Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Test : Ready to diet?

Many of us willing to do anything to get their ideal body shape. One of the diet. But, how ready you actually run the program for the diet? Be honest with yourself, and answer the questions below. Then, count how many answers you can.

1. What is the reason you lose weight?
a. Shape the body propotional so that you look better and healthier body.
b. Doctors already recommend that you have to lower your body weight to avoid Obesity.
c. Want to have a lean body as a model.

2. Have you find out how healthy diet and effective in accordance with your body?
a. Yes already have. Before taking diet, we have to learn the advantages and disadvantages of diet program that will be applied.
b. Already have some options, but i still confuse which kind of diet that i will apply
c. No matter what diet program to use, it is important that I want to lean.

3. Are you ready to face the challenge of diet program should be?
a. Yes, I'm ready to set the pattern of eating and exercise regularly.
b. How, so, later if there is an invitation to eat from friends who are had a birthday party?
c. If you want thin, I should be able to withstand hunger.

4. How to lose weight according to the most of yourself?
a. Measure every calorie consumed and sports routine at least 3 times a week.
b. Stay eat as usual, only reduce the consumption of junk food.
c. Food packaging is involved be pondered and fitness.

5. According to you,diet is a success when ...
a. Feel more in shape body, apply with healthy eating patterns and regular sports.
b. Can use the clothes smaller number 2.
c. Successful down more than 5 kg within a month.

6. Which Statement that describes you in consuming food?
a. You always enjoy the food that you eat.
b. You love all types of food.
c. if you meet your favorite food, you often lose control.

7. For you, sport is a ...
a. Activities that help make the body become more healthy and in shape. So, there's no reason not to do so.
b. Necessary for the body, but to do so, I felt heavy, ya?
c. It's enough to make a lean diet alone, without the need for sport.

8. How much your commitment to lose weight?
a. To achieve maximum results, the effort required first. During any intention, you certainly are able to do so.
b. You want to reach that target has been determined, but it sure can not do so consistently.
c. Focus on the diet with the rules that have been set, without the missing one.

Best you more:
A. Ready to Healthy Diet
For you have the ideal body shape is important, but you're not willing to withstand hunger, to get their body slim model. Because, according to you, health and body fitness is also not less important. For what have slender bodies, but always feel weak and spiritless? You also will not impose themselves to do the diet of "bait." If you have any diet program, your diet program will select the most appropriate conditions and your ability. the thing that make this Reduction program become easier because you are not the type of person who hate take exercise. Basically, this event was a big influence to maintain body weight remains stable.

B. you still easy get obsessed
You're almost like all types of food, then almost all types of food can go into your body. For you to enjoy the food there. No wonder when you start to get a warning from a doctor to lose weight before Obesity. Unfortunately, the desire is not pure diet comes from within, so that is still difficult to refrain from many temptations. You really want that body size is smaller, but you are not ready to restrict food Feed. Before berdiet, make sure you have good self and find out first what the program in accordance with the needs of your body. Because, if you do not run according to dietary rules, so it will be able to make the weight go up.

C. Very Ready
Ideal form of the body appears to be slim has become your obsession. What will you do to make the body do not look fat. You do not even object to calculate the calories will go into the body. For you, every calorie that enter must be the same as every effort is issued. Unfortunately, you often do not keep real hunger for reaching the target. Well, now try to select a more appropriate diet program and follow it rules appropriately.


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