Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Know various kind of sport Drink

Sport drink contain of isotonic sport drink, sport drink hypertonic, and hypotonic sports drink. The most widely sold is type of isotonik.

Isotonic sports drink containing electrolyte and 5-8 g karbohidrat/100 ml. Consuming isotonic sport drink after sports help improve the body's resistance glikogen speed. Match Consumed when the you have taken exercise more than one hour. Can be consumed before, during, and after sports.

Hypotonic sports drink its carbohydrate content less than 3 g/100 ml. Is the type of beverage that is suitable for people who have experienced dehydration and require Feed liquid quickly. this isotonic is good for you in low intensity or less than one hour exercise.

Sport drink is different with stimulant drink or energy drink. in the sport are usually added ion-ion electrolyte, while the energy drink contain of increaser power components such as spices, caffeine, ginger, taurin, karnitin, and so forth.

Source: Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, Expert tehnologi food and nutrition.


vita said...

Nice info, jadi tahu lebih banyak nih tentang minuman olahraga :)



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