Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Wedding Gift Ideas

Choosing a special and memorable wedding gift

All over the world, weddings are memorable occasions not only for the bride and the groom, but also for the relatives on both the sides.

Be it a monsoon wedding or a summer wedding, the charm and excitement remains the same. Marriages are surely made in heaven, but are celebrated here on this beautiful planet in very illustrious ways at different places in different styles suiting to the traditions and beliefs of the people. This is one occasion when two hearts come together to be one forever. It is a step into a new life and surely a dream come true to both the bride and the bridegroom.

Memories of this unique occasion are made worthy by the participation of friends, relatives and the large number of guests who grace the occasion and shower their blessings and warm wishes on the newlyweds. To make a mark on the occasion, the couple is showered with gifts of many kinds by one and all. If chosen appropriately, the gifts can become memorable for a lifetime for the couple. Choosing the right gifts for such an occasion has been quite a difficult task. It so happens that you have something on your mind but end up buying something else. You must buy something that mirrors our feelings for those whom we love. You have to be as innovative as you can be while buying a gift.

The following are some hints to assist you in your search for the right gift for a wedding:

1 - Photo frames in glass, chinaware, porcelain or in wood.
2 - Personalized pillow cases (his & hers)
3 - Jewelry; any kind- necklaces, cuffing, finger rings etc.
4 - Candle holders- rot iron, glass, ceramic etc.
5 - Personalized silver trophies (~for the best couple~)
6 - Salt and pepper shakers in glass.
7 - Showpieces in crystal, ceramic, terracotta, silver etc
8 - Dinner sets in silver, melamine, crystal etc.
9 - Crockery
10 - Silver jewelry, glasses, jugs etc
11 - Magazine holders in stained glass.
12 - Decorative mirrors.
13 - Non-stick cookware
14 - Napkin rings
15 - Perfumes
16 - Decorative candles
17 - Personalized mugs, napkins, etc.
18 - Table lamps.

If you know the couple very well you can gift them something very intimate like nightdress, pictures and figures that depict intimacy.

Dry flowers and bonsai also make a very good choice and they are well appreciated.


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