Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Prevent Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the worst thing at my life. Because when i got insomnia, i feel that iam alone at night. And i can not sleep at night and it will cause at my activity at the morning. So how to prevent insomnia? Based on my experience, here are some solution :
1. Take a bath with Hot water before your bed time, just take a bath with warm hot water. It make me realy relax. it feels like the hot water is massage my body. This relaxation will continue at my bedtime 2. Do not hungry Before your bedtime, try not to hungry. Because when we hungry, we can not not sleep well. But it didn't mean that we have to take a meal at late night because it can make us fat. Just take a balance food at dinner before 19.00 o'clock. And if you are still hungry, just grap fruits and eat it. 3.Pray Take a pray first (sholat) and continued with reading al Al Quran. It make me so warm and peace and also feel sleepy. 4. Listening to the slow Music
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Do you know insomnia means? Yeah You're right. Insomnia is difficult to sleep especially at night. I have had insomnia for the past 3 weeks for about 2 times. OMG, its really torturing me. First insomnia, at saturday night, i could not sleep until 3 am. And the second insomnia, i could not sleep at all untill sunrises. I confused, what should i do when i got insomia? should i just force my eyes to shut down or doing anything that can make my eyes got tired and then i fell asleep. So, why i got insomnia?whats wrong with me? Some people say that if we get so much problem at life, it can effect our lifestyle including in our bed time. Yeah...that maybe one of the factor.
Here are some factors that can affect we can not sleep at night : 1. Stress According to the stess's expert, Dr. David Edwards, stress is a collection of symptoms of physiology, cognitive, affective and behavior caused by difficult conditions in daily life. Stress can affect everyone differently ranging from less severe symptoms such as dizziness to depression and anxiety. Some stressess make us can not sleep at night because when we start to sleep, we still thingking about the problem 2.Kafein Consuming tea and coffee everyday can cause negatife effect especially when we start to sleep at night.Try to avoid kafein after 15.00 o'clock and energy drink that contain of sugar at night. Warm drink can help you to get cozy at night and help you to sleep well 3. To much energy If you have not spend your energy for a day, most likely you will get insomnia. So firstly you have to spend of your last energy before sleeping such as by taking exercises at your Home :)
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