Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Laughing can Reduce Diabetes Risk

Beijing - MI: derisive laughter can help people with diabetes to improve their cholesterol level and decrease the risk of blood vessel disease and heart, so the results of a new study.

According to Lee Berk of Loma Linda University, who led the study, the "choice of lifestyle has impact on health and in light of this and all the options that we and patient do to the prevention and treatment."

The researchers divide the 20 diabetic patients who are at high risk - all are also suffering from high blood and hyperlipidemia (risk factors for blood vessel disease and heart) - into two groups. Both groups were given standard diabetes medications.

Group L were given 30 minutes to enjoy the humor that they select, while Group C - --- not monitoring groups. The process lasts for one year treatment.
Process about two weeks treatment, all patients in the group laughed (Group L) have a high hormone epinephrine and norepinephrine that is lower, both seen as a cause of stress. Stress is known too deadly.

After 12 weeks, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) was increased 26% in Group L, but only 3% in Group C. In another measurement, C-reactive protein, inflammation and a blood vessel diseases and heart, decreased 66% in the group laughed, but only 26 percent in the group of monitors. "Doctors understand that a best-of psychological intervention that caused by intrinsic positive emotions such as mirthful laughter with laughter, joy, optimism and hope," said Berk.

Nevertheless, Berk said, of course, laughter can be good medicine and the same value with the diabetes drugs, but insisted that more research is needed to ensure that what the purpose of all the results.




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