Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Funny and Interesting fact about dog

1. dog have been taken care by people since 10000 years ago
2. There are more than 200 different race of dog.
3. Canis familiaris is a latin name for dog
4. the biggest dog in all of race, at least in weight is Irish Wolfhound
5. Almost every race of dog, except 2 type, have pink tongue. the 2 other kind of dog are chow chow and Shar-pei have black tongue
6.Mammal who have prostat gland are people and dog.
7. There are 42 teeth in dog mouth

8. type Whippet can reach maximum velocity 35 mile/ hour
9. Taco bell the real is female and the real name is Gidget
10. the oldest dog that ever live is 29 years old
11. ind Flemish language, Schipperke translated as " a little captain"
12. Lhasa Apso dog is used many years ago by monks as a temple's keeper
13. Doberman is created at 1860 by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany, that created that dog to protect him when he work
14. Pug's name believed taked from similarity between dog and pug monkey
15. Dogs is not color blind
16. all of dogs is a direct generation from wolf and technically is the same species
17. Trah basenji is the only kind of dog that don't spark in the world
18. Laika, is a dog, and also an astronout who has sent to space first in the world at 1957 by Russian goverment
19. Victims from Titanic that can survive is include of 2 dogs, Pekingese owned by Henry Sleeper and Pomeranian owned by Miss margaret Hays
20. every dog, heal 10-30 breath every minute




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