Monday, February 23, 2009

Eau de…what?

This is the time for you to admit, that you are not too know about parfume's glossary such as eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfume. so, what is the different?
The different is lies at essence mixture with another material, such as alcohol. Eau de cologne, have essense mixture with alcohol is light so the fragnant is only stay for about 15 minutes. Sometimes, eau de cologne is used as a body fresher after take a bath so that the body smell good. Eau de cologne is formulated very light so that it will not make iritation at your skin.

Meanwhile, Eau de toilette have essense mixture more than eau de cologne, however, it contain more alcohol so that fragnant of eau de toilette not long lasting. Because of mixture of essense and alcohol in a high content, it is not advised for you to spray eau de toilette directly at your skin because it can make iritation such as itchiness and florid.
Eau de parfume is a kind of parfume with essense content higher than the alcohol.this parfume, the fragnant is long lasting. Eau de parfume tend to safe if it contact with skin, however there are several iritation cases at a sensitive skin. to avoid from irritation, spray eau de parfume at 15 cm awayso that can not contact with skin directly. if you want the fragnant long lasting, you can use eau de parfume at back area of ears and your shoulder.
so, dont ever wrong choose your own "eau de" :)




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