Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dress colour Effect

Go to work today, seems like not to special, different with yesterday when the same morning with big encourage. What make it different, there is no problems, travel do not have barrier, etc. But somehow, you realized that your dress’s color is look not clear.

Wrong choosing dress’s color without realize will give the real effect to the mood changing, brighter color will take your mood more happy. So that with the opposite. Black color, will make your mood more unhappy.

So what about many black dresses in your wardrobe? No need to worry, as long as you can compact your black dresses, it will more encourage you to go to the office.

Wearing black dresses at your office, to make it more confortable, add a little of surprises color as an accent, to look more stylish and attracting.
Tank top, belt and flower red print, will be a point plus to your semi formal office dress. Perform stylish and modis not always identic with modern gown. If you know the tactics, you can perform nice in every chance.
One of tips is with mix and match can make you performance more variate, good for both of daily activities and also for working. To make easier, avoid crowded and colorfull motif. Choose unique detail so that your performance can be sell point.
Long white blouse with lace in edge of arm can make the user look more feminim. It have many mix and match, start from vertical line trouser to geometrical skirt.
If you want to look more fashionable, you can wear denim jacket. But if you want to look formal you can match it with long neck blazer.
White blouse is involve in categories “ must have dress” for employee. Because it is a netral and it also the most easiest for mix and match. Only with a white blouse, you can attend in every chances with different performance. For dress’s work, you can add vest or blazer. You can match it with skirt and long trouser.




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