Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Healthy Fasting for Maag Patient

Maag patients who want to run fasting do not to worry about their disease will appear while they are fasting. In fact, fasting is both useful and thus can cure Maag disease is said by Dr Ari H Fahrial from Syria Gastroenterologi Division, Ministry of Science Faculty of Medicine In disease, University of Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (19 / 8).

"All people with maag can doing fasting, functional, with fixed attention of food and drink consumption," said Dr Ari . However, there are "taboo" foods that Maag patients need to be concern so that it brings a positive blessing and not vice versa.

Here are some foods that need to be avoided by maag patient in running of religious fasting.

1. Foods that contain a lot of gas, including mustard greens, cabbage, jackfruit, banana Ambon, kedondong, beverage drink.

2. Difficult digested food, which will slow the drain side, among others, and cheese tart.

3. Foods that stimulate the excessive stomach acid, among others, coffee, alcohol, white wine, juice sitrus, full cream milk.

4. Food that directly damage the stomach wall, such as vinegar, seasoned, spicy, foods containing pepper.

5. Foods that weaken the valve between the esophagus other alcohol, chocolate, fried snack.

6. Carbohydrate source, such as rice sticky rice, noodles, bihun, cassava cassava, taro, or dodol.

Several next day, we will face our lovely ramadhan. prepare you health and do the best for ramadhan



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