Sunday, August 2, 2009

For Your Maximum Performance

Scarf identical with the women workers and Success women career. But it is rare you make appearance with a scarf creations. The general style is selected with round it on the neck. To add for your performance, try some of the following creations.

When you wear a jacket or blazer, round the scarf of slippery and enter into a jacket or blazer. When you took off your jacket, fold the scarf diagonally and twist around the neck with a loose knot.

Wearing a scarf more than one? Why not? one scarf in the blazer and another scarf again outside of a blazer. Avoid the use of overlapping scarf in your neck.

Scarf and a blouse is the most fitting. Fold diagonally and let the rope loose scarf down in your collar blouse.

You can also give a pin on your scarf. Select accessories with the color or the equivalent of the same type. Suppose you want to elegant style, the brooch also be elegant style as well.




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