Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Careful to wrap the food with plastic

Dr. Yadi Haryadi, food experts from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture said that the use of the food container that not careful can be dangerous to the child's health impact will be felt that in the future. This is released at Plastics talkshows in the event of Living, Restaurants in Euphoria, Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (2 / 06).

This is can also to remind parents, so that not only ensure the nutritional value of food consumed by children, but also their food storage container. Plastics are one of the best inventions man has ever made. How do I not, this hermetic material, soft, easy to carry, and durable. But besides helping people, plastic are also environmentally unfriendly and can be dangerous to health if we are not select the safety one.

Dr. Yadi said, not all plastics are made, and in all circumstances for safe use. There is a plastic that is safe and there is a danger. Because plastics made from chemicals harmful to the body, need to know that plastic as food container is registered by the official department and pronounce that is safe to health. The most dangerous is the black plastic or "kresek" that many used in the market. Plastics of this kind contain chemical substances that is easy to contaminate food in it.

What causes plastic objects as dangerous? plastic is made from material called monomer and plasticizer. Both materials are not good for the body. Contact between the plastic with the food (especially liquid food or semi-wet) can cause the transfer of chemicals in food to earlier, which is called migration. One of the diseases caused by deposit of the oxygen-oxygen earlier in the body is cancer.

There are several factors that can trigger the occurrence of migration, among others;
1. Heat. The higher the temperature, the sooner proccess migration and more and more (eg, hot meatball stored in plastic).
2. Oil. Oil materials is a material that can dissolve plastic component
3. Time. The longer the contact with the plastic food, the more components that migrate.

To ensure your children are protected from danger of migration through plastic food container, note the logo that indicates that the plastic safe to use when cantact with food. That is food safe logo or food grade, which is accompanied with a glass and fork symbol. Note, however, plastic origin, the source is reliable. Because not infrequently also found plastic products also have a false stamp like this.

At the same time, Ir. Wawas S., Center of Polymer Technology BPPT, give tips selecting a plastic container in a safe, which are;
* Think about the price. If the price is not cheap and reasonable, should the use of suspected security item.
* Smell its scent. If there is a certain scent, for example, perfumes or artificial perfume smells rancid, it is certainly not perfect in its productionprocess
* When washed, usually plastic products will be frothy and more difficult to clean. This occurs because the production process not perfect, so that the hollow plastic has not been perfect, and not a closed meeting.


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