Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take care of your swim suit

Your hobby is swimming? and you have problems to take care of your swim suit that always you woren? dont worried, there are several tips below to take care of it. Here are tips to take care of your swim suit.

1. if you had woren it and want to wash it, it will better if not remain it in water.

2. Wash your swim suit enough with a shampoo, dont use detergent because it will make your swim suit damaged fastly.
3. Dont wash by using washing machine and its dryer. it is enough by shake it with your hand.
4. When it is time to dry in the sun, dont get directly with the sun.
5. After you had washed and dried it, dont ever ironed your swim suit.
6. to best storage, you can only fold it and it no need to hang it




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