Thursday, September 10, 2009


Reviewstream is one of make money online in internet. it is a paid review program, so we will get paid after we have reviewed some product etc. Reviewstream is different with the other Paid to Review program such as blogvertise and Sponsored reviews, because at Reviewstream we do not need to have an account and a blog that have high page rank and high traffic.

Here are the step to join with review stream :
1. go to
2. click "write review"
3. you do not need have account in reviewstream, just check you penname and if your name is available, you can always use the name and your own email, where reviewstream will send you an activation email.
4. write your review for about 400 words, and if you do not reach this 400 words, reviewstream will automatically decline it
5. if your review is attracting reviewstream, they will buy your review $2 per review, and if your review is not good enough, you just paid 20% of $2 or $0.4
6. you can get your money after you have $50 in your account.

so what are you waiting for, just join with me ..



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