Monday, March 23, 2009

10 bad habit can destroy your brain (part 1)

Please note you back your habits every day, whether the practice is included in the 10 practices that can damage the brain? Find the answer from the following list.

1. No Morning Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important to do because in addition to breakfast can support the needs of our bodyactivity until noon , breakfast was also important for the brain. Those who do not have breakfast have a low sugar, a result supali nutrition to the brain becomes less.

2. Eating Too Much
Too much to eat, especially foods that contain high fat, can cause a storehouse of fat in the wall of blood vessel and brain, a result decrease the ability of the brain.

3. Smoking
Cigarette can cause brain damage quickly and can lead to Alzheimer's Disease.

4. Too Much Sugar consumed
Consume too much sugar can lead to bother absorption of nutrition and protein so that the nutrient imbalance can occur that will disrupt the development of the brain.

5. Air pollution
The brain is the organ that most consume oxygen. heal polluted air that can reduce oxygen supply efficiency and reduce the brain.




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