Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Store Meat

You need to know about fresh meat stored in resistant chiller or cold storage only 2-3 days at a temperature below 4oC and if you want to save more time, enter in the freezer or frozen storage. In the freezer at a temperature of-18oC to -23.5 OC, meat can stand up to 3 months. There are several requirements in order to keep the meat fresh and processed securely stored in the freezer:

* Meat should be in fresh condition. Once the meat that you can truly fresh, separate between the day it is cooked and the saved, do not delay the time to save.

* Do not store meat in a large size, it is cut into pieces of meat before freezing in order to save more evenly.

* Meat wrapped with thick plastic packaging, packed the meeting so that the meat does not experience dehydration. Dehydration of the meat changes color will become blackish brown, there will be a feeling of irrelevance when processed, and a lot.

* If you want to use, liquid (thawing) of meat. There are 3 ways liquefaction, that is to move in the chiller for 12-24 hours, left in room temperature, and place it in the sink while poured in tap water still wrapped by plastic.

* Meat that has been thawing can not be returned to the freezer because the bacteria that sleeps back up and start damaging the meat. We recommend that the meat has been processed out soon exhausted, if want to enter the chiller is stored, that is only just survived 2 days.




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