Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insomnia can make Fat

so why can? in fact there is a tendency that if someone awake till late at night, they will spend time with snacking. it also has been demonstrated in a study conducted by a team of researchers from mailman school of public health and the obesity research center in colombia

they observed the behaviour of 18000 people aged 32 to 59, participating in the survey, the national health and nutrition examination period of the 1980s
the result is if you do not sleep at day, they usually spend time with watching tv or playing computer. while doing this activity, they usually tend to consume more food or snacking

not only that, the reasearch also shows, less sleep related hormone leptine reduced rate. hormone that regulates appetite, body weight and report on the brain how much spare food available in the body.
in addition to hormone leptin, which the function is to stimulate appetite, increase and found in people who slept less.
Dr David haslam from National obesity forum said that the factors other than depression, physical activity, alcohol consumption, education level, age and sex, sleep less clearly would trigger the occure of obesity.
in addition, the stress which is the influence of sleep patters are known affecting measure hormone in the body.




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