Thursday, February 26, 2009

Healthy way to consume instant noodle.

For all of you that dont have enough money to buy healthy food, usually, instant noodle is the choice. Here are several tips that can help you to reduce " toxic" content in instant noodle. Lets chack out together.

1. Boil a lot of water, wait until water is really boil. after that, separate water into 2 parts ( pour into 2 different pans)

2. enter instant noodle in the first pan ( or pan to wash noodle's candle) and then you have to boil it again. wait until clolor of the water change into yellow ( this is the sign that candle layer content in surface of instant noodle start faded. Then, lift it up and leak it.
If you want gravy of instant noodle, just put "washed" noodle into second pan, boil it in a minute, and add some vegetables or egg if you like it.

So, it will guaranteed that instant noodle will be "safer" if it cooked twice, gud luck




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