Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to teach your children save their toys

Managing children's toys is not a diffucult thing. You can learn how to store toys well and right so you will not loose it. The tips are:

1. Practical thinking thrifty as well. You can use cardboard, boxes and plastic shoes that are not used to save the children's toys and put in a special room. For example, cardboard boxes used to store a large amount of goods, plastic dolls, while for the shoe boxes to store toys with small cars like cars or small tool for drawing (crayon, spidol and others). This way, children's toys are will not loose

2. Keep toys based on the categorization, such as car, dolls, balls and so forth. Give a label or a specific image that describes the content of the storage area, so the child makes it easier to find and save the back piece.

3. Ideally, place the box in the storage place that is easily reached by children so that they do not harm them when you take a toy you want.

4. Children's toys can be a large display in the house with a special rack pull. For example, animal dolls, car or large puzzle. This can also be done to mainstream children who are no longer used.

5. If you want to use a special box, avoid the use of the box with the cap that so heavy so that the children easy to open and they won't hurt because of it.Or use the box with a cover that has hinges and can hold automatically when the box is open.

6. Toys which consists of housing, such as chess, checkers and so forth can be stored in a special cupboard . Do not pile up the box , because it can damage the toys that are in the bottom. You can put a lighter toys on the top, such as dolls or puzzle.

Make sure that children play with the supervision of adults, who can help her take back and save the toys, except when the child is big enough to do so.




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