Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parfum and Personality

In general, the nature and character someone divided into 4, that is, the romantic-feminim, active, sporty, sexy, sensual, modern and trendy. Now is time stick your character through wewangian that can make you feel represented. Hmmm, what?

You are the melankolis figure, graceful in every action. You feeling smooth and sensitive. However you include a strong and mature in the face a problem.

parfume suitable for you is the element that contains the interest (Floral) because the interest is very representative of your personality is beautiful and has a distinctive way to protect themselves. You can try a mix Carnation, jasmine or gardenia in the London by Burberry perfume, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker or issey L'Eau d'Issey Miyake's.

A person with active-sporty character always in the vibrant activities. He never looks tired and always fit. You also include daredevil if faced in a complex problem which, although sometimes a little emotional.
parfume that is suitable for you is that contain elements or Citrus leaves or a mixture of both. Foliage, including wood, pine and spices that can be found on Envy Me 2 perfume by Gucci, Clinique Happy or One Calvin Klein Electric output.
View from the characteristics, the nature of this you have the luxury of a worshipful and charisma as well. You always appear confident and happy to be the center attention karenna style that is not your usual.
parfume that is suitable for you is to have Floral and oriental, or a combination of both. Oriental Wewangian can be found in the spices, amber, balsams, vanilla and animal scents. Fragrances have the impression that this is on the Live Lux by Jennifer Lopez, Cool Water Game by Davidoff or Incanto Dreams by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Trendy modern -
You are a fashionista. Never behind to update the latest from the world fashion. Your taste, the unique and independent thinking. You also do not seem like someone needs.
Citrus and Floral smell and a combination of both makes you appear more brilliant. Discover the Beautiful Pleasure Exotic or both of Estee Lauder and Code by Armani.




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