...hehehhe....

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fresh Breath while you are Fasting

Brushing teeth is not only brushing. That was not the only way to ensure fresh breath always. The following steps can help you eliminate smell breath. Check This Out

Brushing your teeth
Diligent brushing your teeth (especially finished eating) is the most important step if you do not want have a smelting breath. However, dont just only brushing your teeth. Spend 3-4 minutes to brush your teeth and between them. The goal for all is, tooth surfaces can be cleaned of bacteria. Remember, just gently rub the gums do not so hurt for cleaning it .

Tooth Bedding
Gap teeth are usually not reached by a toothbrush, but calm, there was the dental floss that can help. Remember, in the tooth gap, bacteria "live" with comfort. Now, using dental floss is completing the work performed by brushing your teeth. More complete, more healthy.

Tongue cleaning
Bacteria are also hiding in the tongue. Overcome with a powerful tongue cleaners remove bacteria tongue coating. Be careful to clean the back of the tongue, yes, dont get to choke.

To avoid dental plaque, choose a natural mouthwash (from betel leaf or clove) and low alcohol yield. Therefore, the more alcohol in mouthwash, the easier it also makes a dry mouth that triggers the smelting breath.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Bread and Sausage

As a new wife, i spend my first ramadhan with my husband. it make me learn how to cook delicious food and appetizer for my husband espesially at this fasting month. Yesterday, when i was searching at internet about menu for dinner, i stuck at in this site, i have found many creation of cheese. and i love cheese. So yesterday, i am preparing for cooking one of menu at that site.

Small bread and sausage
igredient : cooking oil
Kraft singles
salt and pepper
How to cook :
1. mix and shake egg with salt and pepper
2. spread the mix to bread layer
3. put kraft singles on the bread
4. put sausage on the kraft
5. roll the bread
6. fry it until look brown
7. cut the bread into small size
8. serve it.

i love cooking, and i have to learn more to be more clever in cooking.

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Drug rehabilitation Program

In this modern day, many of the young generation of a country have been died because of their drug addiction. Drug and narcotics has been spread in many country and promise young generation a pseudo pleasure. They don’t know that drugs and narcotic will destroy their live and also can make their loss their life. In Indonesia, many kind of drug’s type. And it is consumed start from elementary school to a adult and old person. And many selebrity is caught consume this narcotic

Off course, as a family, we will never let our family’s member died because of that narcotic. And if our family’s member have been consumed that narcotic, we will take him to a drug addiction treatment programs. One of drug rehab is Narconon Fredom Center. It is located in Albion Michigan established at 1966. With their drug rehab programs, they become the most successful addiction treatment program in the country with a history of an outstanding 70 % success rate.They have eight course as their drug rehab programs and a typical inpatient programs take anywhere from four months to six monts depending on the student and situation.
Drug rehabilitation program at the Narconon Freedom Center uses no drugs or medication to resolve the issues that are caused by drug abuse and alcoholism. Narconon Freedom center uses a combination of proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation to help eliminate drug addiction and alcoholism.The narconon drug rehabilitation program is designed to enable graduates to move back into their life on their own.
Narconon alcohol rehab is educational, therapeutic process of initiating recovery from alcohol abuse. And the first step of this program is called detoxification. Detoxification is for body physically and emotionally stabilizing of individual. The process of alcohol rehab is different for everybody and it is affect by factor of age, level of use, state of health, religious background and the willingness of the individual.
Give your loved one the best chance to stop their addiction by coming at Narconon Freedom Center. You can also have a chance to speak to a counselor regarding your problem.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Test : Ready to diet?

Many of us willing to do anything to get their ideal body shape. One of the diet. But, how ready you actually run the program for the diet? Be honest with yourself, and answer the questions below. Then, count how many answers you can.

1. What is the reason you lose weight?
a. Shape the body propotional so that you look better and healthier body.
b. Doctors already recommend that you have to lower your body weight to avoid Obesity.
c. Want to have a lean body as a model.

2. Have you find out how healthy diet and effective in accordance with your body?
a. Yes already have. Before taking diet, we have to learn the advantages and disadvantages of diet program that will be applied.
b. Already have some options, but i still confuse which kind of diet that i will apply
c. No matter what diet program to use, it is important that I want to lean.

3. Are you ready to face the challenge of diet program should be?
a. Yes, I'm ready to set the pattern of eating and exercise regularly.
b. How, so, later if there is an invitation to eat from friends who are had a birthday party?
c. If you want thin, I should be able to withstand hunger.

4. How to lose weight according to the most of yourself?
a. Measure every calorie consumed and sports routine at least 3 times a week.
b. Stay eat as usual, only reduce the consumption of junk food.
c. Food packaging is involved be pondered and fitness.

5. According to you,diet is a success when ...
a. Feel more in shape body, apply with healthy eating patterns and regular sports.
b. Can use the clothes smaller number 2.
c. Successful down more than 5 kg within a month.

6. Which Statement that describes you in consuming food?
a. You always enjoy the food that you eat.
b. You love all types of food.
c. if you meet your favorite food, you often lose control.

7. For you, sport is a ...
a. Activities that help make the body become more healthy and in shape. So, there's no reason not to do so.
b. Necessary for the body, but to do so, I felt heavy, ya?
c. It's enough to make a lean diet alone, without the need for sport.

8. How much your commitment to lose weight?
a. To achieve maximum results, the effort required first. During any intention, you certainly are able to do so.
b. You want to reach that target has been determined, but it sure can not do so consistently.
c. Focus on the diet with the rules that have been set, without the missing one.

Best you more:
A. Ready to Healthy Diet
For you have the ideal body shape is important, but you're not willing to withstand hunger, to get their body slim model. Because, according to you, health and body fitness is also not less important. For what have slender bodies, but always feel weak and spiritless? You also will not impose themselves to do the diet of "bait." If you have any diet program, your diet program will select the most appropriate conditions and your ability. the thing that make this Reduction program become easier because you are not the type of person who hate take exercise. Basically, this event was a big influence to maintain body weight remains stable.

B. you still easy get obsessed
You're almost like all types of food, then almost all types of food can go into your body. For you to enjoy the food there. No wonder when you start to get a warning from a doctor to lose weight before Obesity. Unfortunately, the desire is not pure diet comes from within, so that is still difficult to refrain from many temptations. You really want that body size is smaller, but you are not ready to restrict food Feed. Before berdiet, make sure you have good self and find out first what the program in accordance with the needs of your body. Because, if you do not run according to dietary rules, so it will be able to make the weight go up.

C. Very Ready
Ideal form of the body appears to be slim has become your obsession. What will you do to make the body do not look fat. You do not even object to calculate the calories will go into the body. For you, every calorie that enter must be the same as every effort is issued. Unfortunately, you often do not keep real hunger for reaching the target. Well, now try to select a more appropriate diet program and follow it rules appropriately.

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Healthy Fasting for Maag Patient

Maag patients who want to run fasting do not to worry about their disease will appear while they are fasting. In fact, fasting is both useful and thus can cure Maag disease is said by Dr Ari H Fahrial from Syria Gastroenterologi Division, Ministry of Science Faculty of Medicine In disease, University of Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (19 / 8).

"All people with maag can doing fasting, functional, with fixed attention of food and drink consumption," said Dr Ari . However, there are "taboo" foods that Maag patients need to be concern so that it brings a positive blessing and not vice versa.

Here are some foods that need to be avoided by maag patient in running of religious fasting.

1. Foods that contain a lot of gas, including mustard greens, cabbage, jackfruit, banana Ambon, kedondong, beverage drink.

2. Difficult digested food, which will slow the drain side, among others, and cheese tart.

3. Foods that stimulate the excessive stomach acid, among others, coffee, alcohol, white wine, juice sitrus, full cream milk.

4. Food that directly damage the stomach wall, such as vinegar, seasoned, spicy, foods containing pepper.

5. Foods that weaken the valve between the esophagus other alcohol, chocolate, fried snack.

6. Carbohydrate source, such as rice sticky rice, noodles, bihun, cassava cassava, taro, or dodol.

Several next day, we will face our lovely ramadhan. prepare you health and do the best for ramadhan
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips to Save cooking Oil

If you often cook with oil, there is most easy tips, so you can save oil that you use :

1. Use cooking oil to fry the onion, crackers, or nuts. After the fry are finished, then filter this yellow oil, and enter into a clean container.
The remaining oil can be used again in the same day for cooking vegetables, cooking ingredients, or fry Tempe, and other fries. After use, filter again and enter to the venue clean.

If you still have chicken or fish will be fried at that time also, just use the remaining oil to fry just now. Now, the remaining oil from the fry fish or chicken will be a blackish color and quite jell. We recommend this oil should be removed and not used again.

2. Meanwhile, the oil used to fry donut, the smeel will fragrant. it will better to enter the remaining oil in a clean container and use to fry snack-a banana or other sweet snack.

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Tips to avoid acne

Acne is often referred to as the symbol of Maturnity. However, when those acnes is also not dissapear, it will bothering in our appearance. But there are many tips to remove pimple. Without having to go out troublesome beauty and spend a lot of cost, you can be free from acnes. Check out this tips!

1. First prepare baking soda. Baking soda mixed with water to form a pasta dough.

2. Wash your face with soap and warm water, then dry with a towel.

3. Next, wipe pasta baking soda which has been prepared equally in your face skin. stay it for 20 minutes.

4. After 20 minutes, wipe your face with warm water. Then dry with a towel.

Use the mask 2-3 times a week, get your face clean and pimple free. Happy trying!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flawless beauty

Who does not want the eternal beauty? Therefore, caring for themselves in a pattern of healthy living will take the benefits in the future. The point is only one, consistency in all of this. What are they?

1. Sports. Do kardio such as sports, stretching, and lift the burden of routine.

2. Feed food. Reduce the food that contains carbohydrates, and fatty and with enough protein content. Most importantly do not forget to consume fruits and vegetables. Note also that nutrition in the food consumed.

3. Drink at least 2 liters a day of white water. Benefit of white water white is many, which are can assist the process of digestion, cleansing the kidneys, toxic detoxification and also to damp skin.

4. Avoid stress and think positive

5. Stop smoking, because smoking can make the blood circulation is interrupted.

6. Consuming supplements. If vitamin needed is not provide by your food, then consume supplement that gives the effect of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C and E.

7. Sulih hormone therapy. The age of some of the hormones will be reduced in number. A research shows that the use of somatotropin in patients aged 60-80 years is believed to restore the function of organs and body to look 10 years younger.

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Taking Care of your lips

Here are several tips To keep your lips to become more beautiful and humid.Check it out

- Do not use your saliva to make your lips appear wet. Because your saliva containing enzyme that can create your lips got irritation . And The result is your lips will appear more dry.

- Use lip balm with a moisturizer content, vitamin E and sun screen before using lipstick, especially matte lipstick. You can also repeated before bed so that it will keep the mild of your lips.

- To keep lips from avoided from stress, you can spread the honey contains sugar so that your lips get good nutrition.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Know various kind of Drugs

You may not know about the different types of Drugs, because the name used in the community is its alias name,and it is different from the original name or a name authorized.

Another name is Pe-te, this substance is derived to five - to six from Heroin is made from the poppy flower. There are two types, Banana and snow white shape like powder


At the initial stage is usually the user will not look flushed, glassy eyes, pale, can not concentrate, often feels itchy nose, nausea, and always look sleepy. Lean as reduced appetite, emotions are very unstable, so often angry and often dizziness or headache.

Interruption of supply is PUTAUW that will cause symptoms of nausea, nausea, watery eyes and nose, joints, bones and joints feel pain, the body does not sweat and the natural look as cold shiver.

This is modern name of methamphetamine, crystal shaped like sugar or sand like VETSIN . There are several types, including: Chystal, Coconut, Gold River.

After use, the user will look vibrant, but also tend to be paranoid (like suspicious), the impression can not be silent, can not sleep because it tends to hold beraktivitas, but still it is difficult to think well.

This one is a psychotropic substance, the type of popular in community are outstanding: Alladin, Apel, Electric, Butterfly with a different modern name kind of.

The USER of ecstasy
After using this ecstacy,the user will be energetic and wistful eyes, but pale, sweaty and can not be silent, and difficult to sleep. Negative effects that can arise is nerve damage to the brain dehydration (less liquid), interference lever, rotten teeth and bones, nerve damage to the eyes and not appetite.

Cannabis, or also known by the name Tetrahidrocana hidrol, is a type of dried plants that can create the effect with users become intoxicated or fly.

The USER Cannabis
Usually after using the eye will look or worship bag looks swollen eyes, red and watery, often seen bengong, such as reduced hearing, hard of thinking, feeling happy and always laughing, but also can quickly become angry and not enthusiastic.

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For Your Maximum Performance

Scarf identical with the women workers and Success women career. But it is rare you make appearance with a scarf creations. The general style is selected with round it on the neck. To add for your performance, try some of the following creations.

When you wear a jacket or blazer, round the scarf of slippery and enter into a jacket or blazer. When you took off your jacket, fold the scarf diagonally and twist around the neck with a loose knot.

Wearing a scarf more than one? Why not? one scarf in the blazer and another scarf again outside of a blazer. Avoid the use of overlapping scarf in your neck.

Scarf and a blouse is the most fitting. Fold diagonally and let the rope loose scarf down in your collar blouse.

You can also give a pin on your scarf. Select accessories with the color or the equivalent of the same type. Suppose you want to elegant style, the brooch also be elegant style as well.

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