Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The rule of using high heels

Model of Shoes
There are many models in the high-heeled shoes out there. However, the trendy model does not guarantee any shoes are comfortable in use. Those who want to wear high-heeled shoes and live in tropical areas, it is better to choose shoes that are open at the front of the regular or called Peep Toes.

Peep toes allows your foot to breathe while still maintaining smooth blood circulation. However, if you live in a cold area, it is better to choose a closed shoes that keep your feet warm. You can also choose a model equipped with a rope. Strap-belt can make you keel over and prevent sprained foot, a problem commonly experienced by those who use high-heeled shoes.

The Shape of Your Foot
Shape of your foot also effect for comfortable in wearing a shoes. Choosing a high-heeled shoes are not only seen from the model and Shape of heels, but you should also see from the Shape of your foot. The shape of foot every person is different, there is a rounded, even the sharp-pointed. Look of the basic form of shoe that also has many variations. If your foot width, and the like, should avoid choosing shoes with spike even though you like it.

Model and Shape of heels
Generally, women like a heels cuneiform or generally called Stiletto, but if you have a big body, you better choose the right heels with a high platform, or to be more bold and balanced proposional with your body




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