Monday, February 9, 2009

Stop Smoking for Good

Studies show that only 45% of those who try to stop smoking succeed, but only 5% of them succeed without any help. In a first phase, aid involves removing organic dependence by substituting the cigarette with controlled consumption of nicotine through medicine, patches, chewing gum with nicotine or even with hypnosis sessions.
The sudden stop of nicotine consumption can be followed, depending on the degree of dependence in the first 24 hours by depressive dispositions, sleeplessness, irritability, frustration, anxiety, attention problems, lower heart rate, and increased appetite. If these symptoms match older medical conditions it is necessary to change the already recommended medication.

When you stop smoking, you will face changes in the relational field too (you do not have a break with the same people or in the same places), in eating habits, leisure, in organizing your activities, in your whole lifestyle. Rehabilitation can be achieved through a more complex psychotherapeutic program, which beyond support involves motivation and permanent accountability, improving the symptoms of nicotine dependence, but also of psycho-emotional dependence associated.

It is known that when you stop smoking you are required a major personal effort, especially because you must eliminate a motor skill that is frequently used, reinforced and strengthened, along with organic addiction. There is less talk on the psychological causes of this dependence. In nicotine addiction, psychotherapy intervenes as therapy support, along with replacement therapy.

Smoking may be maintained by an unconscious tendency of self-aggression, a hidden depression, a very early fixation at the oral stage or it can be the mark, socially accepted of an emotional dependence. In order not to relapse, determining the cause and eliminating it is necessary, and this implies recourse to psychotherapy as complementary therapy. With hypnosis, you have 10 times higher chances to stop smoking.

Start right now to live your life without tobacco and your body will thank you!

Your possibilities are endless when put in the agreement what you want with consciously with the unconscious motivation. Listen to this hypnosis session and your mind will simply forget to smoke. You will lose this habit and you will easily stop smoking. You will really become a non-smoker, a person who will not even believe having ever smoked.

Remember that every year there are thousands of smokers, who leave this bad habit.

Maybe you wonder how the others succeed, while it is impossible for you. Discover what they have done and you will easily quit smoking! Moreover, you can finally quit smoking!

With hypnosis your nicotine addiction can and will become history. Do not hesitate! With every second delayed your lungs and your entire body will suffered!

However, you must be very careful after you quit smoking regardless the method you have used, not to replace smoking with another unhealthy habit. For example, there is the case of a man who has given up smoking successfully, but he has started to become addicted to chips. That means that he has not been able to remove the idea of addiction out of his subconscious mind.




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