Friday, April 17, 2009

9 Myths About Health

Bananas can make a fat, or cancer can not be prevented? This statement may have been familiar in your ears. But is this statement correct? This is only a myth only. Differentiate the myths with facts is very important, especially to make the healthy choice. Here are some myths and facts about health can be a guide you in making the right choice for health.

Myth: Cancer can not be prevented

Fact: Scientists estimate that 50% of deaths due to cancer in the United States are caused by social conditions and environment as well as options that are not healthy. Conditions and options that are not healthy it can not cause a healthy diet, Obesity, or unhealthy habits such as smoking and lack of physical activity. Now, have found ways to avoid cancer, including lung cancer, serviks, kolon, rektal and skin cancer.

generally, cancer can be prevented by:

* Avoid smoking or products from tobacco
* Avoiding so passive smokers
* Do not drink too much alcohol
* Avoid adding weight and maintain healthy body weight
* Eat 5 or more measure fruit and vegetables every day and follow the pattern of low-fat diet
* Feed balance calories with physical activity
* On the physical
* Protect your skin from the sun
* Supporting the business community in developing the social and physical environment of healthy

Myth: You can not do anything to prevent type 2 diabetes

Fact: Diabetes can be proved prevented . Studies have shown that people who have a risk of type 2 diabetes can prevent the lower body weight around 5-7% of their body weight. You can do this by implementing healthy eating patterns and activity fiisk for 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Myth: Adults do not need vaccinations unless traveling to a foreign country

Fact: The vaccine not only for children or people who will travel. Already too many adults who fall ill, paralysis and even death every year due to diseases that can actually be prevented simply by giving the vaccine. Therefore, all adults, even the old can benefit from vaccination. The vaccine helps prevent infections and save lives. Vaccines can control the disease that is common infections such as experienced polio, measles, laryngitis, pertussis, mumps, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib).

Myth: If you do not have symptoms does not mean you have a sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Fact: Many STDs have no symptoms of the serious damage has occurred in the reproductive organs. The only way to find out is by examination. If you are suspicious, or if your partner has symptoms flee to check your doctor.

Myth: Diet is a low fat healthy lose weight

Fact: Diet low fat most often done by those who want to lose weight. But, remove all fat from your diet can dafter distemper. Diet that is low fat or no fat can not be sufficient energy for healthy growth. Some research has also shown that low-fat diet and high carbohydrate can improve insulin resistance. Sports combined with well-balanced diet remains the best way lose weight.

Myth: Banana is a food that fatten

Fact: bananas are a low fat food. Bananas contain only 1 / 2 grams of fat and 95 calories. In addition, the banana is also rich in potassium.

Myth: No one to avoid a full breakfast

Fact: It is important for breakfast. During sleep, we are fast about 8 hours, so it is important to eat after fasting. Although those who avoid breakfast can add Feed energy during the day, but they do not get all the vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from a simple breakfast.

Myth: break joint arthritis trigger finger

Fact: the very sound. However, you can not stop the people who cause a commotion on the busy because your fingers break segment, with this reason. There are no studies that have shown the relationship between break with finger joint pain due to arthritis. However, there are other stories that become your specialty. Based on a study, ligamen that occurred repeatedly during
breaking hand can cause inflammation and impair hold power.

Myth: People overweight because of the slow metabolic system

Fact: This may often have you heard, but studies have asserted, you can not make a slow metabolism as the reason for the excess weight. Of course, there are many physical reasons that
cause excess body weight. However, studies recently showed that fat people have a system that is faster metabolism and burn more energy than the people who
more slender.




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