Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 The most misterious and exotic places in the whole world

Our world full of mysterious places that hide their secret. Ancient castle, statue or sacred temple, the hidden land, and many more places that deserve to get attention from us who love to travel. Lets start our adventure from one object to another.

1. Paskah island,
this island locate between Tahiti and Chili, and get international popularity because of its colossal statue that very amazing form a human faces. Every statue have 14 feet high, weight for about 14 kg and made from vulcanic stone,and it is made by Rapa Nui community. Until now, haven't known yet how can this statue made by technology owned by that community. there are many teories explain where is that statue come from and the meaning, include one of them is a fantastic theory which tell that that statue is made by UFO. But until now,the truth from all of theories existed haven't revealed yet. can you reveal it?
2. Egypt
is one of the most misterious and miraulous places in the earth. Located in north africa, this country have more than 80 pyramid which separated across of Nil river. Each of pyramid is approach 100 meter high and made by gyant stone weight approach to 100 tonnes. Until now, the legend of Pyramid still invite many new gossips, new myth and belief is appear. The highes pyramid is Cheops Pyramid. All of pyramid constructed by placing one stone to another stone. Didn't found glue, nail etc at pyramid.
3. Bermuda Triangle
in this triangle contains of seven huge islands and 150 little islands. this triangle also called evil triangle. Every high technology tools and every navigation tools can not working well in this place. No one knows why and how can avoid it could happen.
4. Antartic
is unfriendly plate to lived. So many changes and phenomens that until now is still being a big secret for anyone of us. Antartic also habe many misteries, from 14 millions km continent covered by snow and ice with thickness between 2000 until 4800 m, there is an island that very dry and its called " dry valley without snow"
5. Xinjian
in this city, there is an abandoned territory called " Moguicheng" or devil city. Couple castle in Moguicheng make an unclearly weird voices where is it come from.




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