Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nice Tips to Avoid Influenza

common influenza virus spread by direct contact. Someone who already get flu and cover it with their hand, then they hold telephone and the other tools. its germ can patch to the other people who have touch the same tool.

So, you have to always wash your hand with antiseptic soap so that the germ can separate. dont use your hand when you cough and sneezing. Just use tissue and then throw away as soon as possible.

dont touch your face. Influenza virus can get into our body through eyes, nose or mouth. consume a lot of water can throw toxic away from our body and it will rehidration our body.

whiff fresh air in free nature if you always spend your time at air conditioned room because germ can circulated inside room.

consume yogurt low fat everyday can reduce tendency at influenza until 25 percent. Good bactery containt at yogurt can produce system immune that can against disease.




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