Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips to Save cooking Oil

If you often cook with oil, there is most easy tips, so you can save oil that you use :

1. Use cooking oil to fry the onion, crackers, or nuts. After the fry are finished, then filter this yellow oil, and enter into a clean container.
The remaining oil can be used again in the same day for cooking vegetables, cooking ingredients, or fry Tempe, and other fries. After use, filter again and enter to the venue clean.

If you still have chicken or fish will be fried at that time also, just use the remaining oil to fry just now. Now, the remaining oil from the fry fish or chicken will be a blackish color and quite jell. We recommend this oil should be removed and not used again.

2. Meanwhile, the oil used to fry donut, the smeel will fragrant. it will better to enter the remaining oil in a clean container and use to fry snack-a banana or other sweet snack.


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