Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Methodes to make your body look slimmer

There are many ways to reduce our weight, start from any kind of diets, exercises, lyposection, acupunture to consume slimming capsule. Data from WHO showing that reducing weight can not be done instantly, but through long theraphy.
the things we need to reduce our weight not only reducing our food portion, but also consuling from nutrituonist before do eat style changing. its do with physic activity and behaviour attitute.

To find out which is slimming methode that suitable, healthy, safe and effective, you can see below information. the famous methode to loss fat is liposuction surgery and tummy tuck. these surgery is choosen by many people because their weight can reduce a lot without have to take exercise and doing diet.
Gastric binding which is a setting tool that make pounch of cavity is smaller so that we will not eat to many food because our body is feel satisfied faster for a while. meanwhile, gastric by pass is permanent. doctor will make a "way" that connecting cavity with small intestine so that the food will not pass cavity but it will directly pass to small intestine. to do those both methode, the patients must be over 35 years old.
and the most popular is diet, called "fad diets". this methode promise reducing weight fast, can heal many disease, using suplement, eat base on certain time, limit or forbide certain food and for a long term.
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