Monday, April 6, 2009

Center Stage : Turn It Up (2008)

This is one of my dancing favourite movie. it tell about ballet, hip hop dancing and its conbination. fantastic. i just wonder, how can she dance ballet and hiphop together. yeah...she is very multitalent.
the movie is telling about the story of Kate Parker, very talented young girl who can dance ballet and hip hop just by watching in the video. Kate want to increase her ability at dancing so that she want to enroll at American Academy of ballet, the best ballet academy in America, but she doesn't make it. because she compete with a very young rich girl. Kate is so sad because she doesnt make it in audition although she has promised to her sister to pass the audition. Kate tell a lie at her sister that kate is pass the audition

Kate doesn't surrender to take a ballet in another academy, but all of academy reject her. Kate is so tired. meanwhile, she meet with a good looking young boy that have passed the audition of american ballet of academy, his name is tommy anderson. Peter is trying to get a job to kate, so that kate can live in new york and take another ballet audition in ABA. kate is working in a cafe owned by peter's friend. there kate can show her ability dancing hip hop and ballet. everyone is admire her because of her dancing. Tommy become kate's boyfriend. and tommy always try to encourage kate to take another audition, and finally kate is passed for Giselle's audition, one of very fantastic ballet opera. kate is paired with tommy, and in their performance, everyone is admire them. now kate can show to her younger sister that she can trough the way.




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