Thursday, August 27, 2009

Accecories for Groom

For the groom is not enough just wearing a neat suit only on the wedding day; accessories can change the settings to suit pretty incredible. Here are some ways to improve your wedding dress.

* Tie. You have a few different options here. While, in general, you have to tend to the conservative side in the choice of colors and patterns, you can integrate your suit with a classy tie, whether it's a long tie or bow tie. Try silver silk tie, combined with a black tuxedo, or a tie with a pattern of small lines or knit. Ties tend to be a little longer if combined with a formal tuxedo compared with a bow tie. Also, white tie for the impression of a very formal, black tie to formal, and color can tie some of the atmosphere suitable for the event.

* Vest. Also known as the waistcoat, this is a good way to suit your dress. Once again, the white vest is a very formal. You can also choose the style of vest colors that match your wedding theme. You might often find in the backless vest, tuxedo rental place, but full-backed vest is more stylish.

* Cummerbund. Cummerbund is a band of cloth worn folded as a replacement vest dipinggang. Once again, you can use it to give effect to complement, or continue to use the classic black. Two things to remember: ruffle must
went up, and when to use it, you should still use your jacket. Cummerbund without a jacket would look untidy and not cool.

* Buttons sleeve. These accessories will make a big change, and you should have it as part of accessories. You can use the buttons on the classic rectangular silver, or you can use it as an expression of your personality. Football fans? Use the buttons on his sleeve with your favorite players number. Hobby car? Try one of your favorite cars. Many sellers of jewelry will make a special design for you, or you can find that match your style.

* Buttons. If you rent a tuxedo, they would have provided a set of ready to wear. Since it is generally not high-quality, many men who provide their own buttons. If you want to give a creative touch to the buttons on your sleeves, look for buttons that can be offset but not the same.

* Shoes. Above all, do not forget to get a good pair of shoes! If you are going to use, you need a simple leather shoes but elegant. Many men rented tuxedo with shoes, too. Take the time and effort to polish with polish, or you can take it to someone who can polish it to perfection.

Are you a man who likes wearing a T-shirt with jeans, or do not worry about sweat with any clothes, the wedding is when you show the best side of yourself. Make sure you look and feel the best, and your wedding day will be a day that you will always remember.

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