Sunday, August 2, 2009

Know various kind of Drugs

You may not know about the different types of Drugs, because the name used in the community is its alias name,and it is different from the original name or a name authorized.

Another name is Pe-te, this substance is derived to five - to six from Heroin is made from the poppy flower. There are two types, Banana and snow white shape like powder


At the initial stage is usually the user will not look flushed, glassy eyes, pale, can not concentrate, often feels itchy nose, nausea, and always look sleepy. Lean as reduced appetite, emotions are very unstable, so often angry and often dizziness or headache.

Interruption of supply is PUTAUW that will cause symptoms of nausea, nausea, watery eyes and nose, joints, bones and joints feel pain, the body does not sweat and the natural look as cold shiver.

This is modern name of methamphetamine, crystal shaped like sugar or sand like VETSIN . There are several types, including: Chystal, Coconut, Gold River.

After use, the user will look vibrant, but also tend to be paranoid (like suspicious), the impression can not be silent, can not sleep because it tends to hold beraktivitas, but still it is difficult to think well.

This one is a psychotropic substance, the type of popular in community are outstanding: Alladin, Apel, Electric, Butterfly with a different modern name kind of.

The USER of ecstasy
After using this ecstacy,the user will be energetic and wistful eyes, but pale, sweaty and can not be silent, and difficult to sleep. Negative effects that can arise is nerve damage to the brain dehydration (less liquid), interference lever, rotten teeth and bones, nerve damage to the eyes and not appetite.

Cannabis, or also known by the name Tetrahidrocana hidrol, is a type of dried plants that can create the effect with users become intoxicated or fly.

The USER Cannabis
Usually after using the eye will look or worship bag looks swollen eyes, red and watery, often seen bengong, such as reduced hearing, hard of thinking, feeling happy and always laughing, but also can quickly become angry and not enthusiastic.


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