Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fresh Breath while you are Fasting

Brushing teeth is not only brushing. That was not the only way to ensure fresh breath always. The following steps can help you eliminate smell breath. Check This Out

Brushing your teeth
Diligent brushing your teeth (especially finished eating) is the most important step if you do not want have a smelting breath. However, dont just only brushing your teeth. Spend 3-4 minutes to brush your teeth and between them. The goal for all is, tooth surfaces can be cleaned of bacteria. Remember, just gently rub the gums do not so hurt for cleaning it .

Tooth Bedding
Gap teeth are usually not reached by a toothbrush, but calm, there was the dental floss that can help. Remember, in the tooth gap, bacteria "live" with comfort. Now, using dental floss is completing the work performed by brushing your teeth. More complete, more healthy.

Tongue cleaning
Bacteria are also hiding in the tongue. Overcome with a powerful tongue cleaners remove bacteria tongue coating. Be careful to clean the back of the tongue, yes, dont get to choke.

To avoid dental plaque, choose a natural mouthwash (from betel leaf or clove) and low alcohol yield. Therefore, the more alcohol in mouthwash, the easier it also makes a dry mouth that triggers the smelting breath.



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