Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If Your Children Keeping Pets

Pets that keeped by children can help your child develop social skills. However, you should consider the following things:
1. Children aged 3 to 4 years have not been mature enough to control anger, and their agresifity. Therefore, keep it out while playing with the their pets
2. Up to age 10 years, children can not treat their own pets such as dogs and cats.
3. Parents should supervise care pets even if the child is able to do so themselves.
4. If the child neglect caring their pets, you as parents must take over.
5. Children must be given the understanding that pets should also be treated with tender. Pets also need food, water, and exercise. Therefore teach your children not to impound pets continuously.

6. Boredom experienced by children will make the child neglect their pets. If children are bored with their pets, you should soon find that new pets keeper.
7. Parents must be able to give a good example. Children will learn responsible pet care for the parents with caring for animals.

Choose a pet that matches the style of life, family, home, and the ability of the care of children. Avoid the child keep snakes, frogs, or the Iguana because its difficult and must be kept more carefully. Similarly it is with an aggressive animal, such as child lions, and other. Although it has been trained well and kept in the house, but the animal may remain aggressive.


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