Thursday, February 19, 2009

Color Dress in Wedding Day

When You want to wear wedding gown, it often you are confuse to choose wedding color or parable of your kebaya. sometimes this is happen when you want to make your own wedding gown or modern wedding kebaya or uniform for your family. So you must be clever to mix and match the color so it will not look too weird and it will be appropiate to your wedding theme.

Sure for the party is different with sleeping dress or the other leasure dress. the main priority that you must know is what is your role in that wedding ceremony. by knowing your role at that party, so it will be easier to decide the next step. there are many ways that you can do, check these below tips:

when your role is a bride's parent and also as a commitee of the party, so you have to choose color that make you look more glamour than the other guesses. this color will make different from the commitee and the guesses.
the common colors that woren by bride's parent is are red, maroon, green, gold, dark purple or lylac. there are many cloth or textils that can give gradation of color and can be combined to make your wedding gown as you wish.

if you are one of relative such as brother/sister in law or brother and sister of bride and groom, so choose the wedding party's color that stronger to give a taste of glamour and steal the attention of the guesses. the soft color can be also choosen with lovely payet or shinny crystal.

commonly, colors for bride and groom, bride's parent and family will be better if the color still in one gradation of color wedding dress or color of wedding theme. becuse it will effect to family wedding's picture. so it will better if you make uniform at your wedding day.




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