Friday, April 17, 2009

Change your hobby to achivement

Rachael Domenica Ray, or better known as the Rachel Ray, she is one of Hollywood celebrities who love cooking and clever. You can see her cooked in various events on television indonesia, you can watch her programs at Metro TV. Yup, i do really like cooking, so rachel ray is one of my inspiration

This is not surprising because he was born and most of the families who love the cuisine. her family has Family restaurant hin the area of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and New York. they name their restaurant name Carvery. From there, the woman born 25 August 1968 began to love cooking. Ray continues to develop her hobby to create a variety of television, magazines, radio, to sculpt the achievements in the field of food process.

Not only working in the restaurant his family only, wife of John Cusimano is also working in various other places, which of course is related to the cooking world. First job is to keep the candy shop Macy, New York City, and increase to the collection of food and to help open the market in New York City.

Soon he returned to his home city and work in Mister Brown at The Sagamore Hotel. His name is also known as a buyer at Cowan & Lobel, Albany. Not satisfied with all that, Ray began reaching the world with television teach people how to cook in 30 minutes.

Not reap no stinging criticism from various parties, but Ray is a criticism to make whip encourager themselves. He also proved to be the cook courses spectacle at that time. After the success of 30 Minute Meals, she is offered to join the Food Network. This means the opportunity for him to self-publish through television, radio broadcasting and magazine.

In a variety program, Ray confessed her grandmother, Emmanuel Scuderi, very affect her in cooking. sHe even gives her secret recipes in the garlic and the very much chicken broth as a develop taste.

Expression-expression that is often used when Ray carries the program became very popular and often be vocalized by many people, too. Some of the popular expression among EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil), yum-o, so delish, GB (garbage bowl), Oh my gravy!, and stoup. Make this expression more famous Ray.

Success brings the event, making the queen talkshows, Oprah Winfrey, watch her. Not the other, Ray became part of the Harpo Ink. and create her own program that is nemaed Rachel Ray Show, and often present in a variety of programs such as The View, The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Larry King Live .

Do not stop there, Ray was making television series, Rachael's Vacation. More unique, Ray is announced as the most sexy female version of FHM magazine when he is no longer the young age of 35 years.

Seems no exhausted, her magazine create their own namely Every Day with Rachael Ray. In addition to magazines, women are not ashamed of having more body weight also makes this the ideal book is Yum-O! The Family Cookbook and Rachel Ray's Big Orange Book.

Success in the world to make this food, making many achievements of sculpture, among

* Daytime Emmy Award category for Outstanding Service Show 30 Minute Meals in 2006,
* 100 women's version of a magazine Time2006
* Nomination 2007 daytime Emmy Award category Outstanding Talk Show Host
* 2008 daytime Emmy Award category Outstanding Talk Show / Entertainment, for the Rachel Ray Show.

In addition to clever cooking, also like Ray does. Three years ago, he launched the organization O-Yum. This organization is devoted to helping children and families that are less able to get a better food


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