Sunday, January 11, 2009

15 characteristics of good Husband

Every women sure have criteria for a best man. Is your spouse have couple points of these 15 characteristic below? If yes, it means that he is a good husband.

1. Full of spirit
Men that full of happiness early morning means that he is ready to prepare hard live. With his gratitude and high spirit, many problems that appear at the marriage would be solved.
2. Don't stingy to say more love
Is he always say and show some love to you every day although just by a little moment? Based on experiments, showing love regularly is the important thing that resulting satisfaction in a marriage. if you have a lover like that, you alredy had a good spouse.
3. Have a humour sense
he like to laugh with you ( but not laughing you). He knows that laughing another person is not funny. He also know how to face a bright side of something. This cheerful person is good for you.
4. Take care himself
Not only care of elegance and aptitude of dressing, he also care of healthy by keeping food, take exercise and enough rest. Although he drink alcohol and smoke, he know limitation. Believe or not, he will be at your side for a long time.
5. Be able to say sorry
he always say sorry everytime he did fault or hurt your feeling, try not to repeat his fault and learn from that so his relationship will be more healthy. He also knows by saying sorry will not reduce his masculine. He's a gentleman.
6. Full of responsibility.
he enjoys his job and try to do it well. He ready to do a new project with its challenge. This kind of men not only find out money but also love to work and full f responsibility.
7. Like to do team work.
8. One vision
you wanna have an apartment in the center of the city, city car and just 1 child, and he agree. It's means that he also want to spend a lifestyle like yours.
this kind of men is difficult to find. At least if he remember your birthday, love to invite you to walk under moonlight, choose your appropiate birthday present, sending a SMS contain of lovely poem and make you happy as a woman, then he is your price charming.
10. Have ethics
in attitude, he always consider other persons feeling. He try to obey a the law.
11. Reliable
he try to fullfill his promise, attend the meeting ontime, fullfill his responsibility. prepare yourself to spend your live wiht this guy.
12. Like to play
live would be happier if it can be spend together by a man that know how to spend leasure time. He is not only find out an activity beside watching television, but also can live without ponsel and laptop when he is on vacation with you.
13. a good candidate of father
is he have a big attention at kids? want to help to raise children? he think that children is cute and fantastic?for above answer, you may marry this guy.
14.know privasion
15. attention boyfriend
if you dont have found it yet, dont give up. He will be there in someplace out there. :)




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